20 Legit Data Entry Jobs Work From Home Sites

20 Legit Data Entry Jobs Work From Home Sites
20 Legit Data Entry Jobs Work From Home Sites

On Meta Earn, we always give you information about earning and online earning, and today I am showing 20 Legit Data Entry Jobs Work From Home Sites. Would you please stick with us for knowing all the secrets about data entry jobs?

This article will explain 20 legit data entry websites updated for 2021 and 2022, and many people make $19 per hour doing this okay. So I will show you all of the secrets of all of the websites; now, it is super essential for you to bookmark my website because I’m always writing about making money online and working from home, so this one is about data entry. I’m covering a variety of different subjects, okay, so guys, let start.

Let’s jump into these 20 legit data entry work from home job sites.

1. Xerox.com

Our first Legit Data Entry Jobs Xerox, okay. I chose this as an excellent example of how much you can make. And what kind of companies are employing people just like you to do data entry to work as a data entry clerk. So you can go to xerox.com/jobs/work from home as you can see they have a virtual office program, so you’re going to be doing a bunch of different things like customer care like tech support, like data entry or verification, image tagging, quality control systems, development software programming. So a bunch of different things, even if you have zero skills and zero experience, you can still do simple data entry or verification on or image tagging. You can make $19 per hour doing this.

Now how do I know Xerox is paying $19 per hour? I went to indeed.com, and essentially you can look up any salary for any company on indeed.com. I looked up Xerox, and I found data entry clerk makes $19.55 per hour. Okay, so guys, this is while working from home while making money from your living room or home office. This is what you can expect, so some of these companies will pay more, some will pay less, but this is the average okay. So $19 to 20 dollars per hour is a good amount of money you can make from home, and again, for the most part, you won’t need any experience or any tech skills.

2. AxionData.com

Another Legit Data Entry jobs on our list is Axiondata.com. AxionData is a data services company they do data entry services. Different companies pay them to do data entry, services quality, data security, and you know many other things, so all you have to do while being on this website. Right here. I scroll to the bottom and click on employment right here, so as you can see, first of all, super important they have a scam alert. So this is something you have to be aware of.

They say we are aware of various email scams soliciting people to apply for positions with axion. If you’re not registered in the database from this website, this is probably a scam. So keep in mind some of these scammers will try to get your email, will try to get your information, maybe they will try to get you to pay for something unless you’re going to register on their website; ignore it, okay.

So data entry careers, as you can see they say, looking to put your data entry skills to work. We have a dedicated, stable workforce at action data services, so openings are rare, but they do happen now. They have some data entry contractor requirements, so you can go for all of this and register in the database. They have all the information right there on websites; please visit axiondata.com for more details.

3. Flexjobs.com

The next Legit Data Entry jobs on our list is flexjobs.com. Flexjobs is a better way to work. They have full-time jobs, part-time jobs, employee and freelance, and this is all flexible. For finding jobs, you type in whatever location you are willing to work from or your job title and do an advanced search. While clicking on find jobs or investigation, they have hundreds of different jobs. Data entry is one of them.

We have data entry jobs right here. You can find various data entry jobs like medical biller, a data entry clerk, fundraising communicator, associate communicator, and many different data entry jobs. data entry again doesn’t require you to have any experience, so that’s flexjobs.com

4. Lionbridge

Another Legit Data Entry jobs on our list is lionbridge.com. Lionbridge is one of these freelancing companies; big companies go to lion bridge if they need freelancers and a bunch of different for a bunch of different positions. So examples of jobs on lion bridge are corporate associates, raters, annotators and testers, translators and agencies, and interpreters.

So guys, when it comes to data entry jobs, you can go for a category like raters, annotators and testers; this is super easy as you can see they are welcoming home-based workers from around the world with flexible jobs. So, we got to work from home with lion bridge, and as you have to just register, complete your skills evaluation, receive tasks, complete tasks, and get paid. Lionbridge is one of the big companies that offer 100+ legit data entry jobs, and they are paying out always on time. So there are no problems or risks with Lionbridge.

5. CapitalTyping.com

The next Legit Data Entry jobs on our list is capitaltyping.com. Again businesses go to this website to hire different freelancers and different data entry clerks. So all you have to do is click right on jobs from the menu section, which will open up the available jobs page.

On Capital typing, we can easily find jobs related to content writer, transcriptionist, data entry and many more. For regularly updated available jobs, frequently visit capitaltyping.com/jobs.

6. Accutranglobal.com

Another Legit Data Entry jobs on our list is Accutran Global. These are transcription specialists. You can go to accutranglobal.com, and they have a bunch of different jobs. All of this will be related to transcription. So all you need to do is listen to some text, type it out; that’s transcription jobs.

They are always interested in engaging with new contract transcribers, real-time videographers and voice writers and more. You need to find the best jobs that suited you and start working. Works available in Accutran Global is super easy; you have to transcribe or caption films or movies.

7. Cymbria.com

The next Legit Data Entry jobs on our list is cymbria.com. All you have to do on this website is scroll to the bottom click on careers, and sometimes they do have some openings for data entry clerks on this page. All you have to do is scroll to the bottom again, click on contact us, and you can see what kind of job openings they have. For getting more job opportunities, regularly visit Cymbria.com platforms.

8. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Another Legit Data Entry jobs on our list is amazon Mechanical Turk. Turk is a little bit different, and it has a demand 24 hour seven days a week workforce. You will become a freelancer essentially. These jobs are other, and you can get a small job for that entry, then you can get another one for something else. The thing is, these jobs are constant, and they are micro jobs so that you can be done a job like this in 30 minutes and an hour; get the payment and then you just on to the next one.

Amazon Mechanical Turk or mTurk is a crowdsourcing marketplace that makes it easier for individuals and businesses to outsource their processes and jobs. We have all of the benefits of how it works, so essentially, a requester has tasks they need to have completed, they go to the Turk marketplace, and workers are want to earn money to work for them on exciting tasks. All you have to do is sign in as a worker; this will open a sign-in page; you will need to sign in with your Amazon account, and then you can start browsing jobs. These are micro jobs sometimes, and you will be able to complete them in literally 10 to 15 minutes. So that’s a plus point because you can combine this with all of these other websites and make some extra money as a data entry clerk.

9. Sigtrack.net

The next Legit Data Entry jobs on our list is sigtrack.net. It is another one of these websites you can find data entry jobs or other jobs. Sig track is a database application that links grassroots campaigns with crowdsources data entry freelancers. You can work on sig track as a data entry freelancer and get paid via PayPal instantly.

10. Scribie.com

Another Legit Data Entry jobs on our list is Scribie.com. Scribie is another website for transcriptions. I love this website because this is one of the most significant websites. They have a constant avalanche of jobs for you, so you’re going to be transcribing many different things like lectures, Sermons, conference calls. Payout rates starting at 10 cents per minute.

To become a freelancer, all you have to do to become a freelancer is to scroll to the bottom and join Scribie as a transcriber. After submitting your application taking an online test and then earning per audio hour. After click on apply now, as you can see, all the information is right there; check this out home-based job work at your convenience, 5 to 25 dollars per audio hour, so up to 25 dollars per hour obviously; this depends on how complicated the text is. They have temporary files 10 minutes or less or two hours; they essentially give you everything, and you can even get a promotion to the reviewer, self reviewer, proofreader etc. So up to 25 dollars, you’re going to be making on Scribie, you don’t need any experience whatsoever any technical skills essentially this is as easy as data entry.

11. ClickWorker.com

The next Legit Data Entry jobs on our list is clickworker.com. Click worker is another one of these websites that offer micro-jobs. When clicking on earning money as a click worker and have many different things, I will be profiting from your talents. Click workers are always working for internet users worldwide who can, for example, create or correct texts, participate in service or search and categorize data for us.

You can click works from their website as well as the app. You can easily download their apps from the google play store or app store. Some example tasks available in ClickWorker are text creation, categorization, proofreading, copyediting, research, surveys, App testing, photo capturing, audio/video recordings and many more. All of this is as simple as data entry, and it has a bunch of different jobs or tasks that you can do, which keeps it fun so you will never be bored working with clickworker.com

12. Picoworkers.com

Another Legit Data Entry jobs on our list is picoworkers.com. Another one of these websites for micro-jobs. All we have to do is click right here on freelance and earn on the top menu section. After clicking on freelance and earn, you can see all the tasks of people that work for Pico workers. Payscale varying and depends on how big the job is. On Pico worker, you can work as per your time availability and interest. There are 100s of micro-tasks that you can complete and earn a decent amount in your free time.

13. dataplus-svc.com

The next Legit Data Entry jobs on our list is dataplus-svc.com. Another one of data entry websites so data entry services, data plus will develop data entry, database programming data, handling reporting, and data security. So all you have to do is click on contact on the menu if they have any job openings right now.

14. Diondatasolutions.net

Another Legit Data Entry jobs on our list is diondatasolutions.net. Dion data solutions is a full-service data management service bureau; we recognize information is available only if available on a timely basis and of the highest level of proficiency. So, guys, you can start working with them; click on the contact us link on the menu and see if they have any openings right now. If you can’t find space today, do not stress, it doesn’t mean that they won’t have an introduction tomorrow or a week from now or a month from now. So keep on coming back to these websites, keep on checking, and don’t miss extra bucks. As an online earner, we know that tiny earnings make considerable money from multiple sources.

15. Idictate.com

The next Legit Data Entry jobs on our list is idictate.com. Idictate.com is a transcription website, and they work with general transcriptions, medical, legal, law, insurance, sermons, executive search, wealth management, authors and writers, youtube videos and focus groups. So you can do this in English or Spanish. You can send them an application, and you can start working from there, so that’s idictate.com.

16. workingsolutions.com

Another Legit Data Entry jobs on our list is workingsolutions.com. Working solutions is an on-demand contact center for outsourcing. When you click on I want to work from home this is exactly what you want to do; you want to do data entry or something else that you can make money online with working from home. As we know, this will allow you to work from home as an independent contractor, so this gives you the ultimate working life flexibility; with working solutions, they support you with ongoing education, community support and the right resources to deliver exceptional customer service. Work-at-home agents are independent contractors, and you’re going to get paid anywhere from nine dollars per hour to thirty dollars per hour.

17. TheSmartCrowd.lionbridge.com

The next Legit Data Entry jobs on our list is the Smart crowd. The Smart crowd works with lion bridge; we already covered the lion bridge, but this is a separate company. Smart Crowd is the world’s largest homework provider, so again, this is precisely what you want to be doing data entry from home or just working from home or making money from home. All you have to do is scroll to the bottom, click on contact us workers, and you can send them an email asking exactly what kind of data entry clerks or other workflows do they need.

18. tdec.com

Another Legit Data Entry jobs on our list is tdec.com/careers. You can see different open positions on your page, find data entry jobs per your convenience and earn money. Some examples of works available in tdec.com are date entry operator, general clerk, help desk agent, imaging processing operators, and more.

Generally, they have all these different openings again: data entry clerk, data entry operator, and general clerk; This is something that you can apply for today and start working with them. Tdec.com generally provides a stable environment for its employees. They are a dynamic and diverse company, and they are dedicated to providing the highest level of professional services, both federal and state, so a great company to work for data entry jobs.

19. GoTranscript.com

The next Legit Data Entry jobs on our list is gotranscript.com. Another one of these transcription companies, again transcription is super easy you don’t need any technical skills all you need is a pair of earphones you listen to the text you type it out you are done.

Here you can become transcriptionists or become their affiliate to earn on Go Transcript. They even have a transcription tool, which will boost your rating and efficiency. Generally, people make up to 60 cents per minute, and $150 is the average earnings per month; one thing keeps in mind this is for people who do this part-time, and top monthly payments are $1 215 again. You can apply right here from their home page and start your test right now and earn after completing the test.

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20. Fiverr

I have the last website for your number 20 we have Fiverr. Now Fiverr is near and dear to my heart because Fiverr allowed me to quit my nine-to-five job and start making money online full time. I started making money on Fiverr part-time, and I wrote blog posts, articles, and emails for people. It took me from zero to around three thousand dollars per month that I was making, and then at three thousand dollars per month, I was able to quit my nine-to-five job and start making money online full-time. With Fiverr, the cool thing is that you can just set up a gig and wait for the orders to come in. So you don’t have to apply, call and send emails; you just set up a gig, and if an order comes in, you fulfill it; if not, you don’t have to do anything.

Now for data entry, they have a bunch of already successful gigs, from which you can take the idea and create your gigs and start working from today. Many gigs are highly rated, so forget better clients rating you need to deliver quality work at a lesser price than the regular gigs. After 5 to 10 delivery you can increase your charges. I mean, first of all, you need to care about your profile rating; after that, you can quickly get more and more gigs orders.

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These are my 20 Legit Data Entry Jobs Work From Home Sites. When it comes to data entry, these are 100 legit I’ve tried probably most of them, and I’ve researched the rest. If you need detailed explanation articles on any of the above data entry jobs, feel free to comment.

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