CoinPayu Review | Crypto Earning Site | Legit or Scam?

Coinpayu review
Coinpayu review

Are you searching for legit crypto earning site? Are you interested in the crypto market but have insufficient investment? and Are you willing to start your crypto journey with some free crypto? Ok, you are in right place. I am not telling you that you will be millions from the CoinPayu site but I am sure that you can earn some cryptocurrency in your free time. Here we have a detailed CoinPayu review and the decision is all yours. whether spend your leisure time playing games and scrolling social media randomly or investing your leisure time to earn some money online.

Hello, guys welcome to Meta Earn, here we always provide articles related to earning money online. If you are new here please bookmark our site for future visits. We have various articles on making money online that we already published on our site, if you are serious about online earning then take a look. Today we are going to talk about a crypto earning site called CoinPayo, Now without making any further delay let’s get into to CoinPayu review.

What is Coinpayu?

Coinpayu is a paid-to-click site; where you will be paid a small amount of crypto coin on each click. Along with PTC, you can earn from paid surveys, offers, referrals, and faucet claims also. Coinpayu is not only PTC earning site, it is a crypto advertising site also. Let me clarify this, coinpayu is the common platform for advertisers and online earners. Advertisers paid for their offer and promotion, and coinpayu paid online earners from their revenue and kept some percentage for site maintenance and service charge.

Coinpayu review
Coinpayu Dashboard

Coinpayu balances both the advertiser and earner at the same time, and this is the main reason that coinpayu exist on the market for over 4 years (Launched in 2017). You can visit the coinpayu about us page for more details. The main motive and mission of coinpayu is ” Freedom to crypto for people from worldwide.” They have a clean business module and also support multiple platforms like web version and app on android.

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CoinPayo Review

Crypto Earning Platforms – CoinPayu Review along with details are listed below:

Disclaimer: There are thousands of scam crypto earning sites on the Internet. Bewareaware of them and join such platforms only by suggesting trusted platforms like trusted blogs, trusted youtube, or other trusted social media platforms. Coinpayu is a 100% legit platform and paid its user in time; stay connected to this blog post for future updates.

Company: CoinPayu

Founder:  Unknown

Founded: 2017

Joining Link: CoinPayu


Joining Fee: Free

Types: Online Earning Platform paid by completing Offer, PTC ads, Survey, paid video, referral, and faucet claim.

Payout Option: Multiple payout options like Payeer USD, Faucetpay BTC, Bitcoin BTC, Dogecoin DOGE, Litecoin LTC, Ethereum ETH, Dash DASH, Bitcoin Cash BCH, Tron TRX, Binance BEP20 BNB, BitTorrent BTT, Tether TRC20 USDT, Cardano ADA, Solana SOL,  and Shiba Inu BEP20 SHIB.

Minimum Withdrawal: 1000 satoshi on Payeer, Fucetapay, Litecoin, Tron, Tether TRC20, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Binance BEP20, BitTorrent, Solana, and Shiba Inu BEP20. 1200 satoshi on Dogecoin. 7000 satoshi on Cardano. 11000 satoshi on Bitcoin. 15000 satoshi on Ethereum.

Skill Required: Basic skills of operating mobile, and laptops while doing surveys, offers, viewing PTC ads, claim faucet, and referrals.

Genuine: 100% Genuine

Earning Potential: Earning potential is depends on task availability, faucet, and offer availability.  Coinpayu does not make you rich overnight but helps to earn some extra bucks in your free time.

Recommended: Recommended for all who want’s to earn some extra crypto while they are free.

Benefits: Such an earning platform never added value to your resume but gives some free crypto that helps your crypto journey without investment.

User Rating of Coinpayu:

Trustpilot Rating: 3.9 Stars out of 5 Stars

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How to Join or  How to create an account on CoinPayu?

The joining process is super simple. Here I illustrate the joining process in a few lines.

  1. Go to Coinpayu official website
  2. Click on the join free or register button as per your choice.
  3. A simple and quick registration form is open in front of you. You need to fill in your Username, Email, Password, agree to their term of service, and click on the register after solving the captcha.
  4. Check your email for registration confirmation. After email confirmation, you can log in to your coinpayu dashboard.

How to earn crypto on CoinPayu?

There are various options for earning on the Coinpayu dashboard. The main motive of this coinpayu review article is to illustrate all the possible earning ways that are available on coinpayu.

View Ads

CoinPayu Review
Coinpayu Surf Ads Section

The first earning section on coinpayu is view ads. It is also called paid to click section (PTC section). In the PTC section, you need to click sponsor links that given by the coinpayu advertiser. All links are preset with certain seconds like 10s, the 20s, or 30s and after the specified time you will be rewarded with a few satoshis.  Satoshi earning is depends on advertisers. Some advertiser gives more satoshi and some give less satoshi for a specific time. Now illustrate the view ads section with details along with sub-sections like Surf ads, windows ads, and video ads.

Surf Ads

Surf ads are the first section inside view ads. In surf ads normally you need to surf the website for certain seconds and gate your satoshi reward instantly. While surfing you will be automatically rewarded after the time limit is reached but sometimes the system popup captcha for verifying you as a real human.

Windows Ads

Another ad type you can visit and earn is windows ads. On windows ads, the timer is counted on visiting page and you need to solve the captcha to verify every time.

Video Ads

Another ad formate you can visit and earn is video ads. On video ads, you need to watch short video ads and get paid.


Coinpayu Offers Section: Coinpayu review
Coinpayu Offers Section

The Offers section contains offers and surveys that you need to complete and earn satoshi. Offers and surveys take more time to complete than view ads so, the payout on the offers section is also higher than PTC ads. Some currently listed offers and surveys platforms are CPX Research, Yuno, AdGatemedia, Pollfish, Ayetstudios, AdscendMedia, ADGEM, OfferToro, WANNADS, BitLabs, time bucks, and Hang My ADS,


Coinpayu Faucet Claim Section
Coinpayu Faucet Claim Section

Another earning section is the faucet claim. Free members can claim 3 faucets every 60 minutes. Faucet claim is one of the best-earning options that available in Coinpayu. On faucet claim, you do not need to visit any ads. Just wait for a few seconds, solve the captcha, and claim your faucet balance. All faucet claims currently available in Coinpayu are Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Tron, Binance BEP20, BitTorrent, Tether TRC20, Cardano, Solana, and Shiba Inu BEP20.

You can swap your faucet earnings and can easily transfer to your main satoshi balance through a bitcoin faucet. Besides the bitcoin faucet, you can directly claim your other faucet to your wallet or micro wallet when the minimum withdrawal limit is reached.

Affiliate Section

Last but not least, affiliate is also one of the best earning options on Coinpayu. Affiliate is the commission is given to you either advertiser or earner join through your unique link. Affiliate commission is starting from 10% and can get a higher commission if you upgrade a membership.

Advertiser Sections

In the Advertiser section, advertisers can create their campaigns and track their campaigns along with balance statistics. Coinpayu is like because of their advertiser and the earner earning is also directly depends on advertisers. If there is less number of advertiser then earning potential is low and if there are high numbers of advertiser then earning potential is high.

How to withdraw From CoinPayu?

The withdrawal limit is different for different crypto coins. So for better understanding withdrawal limits are tabulated as below:

(In Bitcoin Satoshi
1.BitcoinBTC11000 satoshi
2.PayeerUSD1000 satoshi
3.FaucetpayBTC1000 satoshi
4.DogecoinDOGE1200 satoshi
5.LitecoinLTC1000 satoshi
6.EthereumETH15000 satoshi
7.DashDASH1000 satoshi
8.Bitcoin CashBCH1000 satoshi
9.TronTRX1000 satoshi
10.Binance BEP20BNB1000 satoshi
11.BitTorrentBTT1000 satoshi
12.Tether TRC20USDT1000 satoshi
13.CardanoADA7000 satoshi
14.SolanaSOL1000 satoshi
15Shiba Inu BEP20SHIB1000 satoshi

CoinPayu Review Final Verdicts

Though earning potential is low for the free users but Coinpayu is one of the best crypto paying platforms in the market. If you have leisure time and want to earn some crypto then Coinpayu is the right option to generate some free crypto for you. If you are willing to generate more income from Coinpayu you need to upgrade your membership. This is not a sponsored post and I am not suggesting upgrading your memberships. This is my sole opinion and the decision is yours. As per my knowledge, Coinpayu is one of the legit crypto earning platforms that exist since 2017 and regularly paid its users. let’s move to the pros and cons.


  • Plenty of PTC ads and offers are available
  • Also available in mobile version also
  • Offers easy ways to earn some crypto in your free time.
  • Very low minimum payout limit of 1000 satoshi.
  • Available worldwide
  • Legit and paying since 2017


  • Earning Limitation on the free membership
  • Earning potential is depends on their advertisers directly
  • The withdrawal limit for bitcoin is relatively high than other coins.


After reading the CoinPayu Review you must be clear about how Crypto Earning Site Coinpayu works. Coinpayu paying its users since 2017 and establish itself as one of the genuine and legit crypto earning platforms. At the same time, Coinpayu establish itself as a trusted and reliable crypto advertising network. 

If you have any queries or confusion on the Coinpayu review and have a question related to Coinpayu then feel free to comment us. You can ask any of your queries related to making money online topics also. Your comment is our motivation to deliver quality content like this and we are always happy to hear from you. Thanks for reading. See you all in the next article. Bye-Bye Take care.


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