10 Most Crypto Friendly Countries in the World 2021

10 Most Crypto Friendly Countries in the World
10 Most Crypto Friendly Countries in the World

The crypto world is both exciting and dynamic. It provides a new form of individual empowerment free from the control or oversight of central authorities. However, this also means that those who participate in the crypto space are subject to different regulations based on their country’s stance on digital Assets in some countries. Cryptocurrency use is outright illegal, while in others. It’s a booming industry that the authorities have embraced, but the dominance of the cryptocurrency market is undeniable as it sits with a market capitalization of over 1 trillion dollars. So, we made a list of the ten most crypto-friendly countries in World.

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10. Cypress

Cypress is a Mediterranean island nation known for its lack of an attitude towards cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. Although Cyprus doesn’t have set regulations for cryptocurrency yet, this middle eastern island country encourages many cryptocurrency and blockchain startups. Right from casinos to ico’s Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies have made their place, not just corporations people in Cyprus. Also, use Bitcoins in their day-to-day life; overall, Cyprus is considered one of the most welcoming cryptocurrency jurisdictions in the World. There are no restrictions on mining reporting requirements or legal frameworks for treating cryptocurrencies within the country.

9. Denmark

Denmark is another country that stands out for its Progressive stance on crypto. It is necessary to register with an exchange platform in this country. If you want to start trading cryptocurrencies, you need to set up an account with a local payment provider in Denmark. The financial supervisory Authority is currently evaluating whether Bitcoin should be regulated under its current anti-money laundering act. As of now, it appears as if there will not be a Crackdown on crypto trading in general or Bitcoin in particular, which is a significant relief for Danish crypto investors in this country. You can use Bitcoin to pay taxes and some public sector payments such as vehicle, registration fees, or health care services

8. Estonia

Estonia’s Progressive stance on cryptocurrency is well documented, and it’s no secret that they are one of the most crypto-friendly countries in the World. The reason for becoming crypto-friendly may be due to their own experience with currency collapses. Like, during 2008, when Estonian citizens lost around 40% of their national income due to the global financial crisis, thus making them reluctant towards adopting any form of centralized digital money, the Estonian Government positions itself as a blockchain nation because they aim to grow Estonia into the World’sWorld’s first Digital Society, which should offer Dependable Digital Services faster than any other country in Europe due to having low overhead costs.

7. Georgia

Georgia is A hotbed for Bitcoin miners. The country has taken a stance on digital currency that is welcoming and Progressive. The Georgian Government recognizes cryptocurrency as property rather than a legal tender. Yet encourages its citizens to take advantage of blockchain technology because they know that it will bring economic prosperity in the future. The Ministry of Finance even offers favorable tax rates geared explicitly towards attracting more Investors into their borders. A large number of companies had relocated here due to these incentives, with bit fury group being one such company that chose table see as their Regional headquarters back in 2013 when they were first introduced to Georgia’s straightforward regulatory policies and the pro-business environment by the European Bank for reconstruction and development.

6. Luxembourg

The digital assets law enacted in Luxembourg last year is one way this European nation recognizes cryptocurrency as a legitimate currency. There are no restrictions put on trading or using cryptocurrencies within the region. It is ranked highly by several metrics compared with other countries across Europe due to its lack of regulation, low taxes, and pro-business stance. Many companies have set up their headquarters here because they know that these factors will give them fewer Regulatory hurdles to jump over.

5. Switzerland

Switzerland has a very positive view of Bitcoins. The Swiss Government has stated that Bitcoin is not illegal and does not threaten the country’s economy or other currency systems. Switzerland has created a 100% tax exemption on profits made from the sale of newly issued Securities to attract new startups and crypto businesses. The country also offers free access to electricity for Bitcoin miners to encourage them into mining operations there. The Swiss bank, Standards have some of the highest levels of privacy and lowest levels of risk, and it’s no surprise that the Swiss Government has lenient Regulations for cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies already offer the best privacy option. There are, however, the regulations set for them may vary from place to place.

4. Argentina

After years of economic turmoil and financial instability, Argentinians are looking into Bitcoin as an alternative means of storing their wealth rather than relying on unstable fiat currency; Argentina is ranked as one of the most crypto-friendly countries in the World because it has a lot of potential for crypto development. Few regulatory hurdles stand in the way of cryptocurrency, adoption, and growth in Argentina. Making it an excellent place for miners, investors, and enthusiasts.

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3. Malta

The Mediterranean island of Malta has a long history of attracting crypto companies, for instance. Finance recently relocated to the country after receiving an unfavorable regulatory environment in Japan. Even though this country was also crypto-friendly in 2019, former Maltese prime minister, Joseph Muscat, announced plans for blockchain and Regulation and laws that will allow individuals and businesses alike to trade cryptocurrencies without fear of being penalized by the Government. The rules governing cryptocurrencies in Malta are highly favorable for crypto Investors. For example, The Maltese Government is working on a regulatory framework that will allow blockchain companies to operate in Malta without fear of prosecution or taxes. They also have some Bitcoin gambling casinos operating over there.

2. Portugal

We cannot talk about crypto-friendly countries and fail to mention Portugal. This European country is ranked one of the most desirable places and has created a welcoming environment for Bitcoin. Portugal’s Crypto enthusiasm is mainly due to its long history of economic instability. In the early 1990s, Portugal experienced a period of hyperinflation that drove it into near bankruptcy and left the country and despair. Today Bitcoin has given the Portuguese an opportunity to escape from their unstable currency system and go without fear or regret for tomorrow. Even the financial crimes unit of the Portuguese public Ministry, a unit specializing in combating money, laundering crimes, and terrorism, has been very vocal about its support for Bitcoin-related Technologies from an early stage. They have even implemented blockchain technology into some public services such as digital identification, registration, and online voting,

1. El Salvador

El Salvador made social media headlines after their president Crowned Bitcoin as its legal tender with 62 votes out of 84 lawmakers. The Salvadoran president was successful in initiating Bitcoin as the country’s legal tender. Although, Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies expected The First World countries to drive the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. Central America has been moving quickly to accept cryptocurrencies into their economy. El Salvador’s step towards Financial inclusivity could soon be followed by other Latin American countries, such as Paraguay, Panama, Brazil, and more. Currently, Paraguay is working on a proposal to introduce cryptocurrencies into the country’s economy.


All we know is that crypto is the future of currencies shortly, although some countries make it legalize, and some still treated crypto as an illegal technology. Here we describe the top 10 Most Crypto-Friendly Countries in the World according to 2021 stats. If you have any queries, questions, or confusion, then please comment to us.


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