5 Best Online Freelance Job Sites For Freelancers

Best Online Freelance Job Sites
Best Online Freelance Job Sites

Here we will discuss 5 Best Online Freelance Job Sites For Freelancers; before that, let’s look at some facts and data. According to data from the ILO and the Central Statistics Agency; it is stated that the ratio of the growth of developing country workforce each year to new jobs is 1.4%: 0.9%. Which causing more and more workers to find it difficult to find permanent employment to meet their daily needs. Especially During the increasingly difficult economic conditions in developing and underdeveloped countries, many jobs have to be closed due to bankruptcy. For this reason, many workers who have good skills choose to change their direction to become freelancers or work freelance online.

Along with the increasing number of freelancers and their help to complete specific jobs; The freelancer industry has evolved into an online area that makes it easier for freelancers to meet directly with employers in the online world. Which has finally made it easier for freelancers to complete instantly with employers in the online world freelancer sites multiply in a decade. Last. However, before becoming a freelancer in the online world, it is highly recommended for prospective freelancers to have a verified PayPal account. Verifying PayPal does not have to use a credit card, but you can also use a VCC (virtual credit card) which only costs around 120 thousand for five years. Here are 5 of the best online freelance work sites that make it easy for you to get freelance jobs online that can help run your online business.


Fiverr is the one of the first Best Online Freelance Job Sites on our list. Fiverr is an online freelance work site founded by Shai Winninger and Micha Kaufman in 2009; currently, he has more than 1 million services with an Alexa rank > 500. Fiverr’s uniqueness compared to other sites is that customers choose the services offered by freelancers who formed in a gig without any bargaining process. In essence, the use of this site is much simpler than other freelancer sites.

According to their respective expertise/intelligence, the gig is a service/service listed on the Fiverr marketplace made by freelancers according to their individual expertise/intelligence. Each gig has a price starting from 5 $ – 1000 $. A freelancer can do any service (gig) on ​​Fiverr as long as it doesn’t violate their TOS, be it Photoshop, SEO, web creation, video editing, food recipes, gift delivery services, handicrafts, paintings, translations, article writing, and many more that I cannot explain one by one here. To find out how to make a gig, please read Fiverr support here.


Freelancer.com is a platform or marketplace for agencies and freelancers. Companies or agencies place their jobs, and the Freelancer all over the work can apply through proposal and chance to earn money when the job provider company accepts them.

It has a large customer and freelancer database. On Freelancer, people can sell or buy works related to writing, programming, academic projects, designing, translation, data entry, etc. An Australian technology entrepreneur Matt Barrie is the founder of freelancer.com, and he is CEO also. Freelancer.com serve people since 2009 and establish itself as the best online outsourcing company.

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Upwork.com, previously known as Odesk, is a freelancer site headquartered in Mountain View, United States, established in 2009, and is the largest freelancer site in the world. Upwork currently has nearly 20 million users. Using this site is very simple; after registering on this site, you will be asked for information about a profile that clearly explains your skills and work experience. Keep your profile as short as possible but concise and clear. After completing all the profiles, you can search for projects related to the skills you have.

After finding a suitable project, please apply for the project by attaching a  Solid Cover Letter to convince employers that you are the right person to complete their work. Suppose you are the person who will be taken into consideration. In that case, the employer will email or video call via skype for a bit of interview and negotiate wages, whether fixed / project or hourly wages.

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Iwriter is an online freelance work site specifically for freelance writers; if my friend is a writer who is proficient in making English articles with good grammar, then Iwriter is the correct answer. Writing wages are highly dependent on the number of words and the quality of article writing. Usually, it ranges from 4 – 35 US$ / 500 words. On this site, we will get hundreds of thousands of writing jobs, whether blog posts, Press Releases, ebooks, reviews, Curriculum Vitae, etc.

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Sribulancer is an online freelance worksite that brings together freelancers and employers; for those of you who are less proficient in English, this site is the right choice because this site is available in Indonesian and English language. In addition, this site does not require us to have PayPal like other sites because payments can be made directly from local banks. The more exciting thing about Sribulancer is that the income from freelancers is smaller than other sites, only around 3%. The project owners are also protected on this site; if the Freelancer is absent from his duties, has passed the deadline, or is not satisfied with the results at all, the project owner’s funds can be returned.


That’s my list of the 5 Best Online Freelance Job Sites; I hope those of you who have read this article will be lucky later in getting dollar coffers via the internet as a means of additional income. Needs more information or have any queries, then please comment to us.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these awesome websites. Well, I have worked on Upwork, but other sites that are mentioned here look amazing too. I will go and check Sribulancer. What I liked about them is the local bank transfer function.

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