7 Websites With Easy Part-Time Work At Home Jobs

Easy Part-Time Work
Easy Part-Time Work

I’m going to show you some easy work, easy Part-Time Work from home, part-time jobs, these are going to be jobs that almost anyone can do. If you’re ready for that, make sure that you bookmark our page for free articles on making money, online affiliate marketing, and working from home, so you don’t miss out. Also, if you want to learn exactly how I could leave my nine to five job and work from home, go ahead and check out all the Earn Money Online article that I posted on Meta Earn Blog. Hi, friend; welcome to Meta Earn. Now let’s get right into the article.


The first Easy Part-Time Work is transcription, so transcription jobs are in high demand right now. Transcription software is not as accurate as a real human transcribing audio, so transcription jobs turn audio and video files into text. Okay, so you have to convert what you hear into text. Now they give you training, especially with a company like this TranscribeMe; this website is transcribeme.com

They usually hire people worldwide to do these jobs. So if you come over to transcribeme.com and come up there to where it says jobs, you can go ahead and click on that and find more information about it. So they say that they have the industry’s best rates. With earnings starting at fifteen to twenty-two dollars per audio, their highest monthly earnings are twenty-two hundred dollars. Now, to be clear, at fifteen to twenty-two dollars per audio hour means you’re not getting paid per the hour that you’re transcribing. You’re getting paid per the audio hours. So how long is a piece of content they give you? That is pretty much what it means. Fifteen to twenty-two dollars per audio hour, they provide you with training. This is a flexible job that you can do anywhere from home, so this one is TranscribeMe.com.

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All right. So this next Easy Part-Time Work is genius.com. And what this company does is they can pay you to transcribe music lyrics into the text if we scroll to the bottom of the homepage at Genius. You can come over to where it says jobs, and it’s going to be a bit hard to find because they offer varieties of jobs except transcribe, like technology jobs, marketing jobs, etc. that some are remote, and some are physical jobs. But if we click on the Media Labs career page, this is where we find the job. We click on that, and it will take you to the jobs page or sometimes the 404 page. But no worry, we have to come up there to where it says careers on the menu and click on that. So you see, it’s a little bit hard to find this job. 

They’re looking for a lyrics associate, and you will find it there. Select the best-suited jobs for you. Some particular jobs are location specified, so do check for your location/worldwide jobs. Generally in Genius, You need to provide complete and accurate transcription and sync of new releases. You review and edit community transcriptions for accuracy and completeness. Match new release transcriptions to the Apple Music database. Collaborate with community and tech teams to improve transcription processes and capabilities, including sync all right, so that is the job description. Okay. If you are interested in this one, this one is Genius.

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So next Easy Part-Time Work is moderator jobs. So these are pretty easy jobs, less complicated. You’re basically in charge of moderating social media, forums, communities, and things like that. This actual website is a website that hires people to do that, and this one is ModSquad.com. If you come to MonSquad.com and go to the bottom of the page, and this is where you can go ahead and click on Join the Mods. You can watch a video right there, and there’s more information about your job. Like I said before, you’re moderating forums, you’re chatting with customers, managing communities, and buzzing and social media. 

You can work from any private location with secure, high-speed internet access, and this is pretty cool because you can select your projects based on your passions and schedule when you want to deliver. So there may be topics on here that you may be interested in that you can work in. Okay, so this one is ModSquad.Com.

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Another Easy Part-Time Work would be a search engine evaluator job. Now talk about the company Sykes.com. This is one company that sometimes will be hiring for Search Engine evaluator Jobs; what that is, is that you ensure search queries and ads are relevant to whatever searches they give you to type in on the search engines, so they will provide you with some search to put into the search engine. You will evaluate the ads and the things that come up to see how relevant it is to that search. Some jobs can require you to do this on the search engine or social media platforms.

Now this company Sykes.com, Sometimes they do have that job listed. Right now, they’re not hiring for this, but they do have other jobs available. If you want to take a look, you can go ahead and click on careers, and go ahead and click on the country or the area you’re in. For example, I’m in the U.S., and I’m working at home. They also have a lot of customer service jobs. They have a lot of customer service jobs. And they even have chat support agents on there. So if you want to take a look at these, you can also do so. I didn’t find the other jobs that they have on here for search engine evaluators, but it’s good to keep on checking.

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Another company that often hires search engine evaluators is LionBridge.com. Suppose we come over to join our team right on the Lionbridge page. You can scroll down and view the current job openings. They have jobs in many different countries, and even gaming jobs are available. Suppose you want to take a look at those. They have interpreter jobs as well, translators, and agency jobs. You want to find a search engine evaluator job. You can come over to corporate associates, click on Learn more, and see what is available. They don’t always have this job available in certain areas, but they hire in many different parts of the world.

For example, the only evaluator jobs right now are for social media evaluators, and they’re only hiring in Japan at the moment. And these are remote jobs. But you can always come over here and check and see if any of these jobs are available in your area. So whatever country you’re in, you have to check and see if they have this specific job available. 

They do open jobs whenever they need people. But the qualifications and experience are that you must be living in the country three years fluency in English and that language and you need experience with iOS or Android smartphone that is less than three years old. So your phone has to be less than three years old, and you have to be active in daily use of social media. So this type of thing is a straightforward job, and you have to be familiar with what’s going on in pop culture and stuff like that. Social media evaluator, job search engine, evaluator, job, these are pretty easy jobs that you can go ahead and search for right here on LionBridge.com.


Another website that will hire people to do very Easy Part-Time Work is ClickWorker.com. You can go right there to earn money as a click worker on the homepage. And all you have to do is click on that, and you will get more information about that and what you can get paid to do with Click Worker. The cool thing about this one is that they have an app, and you can often work from the app. You can download the app and pick up some jobs as well, and this is the type of work you’d be doing. 

It’s nothing crazy, complicated, or anything—text creation, categorization, copy editing, proofreading, research, surveys. You can go ahead and do mystery visits. So this is basically like being a mystery shopper where you evaluate the quality of service and your interaction with the people that work there. So this is also another thing that you can do on this app. You also can get paid for app testing, photo capturing, video recording, audio recordings. So this one is also a pretty easy part-time job that you can do from anywhere. You can even do this one worldwide. So depending on where you are in the world and what jobs are available in your area, this one is clickworker.com.

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Another website with Easy Part-Time Work is Appen.com/jobs, and right there, you can work on projects, micro-tasks, surveys, and data collection. So many of these jobs are part-time, and you can work from anywhere in the world. They do have corporate positions as well over there that are global. Now you can see if you qualify for long-term projects if you want to. If not, you can do micro tasks, which are pretty simple, easy to do jobs, and all you have to do is. Is check out how it works to see what the qualifications are. Now, these are some of the tests that you’ll be doing. You can categorize social media, transcribe audio, moderate content and draw boxes on images. Very simple stuff. Okay, so this one is another one that you can go to for easy part-time jobs. This one is Appen.com.

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Here I listed 7 Websites With Easy Part-Time Work that you can do at home. I am covering good-paying easy jobs for you, including search engine evaluator, transcription jobs, microtask, and more. If you love this article or may add value to your life, please comment to us. We are always happy to hear from you. Thanks for reading and see you in the next article. Bye-Bye.



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