10 Side Hustles You Can Start In 2022

Side Hustles You Can Start In 2022
Side Hustles You Can Start In 2022

Ten side hustles you can start in 2022. You can earn $1000 or more per month. You don’t want to miss any of that. So stay tuned. What is up? You guys? Welcome to Meta Earn.

Today, I want to show you ten side hustles that you can start for 2022; some of these will be freelance, and some will be entrepreneurial or creative jobs. Also, these all have the potential to become your primary source of income in the future. Also, if you do want to learn how to start an affiliate marketing business, then go ahead and check out the link below:

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So the first Side Hustles You Can Start In 2022 is going to be YouTube. Now, YouTube is a fantastic way to make extra money online, even if your channel is not monetized. And by the way, if you become a YouTube Partner, which requires you to have 1,000 subscribers and 4000 Watt-hours to qualify.

You can start monetizing your videos with ads. Not only that, but you can start making money way before that. I started making money before YouTube monetized me. Before I even had 500 subscribers. They can sell your Services, your coaching and Consulting your digital products, or you can create review videos and earn affiliate commissions from those review videos. So affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to do YouTube, especially if you’re starting.

YouTube will be my number one side hustle, and it is my favorite side hustle. And just in AdSense alone. My channel earned around 40,000 dollars in 2020.


Now the second Side Hustles You Can Start In 2022 is going to be blogging. If Video is not your thing and you don’t want to get on camera. You don’t want to create any content that is on Video. That is fine. Because if you do have some expertise or you are passionate about something. You can always make a blog, and with a Blog, you can also monetize with ads.

You can also monetize your blog with affiliate links. And you can do product reviews as well. With blogging, it might take a little bit longer for your blog to rank on Google. It is very competitive out there. That’s why I do suggest YouTube instead or both, but it is doable and something that could make you a lot of money in the future. Some blogs are making tens of thousands of dollars, even more than that per month. So that’s why I suggest something that you’re passionate about. Because you want to choose something that you can write about quickly that you’re going to enjoy.

So, let’s say you love cycling. You can write about cycling and everything you know about cycling. You can also include affiliate links on things that you use for cycling. I don’t know anything about cycling. So all I can say is that you can consist of bikes inside your blog posts, but the ideas are endless. It just depends on what you love and enjoy.

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eBook Writer

So the third Side Hustles You Can Start In 2022 is writing eBooks. So with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, New writers can make money, which is pretty awesome, and your eBooks don’t even have to be that long. People enjoy shorter stories, so you can even get started with that. And this is awesome because your eBooks will be available on Amazon.

And there are a ton of customers on Amazon. Still, from what I have read, the most popular eBooks are sci-fi and fantasy, romance and mystery books, okay, but you can, of course, write about anything that you want to write about and this, of course, becomes a passive income because you do write the book one time and that’s it. You self publish on Amazon. Now, let’s say you don’t even want to report these books.

You can go to fiverr.com; you can go to eyewriter.com, find other people to write the books for you. Fiverr is probably going to be more affordable. Just look for people that have excellent reviews. So eBooks, definitely a great side hustle.

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Social Media Manager

Number four, Side Hustles You Can Start In 2022, is to manage social media accounts. Many physical businesses don’t have time to sit there and manage their social media. So this is a great way to get started. You can go and search on small businesses, Facebook groups and see if anybody needs help with their social media accounts, and you can manage their accounts, charge the monthly five hundred to a thousand dollars per month per client. If you like, whatever it is that You want to charge them.

Odd Jobs

The following slide hustle is like a group of side hustles. You can help people move if you can help people do manual labor, paint or assemble furniture or Mount televisions, anything like that, you can do for people. There is an app that you can use for this; it’s called TaskRabbit. So you can go ahead and check that out if it’s available in your area.

Freelance Bookkeeper

The following side hustle is a Freelance bookkeeper. Now, with this, you can earn a nice income. You’re doing this remotely, and you’re freelancing. Now, for this, you don’t need to be an accountant, but you will need to learn some software. Like, QuickBooks. It would help if you were good with numbers and math.

You have to have basic computer skills, and you do need to be very organized, but there is some training that you can take on udemy.com, like web platforms. They do have some affordable courses that can teach you some bookkeeping basics. There are some QuickBooks courses right here on udemy.com. There are some free introductory courses for you that you can take and see if it is something for you.

Video Editor

So the next Side Hustles You Can Start In 2022 is the video editor with so many new businesses, and some individuals are just getting on YouTube and needing these sorts of services. You have to do research; you have to do a script; and you have to create a thumbnail. You have to manage your YouTube channel. Overall, video editing is another thing, and it’s a big thing that has to get done with these videos, and a lot of people don’t have time to do it. But they do want to get on the platform; they want to get on YouTube or TikTok or Instagram, or whatever it is. A lot of people need video editors.

So what you can do is you can get out there and find people who need these services. So you can find people on Facebook groups that are starting with YouTube. You can find people on YouTube. You can even search on Twitter and see if anybody needs video editing. And you can also go on Facebook; There are communities of YouTubers on Facebook as well. A lot of new people are on YouTube as a side hustle. It’s not their main thing. A lot of people don’t have time to edit their videos. That’s why video editing is in high demand.

You can also get jobs through word-of-mouth, so a lot of YouTubers know each other. I know YouTubers who have video editors, and they recommend their video editors to other YouTubers and me. So, that’s also a great way to get a client. And if you don’t have the money for any Fancy video, editing software there, Are a few free ones that you can use. There is one called DaVinci Resolve that has a free version that you can use. Now, if you have a Mac, you can use iMovie, which comes with every Mac computer. So if you happen to have a mac, you have free editing software already.


Alright. So the next Side Hustles You Can Start In 2022 is eBay. You can get on there; and you can resell items; you can start small. So you’re not spending a ton of money on shipping supplies and packaging and all that and labels. But you do want to make sure you do set aside a tiny budget for that because you will need to mail out packages a lot. But you can definitely start small with smaller products and then scale up; you can find lower price items. You can sell it for a higher price than make a profit. And it’s A nice side hustle. Also, if you’re just getting started, make sure that you join some reselling communities on Facebook. Get some tips from some eBay resellers on YouTube.


All right, so the next Side Hustles You Can Start In 2022 is proofreading, and this is something that pays well. You can become a freelancer with proofreading. There are some proofreading websites, but many of them require you to have a bachelor’s degree. Now, if you do have a degree, great, then you can go ahead. I’m going to tell you the websites quickly. Now, this is great for anybody who gets frustrated with people that used the wrong spelling like the wrong there, their and they’re or the wrong to, too and two.

So if you get frustrated and hate that, then this is a perfect one for you. And there’s also a tool that you can use called Grammarly. Grammarly is awesome because it’ll correct your spelling. It helps you formulate sentences to make more sense to work for other people who own websites. Loggers writer people who do email copywriting are another one to check out.

Alright, so I’m back on udemy.com, and there are also some proofreading courses on here that you can take if you are interested in this as well, and these are very affordable. Now, I do believe that you should take some training even though you might think you’re good at correcting spelling and things like that. You want to make sure that punctuation is good, the writing is good, and everything is all good. So I would take some training, then you can go ahead and try to find some proofreading jobs out there. Two of the best site where you can get proofreading jobs are listed below;


One place to go to is upwork.com. Upwork is a freelancing website, and they do have some people that post proofreading job’s on here as well.


Now, if you come over to proofreading.org, they do have some remote proofreading and editing jobs. Now, they do have some minimum requirements. For example, you need to be a native English speaker, have an exceptional understanding of the English language and hold at least a bachelor’s degree from a respected University. So if you do have that and this, of course, is better. If you do have experience and you meet the minimum requirements, of course. And you have a bachelor’s degree from a respected university, so this one’s not for everyone, but I wanted to put it in here and let you know the choices you have.

Pinterest Virtual Assistant

All right. So the following Side Hustles You Can Start In 2022 is a Pinterest virtual assistant, and I’ve spoken about this before. Now, this is really in high demand. Just like I said before with video editing. These businesses influencers people who have businesses know and love the power of Pinterest because there are people with actual credit cards in hand on Pinterest. People are trying to buy things on Pinterest, but many don’t have time to create pins and run their own Pinterest account.

So as a Pinterest virtual assistant, you would be responsible for making their pins keyword. Research and schedule pins for your clients. And this is also another thing that you can charge per month per client. So, if you have even just two clients at about five hundred dollars per month, that is a thousand dollars per month for two Pinterest accounts that you can be in charge of, you can also go on Facebook and check out some of the Pinterest virtual assistant communities. There are some out there, and you can probably find some business owners that need this as well.


Here we discuss the high demand Side Hustles You Can Start In 2022 and generate a decent profit. We regularly provide articles related to earning money online, and wants to read such content; please bookmark our site for your convenience. If you have any queries or questions, please let us know because we are happy to hear from you.


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