15 Websites To Make Money Online In 2022

Websites To Make Money Online
Websites To Make Money Online

Today, we will go over some websites to make money online right now and in 2022. Here we categories all the 15 websites into four main categories, are

  • Free Online Tools
  • Creative Websites
  • Monetize Your Knowledge
  • Build A Passive Income

Free Online Tools


The first website on our list of Websites To Make Money Online is canva.com, which is fantastic. I still want to put it in here because you can start so many businesses around just this one tool and using it for free. Another thing that I want to show you is how you can make money with Fiverr and canva in a new way because they have added something new to canva. And, if you go over canva, You can find youtube video intros templates. 

So you can now create YouTube video intros and outros right inside of canvas, which is pretty awesome. So they have very many templates over here that you can use or start from scratch. It just depends on you and how creative you are. 

Suppose you come over to Fiverr.com. In the influencer section, you can find the youtube services section to serve your youtube thumbnails, intro, and outro design services. 

You can use a tool like canva.com for free, and obviously, they do have paid versions over here of canva, but you can start working using the free stuff. Once you start making money, you can probably afford just a subscription to canva to get unlimited access. 


Now the next website on our list of Websites To Make Money Online is Crello.com. And this one works very similar to canva. And with this one, you can create social media pools. They have images, videos, animations. What you can do with this is you can use it also to create social media ads for companies and things like that. Another thing that you can do with this one is they have all sorts of designs that you can use for ebooks. So you have to click on one that you like, and you can preview this and see what you can change out.

So all of this is editable, and you can edit all of this to your liking so you can create your ebooks on here, or you can come over here to Fiverr. You can use the editable ebooks to create some lead magnets as well. Lead magnets are gifts or free ebooks and PDFs and things like that that people give away to their leads in exchange for their email and just so that they can have them inside of their email list.

And some people cannot design these for themselves, so they don’t want to. So they do come over here to get somebody else to create for them. And this is something that you can do on Crello because these are already templated for you with the pages, or you have to add your customer’s content to it, and that’s it.

Crello Pricing : Websites To Make Money Online
Crello Pricing

If you come over here to pricing, you’re going to see everything that you do get for free. You get ten design downloads every month. You can go ahead and upgrade whenever you want if you think you need any of this. But getting started for zero dollars is a plus.

Adobe Spark

So this website is another similar one that I wanted to show you. This one is Adobe spark. Adobe Spark comes with Adobe loud, but they do have a free version, but you can use some of their free templates and get started for free. So this is another one that you can check out. Now, this one, I think, is a little bit more limiting with the free plan.


Another website on our list of Websites To Make Money Online is a tool called Oberlo, and this is Oberlo.com. But to get access to the free tool, you have to go ahead and type in www.oberlo.com/tools. They did make some changes to this Website. So basically, Oberlo is a place where you can find products for a Shopify store or drop shipping, but they do have some tools that you can use for free. For example, they have a business name generator and a slogan generator, traffic calculator, and profit margin calculator. So there are people that need help with their business names and things like that. If we go to Fiverr, sometimes people can’t develop their ideas and need a little help.

So, for example, the way you use it is that you can use Oberlo for a business name generator. You need to put your keywords then the tools generate hundreds of business names for you.

Business Name Generator

So another website on our list of Websites To Make Money Online is businessnamegenerator.com. You can do the same thing the Oberlo Business name generator does with this Website, or you have to enter the words and click generate. What this Website also does is that they can check domain availability as well with GoDaddy. So that is pretty cool because it’s also. So something you can charge for, you can use something like this, and you can say, by the way, the domain is also available, and these are two other free online tools that you can use.


Now, the next website on our list of Websites To Make Money Online is called Pixler. This one’s Pixler.com. This one you can use with Canva, Crello, or any of the other ones. Why? Because you can remove backgrounds with this one for free. Now, on Canva, you can remove the background, but you do have to have the paid version of Canva, or you have to pay every time you want to remove its backgrounds. And I have used this before.

Pixlr does have some paid versions that you can subscribe to. I’ve used a free one before, and it is pretty awesome. It’s pretty good. Now, the only thing is that ads support it. And let me tell you, the ads didn’t bother me at all. And that is how the free version makes money. So you can start editing, and you can select between two of the editors at your convenience.

Creative Websites


Shutterstock is also one of the Best Stock Website To Earn Money As A Photographer. It was founded in 2003, and headquarter is in New York. The owner of Shutterstock is Jon Oringer, which is also executive chairman. Share of Shutterstock is listed in New York Stock Exchange as SSTK script. Shutterstock maintains over 350 million stock photos, illustrations, and vector graphics from their one million+ contributors. They also launched various products like Shutterstock film & music, Shutterstock apps, Shutterstock labs, and computer vision. On Shutter Stock, people downloaded more than 1 billion photos, music, video clips, and illustrations to date. Shutterstock serves worldwide with sites in 21 languages.

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Pay Hip

The next website on our list of Websites To Make Money Online is payhip.com. And Pay Hip is the easiest way to sell digital downloads and memberships, according to their website. And they do make it pretty easy for you. So if you have any digital downloads or memberships that you want to start, you can sell them here or any ebooks. And it says we make it a piece of cake to market and promote your Ebooks membership: software’s design assets, music, or any digital products directly to your customers. 

So even if you make beats and you make music, you can sell it through here as well. And you can set up memberships as well. So, whatever you want to do on here, this is an excellent website because they have many marketing materials for you to use as well, and you don’t have to pay for this; you can use the free version. They take a tiny percentage but only whenever you sell something, so you don’t have to pay for this.

Pay Hip Pricing
Pay Hip Pricing

If you come up here to where it says pricing, you can see that it’s zero dollars per month, and it’s free forever. They take out a five percent transaction fee, so that is not bad at all. You get all features, unlimited products, unlimited revenue. 

They do have marketing features for you. For example, you can add coupons to any of your products. You can even set it up to have Affiliates working for you and promoting the products for you. And you, of course, would give them a cut of your sales if you get people to become Affiliates for your product.

Monetize Your Knowledge


The next website on our list of Websites To Make Money Online is skillshare.com. And this is pretty awesome because you can teach a course. You could teach the class, one time recorded on your screen and host it here on a place, like skillshare.com, where you can do that free, so if you are interested in any of the categories, like animation, design, illustration lifestyle. 

So even if you’re a parent and you like talking about parenting or dog training or whatever it is, you can also create a course on that photo and film, business, writing. You can go through all of these categories and see if you get inspired, get some ideas, or have no idea what you can do or create. You can learn something new for free on a website like Youtube; there are tons of tutorials. 

You can learn anything on YouTube for free and teach what you know and in a course and sell it here on skillshare. There are tons of free tutorials everywhere, so you can pick something, learn it and teach it that will bring you passive income, and you can create several courses. Also, if you like, and I’m also going to give you another way to monetize on courses coming up when I give you the following website. So this website is Skillshare.com. 


So the next website is udemy.com, which is also a place where you can host your course. The only difference between these websites is that skillshare is subscription-based, so they have members on the website who pay for a subscription, and you get a percentage of the subscription depending on who is watching your course. And, on udemy.com, you set up the price, and you earn per sale of your course. Okay? 

One con about this, they’re often running the sale and making Courses cheap, but there are other ways that you can monetize both udemy or skillshare, okay? And I’m going to tell you how this would be a passive income for you. Not only that, you can add some affiliate links and attach them to your course and make some money also with affiliate marketing, and you can do that on udemy. And you could also do that on skillshare. 

What I like about these platforms as well, they have a built-in audience. There are already people looking for these courses out there, and your system happens to be in there. You don’t have to grow a following or anything like that, and if you actually do grow a following outside of these websites and also go ahead and promote your courses. So there are many ways to make money with these websites. And this one is udemy.com.


The next website on our list of Websites To Make Money Online is a website called graphicriver.net, and what this is is a freelance Marketplace to list your digitally designed Creations. So logos, fonts, graphics, templates, WordPress themes. So if you make any of these things, or you can teach yourself to make any of these things, this is a marketplace where you can go to sell them. 

Now once you’re on the graphic River official page, you want to go up and click on start selling. And this page will give you all of the information on how you can get started and start selling in this community. Okay, and this is a part of Envato. So you do become an Envato author, and you can sell your work with the most prominent online creative community.

  You can start with Graphic River. If you do any coding, if you want to sell any stock videos or Motion Graphics, if you have any music or audio that you want to sell any website, themes, design aspects, stock photos, or 3D models. So if you’re creative, you do any of this stuff, then this is a good website for you. 

So is an excellent thing about this is that there’s a community behind it so that you can join the forums and discuss things with other authors that are on here as well. They also have a chat support team. Another way to earn with this website is that you can recommend jobs. So you can also be a middleman, and you can find people who need these services and connect them with this website. 

And another way to earn money with this website is to become an affiliate; you can become an affiliate. You can go ahead and promote whichever ones you do like on here. Also You can share affiliate links with developers, graphic designers, video professionals, DIY users because they are the potential Envato customers. 

Clarity. FM

So the following website on our list of Websites To Make Money Online is Clarity. FM. And what this is is a Consulting website. You can list your expertise or knowledge here. So even if you charge $1 per minute, that is $60 an hour. So that is pretty good. Now, here are some of the topics. So Entrepreneurship, marketing strategy, business, social media marketing, digital marketing. 

So if you do any of these things, these are not the only things you can consult on. There are also other topics they have Facebook marketing on here. They have website development, web marketing; they have photography. So anything at all that you have expertise in.

 You do have to share some of the revenue with Clarity.fm; for finding the clients for you, you choose the rate you want to charge by the minute. 

Okay? Let’s say you are a YouTube expert or, you know, about YouTube and how to grow YouTube channels and things like that. Okay? So if you can grow a YouTube channel, you know how to do these things already. Then you can also come over here and advise people on YouTube.

 You play around with this website and search for whatever it is that you’re interested in. Whatever it is that you think you can consult on, you can just come here and look at some examples. So, this one is Clarity. FM.


So the next website on our list of Websites To Make Money Online is people per hour.com, and you can earn here as a freelancer if you’re interested in any freelance work, or what you can do is something called drop servicing for freelance Arbitrage. And this is similar to drop shipping but with freelance Services. Instead, this means that you are providing a freelance service to a customer, but you are not fulfilling the service yourself; you get another freelancer to do it for you, and you get them to do it for cheaper than your charging, and you keep the difference. 

This actual method has been around for a very long time, but for some reason, it’s getting viral right now, or it started getting famous in 2022. But this is something that people do in business naturally; if you’re an agency of some sort and like to find companies who need websites and things like that, you can get somebody else to do the website for you. You’re pretty much just a middleman, and you get to keep the difference. And you don’t have to do the work. 

On People Per Hour, you can charge by the hour, or what you can do is go ahead to a fixed price, which is probably going to be best for drop servicing, so you can filter out whatever you want here. And what you can do is You can list your services on here, then you can come over to a website, like fiverr.com, and you can find somebody who does a good job and charge the customer more money so that you can make a profit. 

Okay. And this, something like I said, has been out for a long time, but this has been blowing up for some reason. It blew up in 2022. So you can come over here to peopleperhour.com and get some ideas as to what you can do, what services you can list on here that you can get done for Less on Fiverr. 

Build Passive Income


So the next website on our list of Websites To Make Money Online is YouTube. Now, if you know me, you know how much I love YouTube? YouTube is unique because there are many different ways that you can earn from YouTube. Not only with the YouTube partnership program, in which you need 1000 subscribers plus 4000 hours of watch time on your channel to start making and monetize with ads. But before that, you can create videos and also monetize with affiliate marketing. With coaching Consulting, you can promote anything that you were trying to sell online on your YouTube channel. 

And another great thing about this is that you don’t have to put your face on camera. You can create a faceless channel or do a branded channel with your face value. You can earn thousands of dollars from your channel, and obviously, that all vary. It goes up and down every month, but this can become a passive income as your videos can live on for years and years. 


Now Last but not least website on our list of Websites To Make Money Online is called Digistore24.com. What I like about this website is that if you are a beginner at affiliate marketing, you can start using this website right away because it is also available worldwide. And you can come in here and find affiliate products that you want to promote. So whether their digital products, physical products, software, Or anything like that. Digi Store works a lot like clickbank.com. If you’ve heard of ClickBank before, you can find some good-quality products here. You have to make sure you do your proper research and make sure it’s something that you feel comfortable with. Promoting something that you do believe in.


Here we discuss 15 Websites To Make Money Online In 2022 and categorize them into four main groups. Some of them are already discussed in our previous articles, and some are already familiar with The primary purpose of collecting all this information here is to provide some educational value to our readers. If you have any queries, confusion, or question, then please comment to us.  


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