10 Online Business Ideas To Make Money Online

10 Online Business Ideas To Make Money Online
10 Online Business Ideas To Make Money Online

10 Online Business Ideas To Make Money You can start in 2021 and beyond; if you want to know all about that, then to the sure whole article. You know, it’s crazy to me the number of people that tell me that they hate Monday is now the first step. To start liking Mondays or any other day of the week is to enjoy what you are doing. That’s why in today’s article, I’m bringing you some business ideas that you can do online. Most of these are going to cost little to no money.

Now, these online Business ideas can become a really good side income for you, or they can eventually become your main business. And of course, depending on the work that you put in and if you like doing it. So with that, let’s go ahead and get into the first one.

Help Local Businesses Get Online

So the first Online Business Ideas To Make Money is that you can help offline businesses like local businesses. Maybe in your area, it would probably be easier. But you can help businesses get online. You can help these businesses build an online presence that can be with social media. If they need help with an Instagram page or Facebook page, you can also help them with the website. They can create blogs around their business and their specific area. That is very helpful because you can specify the city, the state, the country that they’re in.

You can help them out with a website, with a blog. You can help local businesses get on social media. And you can also help them with a YouTube channel. These are some things that people are not taking advantage of. YouTube is a search engine. So if you can help them make videos around their local business, that can be very powerful for their business. So even if you don’t want to create the websites for them, you can find a freelancer that will do the website, and you can be the middleman, or you can create your website or app service,

Chatbot Specialist

The next Online Business Ideas To Make Money is a chatbot developer. So what are chatbots? A Chatbot is software that simulates a conversation with a potential customer. They already have automated responses inside of them. So if there are frequently asked questions, for example, the company owner doesn’t have to have a person there to answer the questions. So it acts as an automated customer service type of software. And Company can use these bots for websites, and chatbots can also use them on Facebook Messenger. Now, these messenger bots are expensive. So you can sell them for five hundred dollars to five thousand dollars each, and you could create these for other businesses and go ahead and sell these.

Podcast Services

So the next Online Business Ideas To Make Money is podcast service. You can create art or banners for podcasts. If you go on canva.com, you’ll see that they have a ton of templates for podcasts. And this is something that you can offer other people. You can even create some gigs on Fiverr around this. Another thing that you can do is you can edit podcasts, audio, and this is a whole lot easier than editing videos. So that is also another thing you can think of, and you can also transcribe into text and turn them into blog articles, for example, if this is something that you want to do to repurpose content for your client.

Podcasting is becoming very popular, and a lot of people do need this service as well. So this is something else that you can look into. And podcasts are just going to keep growing. People are going to start creating more and more audio content. And there are creators out there who need help with this stuff because most people who get started have other jobs and things that they are doing with their lives and don’t have time to edit the podcasts. They don’t have time to create their podcast covers and things like that or transcribe them into a blog post. So there’s something that you can offer as well. Now, this leads me into the next one, which is podcasting.


If you enjoy telling stories and talking and researching, and chatting, then you can go ahead and start your podcast. And, of course, you can earn money through sponsorships. But of course, if you’re starting, you may not qualify for some of these sponsorships and brand deals and things like that. So you can start monetizing in other ways. If you have a coaching business or consulting business, you can plug that. You can promote an online course. You can use affiliates and affiliate links as well. If there’s anything that you talk about that you enjoy and that you use, and they do have an affiliate program, then you can also promote that within your podcast.

Podcasting is another good one. And this is going to become even bigger because a lot fewer people are listening to music, for example, on their way to work and on walks and the runs and at the gym and things like that. More and more people are listening to the podcast. Another cool thing about podcasting is that you can start this with a friend. So if you don’t want to get started by yourself, talking by yourself, you can have a conversation with your best friend or your significant other, or you can invite other people as guests as well. That is also a pretty cool thing that you can do.

Merch Specialist

So the next online Business Ideas To Make Money is a merch specialist. There are businesses and individuals out there who create content that could also be selling merchandise. For example, I could be selling merch as well. But right at this moment, I don’t have anything going on with that. But I will have some merch at some point, just not right now. I don’t have the time. And actually, and that’s a reason a lot of creators don’t have the time to design merch and design T-shirts or coffee mugs or anything like that because they are busy with other things. So what you can do is take charge of designing other people’s merchandise.

So if you’re good with design and creativity, you can go ahead and try to design some merch for them and approach people who have a following but don’t have any merch. I have already spoken to someone who I want to work with on this right now. It’s just not the right time, but hopefully towards the end of the year. But if you’re good with designing, you can go ahead and ask other creators or other influencers if they’re interested, that you can create a design for them, and they can use some print on demand service for this. They can use teespring.com, printfull, redbubble, and more. If they’re on YouTube, they’re probably going to go with Tee spring because that can easily be integrated into your YouTube account.

SEO Business

So the next Online Business Ideas To Make Money is you can start an SEO business, SEO search engine optimization, and a lot of businesses worldwide want this type of service because it can help them rank on Google and other search engines. Now, this is great because you can help businesses increase their visibility online, which they are going to pay you for. Now, I do recommend you get some SEO training for this. And also, if you go to Udemy or Skillshare, you can find classes on SEO and how to rank and optimize Web sites and things like that.

You will need some search engine tools that you have to pay for every month, for example, ahrefs or semrush. And these tools can cost between eighty dollars to two hundred dollars per month. After you get confident with this, you can seek customers and put them on a retainer. You can charge them between 500 and a thousand dollars per month or more but get the training. Make sure you’re confident enough that you can do this. There’s a website called Udemy.com, and you can find courses on SEO there. There is SEO for beginner courses and things like that. There is a whole variety.

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Online Coaching

So the next Online Business Ideas To Make Money is an online coaching business. You may have a skill that somebody else wants to learn, and you can charge for that. There are all types of coaches out there as well. They are spiritual coaches; there are wellness coaches, health coaching, holistic coaching; even if you play an instrument, you can create something around that and teach people how to play that instrument. So unlike coaching is something that you can get into as well. One of the best ways to promote your services is to be on social media to create a social media page for yourself around whatever it is that you like to coach people on.

For example, you can come on YouTube and create some health videos if you are a nutritional coach or a health expert or anything like that. And there’s also an app called Task Human, which is for wellness coaches. This app is for one on one online coaching. So if you are into wellness coaching, for example, you’re a yoga instructor, relationship expert, spiritual coach, holistic natural coach, then this is something that you can do.

According to Indeed.com, the average salary of a task human coach in the United States is about twenty-six dollars and fifty-three cents per hour, which is 70 percent above the national average.

Affiliate Marketing Business

So next, Online Business Ideas To Make Money is an affiliate marketing business. Affiliate marketing recommends other people’s products and earns a commission when buying or purchasing any products through your unique affiliate link. So this is something that I do currently on YouTube. If you want to learn exactly how to get started with affiliate marketing, then go ahead and check out the link down below:

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Affiliate marketing is great because you can start earning a passive income. Once you start creating content on social media or a blog, you don’t have to come out and make videos or anything like that.

If you don’t want to, you can put your content out there in text form if you want. You can also go to websites like Medium.com and create your articles because the medium has its traffic and its index well on Google. So it’ll be faster for people to read your articles on there than to get started from scratch with your blog. But affiliate marketing is something that you can do in so many different ways.

Freelance Writer/Copywriter

So the next Online Business Ideas To Make Money is a freelance writer and freelance copywriter. Many people who own websites hire people to write articles for them because sometimes that gets to be a little bit too much, and they want to automate the process and hire people to create the content for them.

So this is something that if you’re good at writing, you can do, and if you’re starting, you’re probably not going to earn a lot of money. But the thing is that as your portfolio gets bigger and bigger and bigger, you can make a lot of money doing this. Also, with copywriting, you can write copy for a business landing, pages for business, website for their emails. Now, for this, you can also find training. There is some training on Udemy.com as well.

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YouTube Business

Now, the next Online Business Ideas To Make Money is starting a YouTube business. Yes, you can start a YouTube business. Youtube is by far my favorite one because it is free. YouTube is a free platform. So you can go ahead and create your channel, and you don’t need any fancy gear to record your videos. You can record videos using this cell phone. You can start creating videos.

When I first got started with YouTube, I started with an iPhone five. OK, before I bought this camera, I had an iPhone five. All right. So there are no real excuses to start YouTube. Now, I love YouTube because no one is a search engine, and your videos can live on the platform for a very long time or forever. Who knows? Maybe for as long as YouTube is around, you can still have a video that’s out there making your money for years and years to come.

Now, there are many ways to monetize that YouTube channel. What you can do is you can teach something on your channel. And the reason I love this is because you can start a YouTube channel on absolutely anything that you want. Also, you can monetize your channel before it becomes monetize with Google ads.

For Google AdSense to qualify, you need at least one thousand subscribers and four thousand watch hours for you to even apply to the partner program so that you can start monetizing with the ads that are playing. Within the videos and in the beginning and end of the video. But you can start monetizing before that Web affiliate marketing with your coaching, consulting with your courses.

If you have anything else to offer, you can utilize your description box in your video for this. If you have a website for people to go to, you can direct them to your website or any affiliate links. You can do product reviews and put the product links in your description. That way, if anyone purchased it through your link and you can earn commissions. So YouTube is one of my favorite ways to make money online.


Here we discuss the top 10 Online Business Ideas To Make Money Online that will benefit all of you. Choose any one of the businesses that are suitable for you and start from today. If you need any future assistance on choosing a business or need help on growing a business, please comment to us.

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