4 Apps That Pay You To Receive Text Messages

4 Apps That Pay You To Receive Text Messages
4 Apps That Pay You To Receive Text Messages

Did you know that you can make money on your phone by just receiving text messages and completely ignoring them? In this article, I will show you some apps that you can download on your phone, and you will be getting paid to receive text messages. In this article, I will show you how you can make money to receive text messages (Apps That Pay You To Receive Text Messages). I’m going to show you four apps that you can download on your Android phone.

That’s right. You do need an Android device for these. OK. I’m so sorry if you’re using an iPhone. I will show you how you can use them with your Android phone and just get paid to receive text messages. And you don’t even have to reply, which is the beauty of it. Just keep them running in the background.

1. McMoney

So the first Apps That Pay You To Receive Text Messages is called McMoney, and you cannot download this directly into your Android phone. You have to download the APK from the website so you can start using the app first.

So with this app, you earn money for receiving text messages, get paid actual money for helping them improve worldwide communication. All you have to do is receive text messages on your mobile phone once in a while. So basically, big companies will come to make money because they want to test out their communication networks and everything. So they need people like you to test those out. That is all you’re doing. You’re just receiving the text messages and collecting some PayPal money.

Said, you help them, help mobile operators to work together and not unimportant. Each message you receive adds more money to your make money bank real money. All right. So all you do is install an earn, install the app. We’ll send you a random text message. Once in a while, you’ll earn money for each received text message from them. If money is, then the Android app only because Android allows McMoney to process the results of the SMS text messages we send to your phone. And also, there’s very secure. You can go ahead and read all of the safety and privacy rules that they do have. Make money is highly safe and secure for you to use. Your data is handled according to strict privacy rules.

How do you earn On McMoney?

Over there, you have found some users, some people who working and cashed out. Also, if you don’t want to receive text messages for a while, disable the app for a time in the settings; you may delete the text message as soon as you received it. No need to store it. The messages do not contain any meaningful texts, but only some random characters that you can ignore. You can now forget your text messages and get paid for them. So that is pretty cool. Now let’s talk about how do you earn money? When you first register your phone, you’ll receive a welcome bonus. After that, you’ll receive an amount for each text message we can send to your phone. There may be other incentives from time to time, like a bonus for referring more people to make money that can add to your total amount.

Another essential thing, To receive text messages; the Internet must connect to your device. So make sure you have that going for yourself. And you do need to accumulate one dollar in your account before you can request payment. And payments are sent out through. PayPal does say it’s for international users. So go ahead and make sure that is working for you.

2. Money SMS App

So Next Apps That Pay You To Receive Text Messages is called Money SMS App. And it is very, very similar to the McMoney app. You install the app. It’s only available for Android users. And precisely like Mc money. For this one, you have to download the APK installation. Money SMS is the free Android app, which allows you to make money online automatically by receiving SMS generated by the app team and customers. So it is pretty much the same thing as the other one.

Application is exclusive; only Android allows apps that read SMS. You need to install the app and get paid by their moneymaking app for received text messages. So just like the other one, this is a secure app, does not read any of your private messages or use any other data. They read only our text, SMS, and this app also provides passive income. So you earn money with the app passively without any active actions required from your site. This is what makes it better than McMoney, is that they have a referral program. You can refer our app to your friends and community and earn 30 per cent from their earnings. So you will earn 30 per cent with this app from your referrals.

As SMS providers and mobile network operators, many telecoms need to send text messages to foreign countries to verify and ensure the proper delivery of their SMS. You get paid because we use your phone number to provide such testing services. Please note that they do not read your private messages. They don’t read your private messages.

Money SMS App Availability

So as far as that being available in your country, this is available in many countries. However, you have to go ahead and install the app and double-check. Money SMS App is not available in my country and is not available in the U.S., but it is available in many other countries. OK. Over here, they have different languages. So if you fancy any of these languages, best to read the website, then you can go ahead and do that. Just make sure you download the app and check if you can use it in your country. OK. For those of you in the U.S., I don’t believe it works here in this country, OK.

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3. SMSProfit.net

The following Apps That Pay You To Receive Text Messages is called SMSProfit.Net. You can download the APK for this one as well. SMSProfit is very similar. They’re all pretty much the same. But if you want to stack them and use all of these. You need to download the app, and you try to keep the app always running and online all of the time for the best performance. Now, if you want to come over here to the website and get additional information about this one, you can do so. And you can go to the Google Play store and find more information about this app. So they have a three-point seven out of five stars rating. You can read some of the reviews that are on there.

Now, here at Beer Money Forum, some people show payment proof they received payment from this app. So if you want to look through these as well and read the reviews on here, they got paid out two dollars and two cents. So this one is SMS profit dot net.

4. Control My SMS

Now, this app That Pay You To Receive Text Messages is called Control My SMS. It is another one where you can get paid for receiving SMS on your Android phone. Like I said before, none of these is available for Apple. So I’m sorry if you have an iPhone. They are not available for iPhone, OK? So same thing as the other ones. There’s just no need to explain this one because it is precisely the same thing. They have some excellent reviews.

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Here we discuss the best 4 Apps That Pay You To Receive Text Messages. However, these apps are only available on android platforms. Sorry for other OS users, and soon we are writing a similar article for iOS users only. If you have any questions or queries, then please feel free to comment on us. Your comment is our motivation. Thanks for reading.


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