21 Best Ways to Earn Money Online for Students

21 Best Ways to Earn Money Online for Students
21 Best Ways to Earn Money Online for Students

In our childhood, every time our elder visit us, they suggest us that first finish study and then think for earning, it’s your age of study, make your career first, etc. All this advice are stoping us to create side hustle while we are students. Here I will share 21 Best Ways to Earn Money Online for Students that change your mind and help you become self depends on your student life.

Many of you are often exploited for some students that they can earn along with studies, then this video is for all those students who have strong willpower to do something. Something interesting that gives pocket expenses and also helps in your future. Which also gives you some experience along with studies that help in your future. When talking about the best ways to earn money online for students, there are hundreds of ways; some of these ways are similar to Top 50 Hobbies That Make Money Online and Offline and Best 50 Ways To Make Money Online. But here I am sharing the only best option that you can do in your student life without impacting your studies.

Using any of these online earning ways, you will get experience, explore knowledge, and make money. How is the work done? By the time your studies are over, you have cash in your bank, and you have experience. If you want, you can start with a good job, and if you wish, you can finish your studies and start your business. Out of the various career options, you will choose the best option that works even today and start working in the future, knowing that these ways of earn money online are best for you that listing below:

1. Freelancer

We hire some people they work for us from home. We give then the task and they get certain money in return for completing task. This is called freelancing. Freelancing is the one of the Best Ways to Earn Money Online for Students without hampering their studies.In freelancing, you do not need to join one company and bound with their rule and regulation. In freelancing you can join more then one company at a once and work for them, You are your own boss in freelancing. For doing freelancing, you need to approach company for work, either direct approach or by using freelance marketplace platforms.  The freelancing industry is expected to be worth 20 to 30 billion by 2025. Its demand will increase further and nowadays many people can choose their career option as freelancer.

Many company wants to save office running and operating cost at their initial phase, so they need freelancing work for them. Freelancing platform makes remote works possible without physical presence. Such a platform is revolutionary in the recruit and hiring industry and serves millions of peoples. The concept of these marketplaces is link worker and employer company and makes works easy and faster.

Some Freelancing platforms for Students

Freelancing platforms that gives opportunities to Earn Money Online for Students are listed below:

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • PeoplePerHour
  • Evanto Studio
  • Freelancer.com
  • Nexxt
  • DesignCrowd
  • Toptal
  • DesignContest
  • CrowdSpring
  • Writer Access
  • 99Designs
  • DesignHill
  • Simply Hired
  • Aquent
  • Crowded
  • The Creative Group
  • Skyword
  • Guru and more

2. Tuition / Online Tution

Whether it’s online or local, you can teach your junior or kids and earn money. If you are excellent in some subjects like math, science, history or any language, you can start tutoring for Money. For tutoring, you can target kids or junior from your locality, and also, you can join some tutoring services provider platform for online teaching. For tutoring and earn Money online, you can join Udemy, Skillshare, Teachable, Podia, Pathwright, etc.

If you are good in anything that you can teach juniors this is the best Ways to Earn Money Online as Students. In the next five years, online education is going to be a market of $ 319+ billion market. This was further acknowledged by the Taipei people of London and the very best people explained that cost is also effective and there is more benefit in it. 1.5 billion students attend to school all over the world. Think how big the market is? if you start teaching juniors today, you will be the part of future largest digital teaching marketplace.

Some Tutoring platforms for Students

Tutoring platforms that gives opportunities to Earn Money Online for Students are listed below:

  • Study Pool
  • TutorMe
  • BrainFuse
  • Turor.com
  • PrepNow Tutoring
  • Skooli and more.

3. Virtual assistant

For example, you are trying to run a company, trying to build a business, he has to do a lot of meetings, have to call several meetings, have to call, in his own way he is not able to manage things in a wright way. There is a need for an assistant, but he cannot afford full time assistant, in such cases, Virtual Assistant is the best choice. Virtual Assistant means that you are  assisting someone or company in their work through the phone, through the Internet by sitting at home.

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is an independent person or firm who provides services related to administration by operating from outside of the client’s office.  Such staff normally operated from their own home office so they are called virtual assistants. Many organizations and firms search for virtual assistants from freelance platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, etc. Nowadays finding VA jobs is not hard but prove yourself as a good VA needs hard work and dedication.

Some Virtual Assistant platforms for Students

Virtual Assistant platforms that gives opportunities to Earn Money Online for Students are listed below:

  • Cardinal Finacial
  • Equivity
  • My BTLR
  • Randstad
  • tawk.to
  • Spectraforce
  • VaVa Virtual Assistants
  • Profit Factory
  • CSI Companies
  • Kelly
  • Beacon Hill Staffing Group
  • Boldly and more

4. Social Media Influencer

Nowadays, social media is an inseparable element of human life. Whether you use Facebook or Instagram, or Twitter, you use any of these platforms for your convenience. But sad things about social media are that lots of people just use social media for fun. Very few people know that you can earn Money using social media. In this competitive world, social media is the game-changer. If you use social media with good intentions, it will have a significant impact on society. If you misuse social media, it may lead to conflicts, as there are too many cases seen in our community.

Top Social Media for Social Media Influencer

Some social media influencer platforms that helps to earn money  for students are listed below:

  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Likee
  • Tumblr
  • LinkedIn
  • Whatsapp
  • Pinterest
  • Quora
  • Reddit
  • Twitch
  • Yelp
  • Telegram and more

5. Video Influencer

You can do the thing that I started with, you can become a video. Growing very fast in the video influencer.. Mobile phone and internet is spreading rapidly and reach to almost every people nowdays. Price of Internet is going cheaper then previous, people love to watch rather then read blog. Due to this reason video seems to be better than anything.

As a video influencer you can choose any platform you like youtube, facebook video, Dailymotion and any other, as per your choice and interest. Making videos is more fun and gives emotional attachment to the client by video advertisement also. You can do video influence by making useful and informative video that helps your viewers also.

6. Blogging

If you like to write rather then showing your face or voice in video, then blogging is the best ways to make money online for students. Your can write your own articles, life experience, Journey experience or others and entertain people along with information. Initially, blogging is starting with writing but is more than writing. While doing blogging, your revenue sources are ads revenue, affiliate marketing, digital products/services, etc. Do hard work and give your best, after some time it will be the best way to make money online apart from just hobbies on your student life.

Ways to Make Money online with your blog

You can earn by various ways while doing blogging. Some of them are mention below:

  • Sell affiliate products
  • Monetize with ads networks like Google Adsense, media.net, etc
  • Sell banner ads space directly
  • Sell digital products/services
  • Write/Publish sponsored posts
  • Create a business directory
  • Host webinars
  • Get paid to write/publish reviews and more

7. Internship

As a students, you can join Internship program as per your major subjects. If you are from IT sector then you can easily find online internship also. In your student life, if you work as intern, you will definitely explore the scope of your subject and working strategy. This is the first steps toward success. Some of the program need compulsory internship experience which is the part of their syllabus. This is good for you to work for experience not for money in your career first, so don’t ignore any internship program related to your fields either that are free intern or paid intern.

8. Affiliate Marketing

Next best ways to earn money online for student is affiliate marketing. In Affiliate Marketing, when people buy a product or service at your request, you get some commission from it. You tell people about your product on your social media page, your video, on your blog or on your website and earn small commission on each sale.

Earn Money by sharing products sound goods but before starting to earn you must have some basic idea of product-based affiliate marketing. If you are looking to earn money by sharing products and when the user clicks on them, then you are in right place. We already reveal the secrets of Affiliate marketing with some best products-based affiliate networks please read this at Secrets of Affiliate Network article.

Affliate Marketing Platforms for students to earn money online

There are hundreds of affiliate network , some of top affiliate network that gives earning opportunities for students are listed below:

  • Amazon Associates
  • eBay Partner Network
  • ShareASale
  • ClickBank
  • Rakuten Marketing Affiliates and more.

9. Network Marketing

There are many companies that offer network marketing and which helps people to make their living form network marketing. As per your interest like interest on Business Finance, interest on security system and software, you can join good network marketing company to sahrpen your marketing skills, build your expertise on it. Many of you are confusing with affiliate marketing and network market, so first let me clarify it. Network marketing is a model of business that depends on P2P sales (Person to person sales). On Network marketing you need to build your network and get profits form your network also. Avon, Herbalife, Amway, 4Life etc are the some example of network marketing.

10. Video Marketer

Many business like local shop, online stores, shipping company searching for video marketer for marketing their products and services. In this digital era, 4G is on every hands and 5G users also growing faster, people enjoy to watch videos, videos gives experience and entertain people along with emotional touch. So video marketing is one of the best ways of marketing in this era. If you have good knowledge of video making then video marketer is also one of the best Best Ways to Earn Money Online for Students.

11. MeMe Marketing

Apart from other marketing strategy, Meme marketing is latest emerging marketing strategy. Meme marketing has wide scope in future. There are many business, channel, movies, and shows reach to their audience through memes and create curiosity about them. This is the lite version of marketing, there are many agencies that work for meme marketing services. Or you can join freelance platforms to offer meme marketing, if you are good in creating meme.

12. Google Ads

The next ways to earn money for studients is for those whose interest in the digital field. All we know that how important sales and marketing is for every business?, good sales gives good revenue. Now even small and small businesses should understand that how can we market digitally, how can we come up on Google, how to promote by video methods. How can you bring your business forward in Google Maps, so here is a lot of scope. Businesses want to go digital but they are unable to go. So you gives google Ads services to solve these problems of businesses.

So you can become an expert of Google Ads sitting at home. You can learn it online and you can give this service to people, you can do freelancing. You can run google ads for companies and earn revenue as service charge. A lot can happen if you want. for exapme, Tell your mother, mother, I analyzed whether the demand for these home made chocolates is increasing.  I understand that the demand is increasing. You make chocolate and I am selling them because I am google expert. I  know how to sell using google ads. This gives you good revenue and after your studies you have own investment to do any business.

13. Facebook business expert

Similar to Google Ads expert, you can also becoming  Facebook business expert. There are many types of options in Facebook, you can Understand Facebook Business Manager. As facebook business expert you can run ads on facebook and Instagram, making sales using facebook business, you can generate revenue and leads. In short it is also similar to social media marketing and we can call it as facebook marketing. Whoever is known for selling, he will definitely get success in future.

After learning and becoming the ads experts, you can hire interns, employee and create whole digital marketing agencies and offer services to the needy people. If you are willing to work individual then you can do freelancing related digital marketing services also. If you need to know, how to build whole digital agency then please comment, I will glad to share all my knowledge and experience with you.

14. Translation services

If you know more then one languages like englishe, japanes, chines or you know different regional language then you can offer translation services to the needy people. Many businesses or bands wants to translate their content to diffetnet language for making outreach of their products and services. You can offer translation work to these brands and business and help then to grow along with you. Also they are wiling to change their ads in different language and do local marketing for generating more sell. At that time your multi-language skill is useful for you to generate revenue. As a students you can learn different language and offer these services through the freelance platform and earn money online.

Translation Job Provider companies

Some Translation Job Providers  that helps to earn money  for students are listed below:

  • OneHourTranslation.com
  • Unbabel
  • Smartling
  • TextMaster
  • TranslatorsCafe
  • TheOpenMic
  • ProZ
  • TranslationDirectory and more

15. Content Writer

If you are good at writing and communication is good at expressing and writing, then you  become a content writer. Content writer are needed to create website, needed in advertising industry, content writer also needed in marketing  and blogs. You can freelance content writing from home. You can write with your comfort and you can sell your written content.

There are thousands of ways to earn money as a writer, either earn money as a writer online or offline. We already try to explore all possible ways to earn money online as a writer, so please check out the article “Earn Money As A Writer – All Possible Way” .

16. Copywriting

For those who are good at writing and express, there is another ways of earn money online is copywriting. There are different between content writing and copy writing. Content writing is user orented content, it is long, it is deliver to reader by giving in-depth information and knowledge of topics. And copywriting is using in advertisement industry to make puch line or slogon. Copywritng helps to generate leads and even increase sales. If you need to trigger someone emotion with less work, if you need to take customer in your confidence then copywriter is need to create puch line. It is also one of the art, that student can start learning, gradually become an export and earn money online. As you continue to learn, you can increase your service fees. I know some of the copywriter that change $150 for writing single email because they are expert and easily get paid high fees according to their expertise.

17. Graphics designer

You can give services of Logo and Graphics Designs  also. And good things about logo designing and Graphic designing is that you can do it staying home also. For graphics design companies searching for freelancing, Most of the companies are not hiring full time designer because there is not work for whole month. Only large companies like ecommerse store need full time designer, other companies hire on project base. So become a freelance graphics designer and work for more then one company at a same time. This will increase your revenue. This is the one of the best ways to earn money online for students.

You can learn some tools of graphics designer online and increase your expertise. This will improve your skills and you will definitely get regular project. If clients love your work, then you will be the first priority of your clients. If you need in depth article on how to start graphics designer jobs, which tools are needed for designer and how to sharpen your skills on designing fields then feel free to comment us, we will definitely make one details article on your demand.

18. Dropshiping

Dropshiping is the module of online business where you do not need to store products, you just remarketing the products and earn money online.

Steps on dropshiping Module

  1. Customer places an order from your online store
  2. Your store automatically sends the order to your dropshiping suplier
  3. Dropshiping supplier prepares your customer’s order
  4. Your dropshiping suppliers ships the order directly to your customer

The main different of retail model and dropshiping model is that you do not net to main your own stock or inventory, so students can do it on their free time. If you need more indepth depth knowledge on dropshiping business then feel free to comment us, we will provide you the details that you need.

19. Reseller

Next ways to earn money online for students is become a reseller. You can sell products online on amazon, ebay like platforms by buying from wholeseller. Many people already doing this and take advantage of reselling concept. All we know that nowadays there are various e-commerce are opening, almost all business try to reach online, and from customer side, many of us also using or adopting this methods. So e-commerce is the future of product business, so do not ignore the power of commerce and start reselling business today. If you are not interested to invest small amount initially, then you can join dropshiping anf print on demand platforms also.

The next two are for tech lover, if you are IT, CS, EC students and wants to do something in your student life that will live good  impact on your future then the last two options are for you.

20. App development

Nowadays ever people have cell phone on their hands, and every phone have app. Every company, business and organization realize that they need app to reach on customer hand. So the craze to design app is on top. Many of organization, business and companies already create their app and some of the are on the way to create. You can offer your skills to the companies by the medium of direct contact on your locality and through the freelance platforms. You are the students of IT sector, then you definitely have coding and designing knowledge, use your knowledge on student time, do freelancing, gain some experience that will further helpful for you on your upcoming career. And after completing of study, you can start your own app development agency also.

21. Web development

If you are good at web designing and coding, if you are an IT student or professional, web designing and coding are profitable hobbies. Use your education or skills and generate thousands of dollars online and offline as per your choice. You can provide web design and coding services to your locality, or you can target global clients using the internet. For international clients, you can find them from your service website or using a freelancing marketplace like Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, etc.


In conclusion, here we talk about 21 Best Ways to Earn Money Online for Students but there are more then 21 ways to earn money. So you can try any of the above option or try new. Here we cover only 21 because for these 21 I really know about and somehow I use or relate myself with these options. Taking advantage of time, do not waste your time on chilling during student life, use your time to learn something new and start earn from today. Thank you.


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