Future of Pi Coin | Details about Pi Coin

Future of Pi Coin
Future of Pi Coin

Before knowing details about the Pi coin, we must have some basic knowledge of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is a decentralized virtual or digital currency secured by cryptography. Most cryptocurrencies based on blockchain technology. If we are going to talk about cryptocurrencies then it needs more than one article. So, if you are interested in knowing details about cryptocurrencies then feel free to comment on us.  Now let’s discuss Details about Pi Coin, Pi’s future earning opportunity, and the future of the Pi coin.

Pi Coin is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency developed as a name of Pi Network developed by Stanford PhDs. It is an easily accessible digital currency in terms of mining because of its mobile mining capability. The future of Pi is not so clear. The developers do not guarantee the success of the project but according to them, Pi is the future of cryptocurrency. It is under the development phase and not listed on a crypto exchange yet.

Why Concept of Pi Coin  Aries

In spite of various cryptocurrencies, developers try to develop a simple and easily accessible cryptocurrency and named Pi Coin. They make Pi coin mineable from the mobile phone without using CPU power and battery of your devices. Pi Mining app (Android and iOS) was launched in March 2019 by SocialChain. The target of the developer is to make Pi Coin the world’s largest and commonly used cryptocurrency. Till now more the 14 million people joined the Pi network and still, Pi coin is in the development phase. After reaching 1 billion users or miners they stop mining and launched the Pi coin on the crypto market.

Pi Coin Details ( including Mining)

Project NamePi Network
DeveloperThree Stanford Ph.D. graduates: Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis, Dr. Chengdiao Fan and Vincent McPhillips
Network TypeBlockchain
Launched Date14 March 2019
Stock SymbolPi
Official Websitewww.minepi.com
Mining Link ( Start Earning Now)https://minepi.com/Bedkaushik (And use “Bedkaushik” as invitation code for getting free 1Pi)
Scam or LegitLegit
Asset TypeToken
My opinion The success of the project is high. So, why not try?
Note: Without invitation code, you are not allowed to join mining program

Pi is similar to bitcoin in 2008 and after completing its developing phase, it will definitely get valued. Don’t miss the chance to get a huge profit to join the Pi network now and mine Pi coin and refer your friends and family too.

How to mine Pi Coin?

Mining and earning of Pi coin cryptocurrency is easy and all interested in start mining from their smartphones just by clicking power sign on the homepage. Following are the steps to start mining

Step1: Get Invited

You are not able to join the mining program without getting an invitation from anyone who already in the mining program. And always join the Pi network with the invitation of an active mining member. If your inviter stops mining then this will affect your Pi mining earning also.

You can consider my invitation as well, if you are interested to earn Pi coin

I am sending you 1π! Pi is a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 10 million members worldwide. To claim your Pi, follow this link https://minepi.com/Bedkaushik and use my username (Bedkaushik) as your invitation code.


Note: Without an invitation, you will not able to join Pi Network. And always use your own phone number and Facebook for identity verification

Step 2: Download

From the link https://minepi.com/Bedkaushik, You will easily download Pi App. The given link redirects you to download according to your mobile OS version. For the android users, you will redirect to the play store and for iPhone users, you will redirect to the app store.

Step 3: Join using Invited details

After downloading Pi App, start with your details and app request to insert your invitation code. If you don’t have an invitation code then use the invitation code “Bedkaushik” and join my earning circle.

Step 4: Verification

In the initial phase before starting mining, you need to verify your identity by Facebook verification and phone verification. Facebook verification is easily done by login into your genuine Facebook account. And for phone verification when is click to verify, it will move to the messaging app and you need to send a message to the number shown there.
This verification method is equipped to detect spam and paid only genuine person after verifying as a real person. This method stops spamming referrals and withholds earn Pi coin if such activity is detected.

Step 5: Start Mining

Now finally you can start mining. For mining, you need to click on the power sign once 24 hours, and the rest of the work is done by the app itself. And if you need more mining power then you need to increase your referral.

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Mining of Pi coin based on four tier. Details about all four tires are describe below:

Mining Pi as Pioneer

This is a starting earning or mining program. All new miners start with the Pioneer program. After completing 3 pioneer sessions you can refer friends and family on Pi networks and boost your mining rate by referral commission. Pi stops the mining program after reaching 1 billion users and not it has more than 10 million users and earning per hour for Pioneer is limited to 0.1 Pi/hr. And by other features like a contributor, ambassador you will uplift your earning limit higher than 0.1 pi/hour.

This mining limit is a little difficult than their starting but still, you have the golden opportunity to accumulate Pi using a smartphone and sit in the safe zone. After the launch of the Pi coin in the market, you will definitely get huge benefits from it.

Mining Pi as Contributor

In the Contributor feature, you will increase your Pi coin mining rate by creating your own security circle. On the Security circle, you can add any people who already mining as pioneers, contributors,s or ambassadors. Earning percentage getting from such members are paid to you only if they are fully verified their account ( by phone verification and Facebook verification).

Pi contributor role is only available if you complete 3 mining sessions on Pi Networks as a Pioneer. This feature is used to improve the security and trust of the Pi network by adding 3-5 members on which you can trustfully.

Mining Pi as Ambassador

As an Ambassador on Pi Network, you will increase your earning rate by joining new members of Pi Networks. The role of the Ambassador is to increase the number of active mining members which helps to meet the 1 billion members target and then mining is stopped according to Pi Network developer. Then the real game is started, the future price of Pi depends on various factors like demand, supply, trust level, and more which we will discuss later in this article.

If you interested to join Pi Nertwork the consider following as your invitation

I am sending you 1π! Pi is a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 10 million members worldwide. To claim your Pi, follow this link https://minepi.com/Bedkaushik and use my username (Bedkaushik) as your invitation code.

You are not allowed to joining without inviation

Mining Pi as Node (Coming Soon)

This feature is under development and the purpose of this feature is to run the Pi coin mining software on your personal computer and laptops to secure the Pi blockchain based on a secure connection.

Note: This feature is under development mode and launched a beta version till this article is written (March 12, 2021)

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Currently, Pi Networks has more than 10 million users and all of them are waiting for the market release of Pi coin. All we know that millions of people have millions of queries and we are going to address some frequently asked questions/queries (FAQs) which may help you to understand Pi Network more clearly.

Q. what is pi coin?

Ans: Pi Coin is a world-first mobile mineable cryptocurrency developed by three Stanford PhDs. It is mined by a mobile app called Pi and its official website is minepi.com

Q. Is Pi coin worth anything?

Ans: Right now Pi coin worth nothing. It is in the development phase and holding value zero as similar to bitcoin in 2008. After development, when pi listed on the crypto exchange then the price of pi is increasing or decreases according to the market parameter. In my personal opinion Pi value after listed in crypto exchange is around $1 to $10. This value will definitely change after the trade started.

Q. Is Pi a real Cryptocurrency?

Ans: Yes, definitely it is a real cryptocurrency but still under development phase. This cryptocurrency is developed by three genuine people with PhDs holders from Stanford University.

Q. Is Pi Cryptocurrency safe?

Ans: Yes, it is safe. Pi is in the development phase and at present developer focused on the security of Pi Networks. Mining of Pi coin is the rewards given to each Pioneer, contributor, ambassador for their contribution to the security of the platform. Presently it has no value and for mining, you need to open the app once a day for 3 sec to 5 sec. So it is 100% safe, in future it is launched fully you will get better price of Pi and in case of failure of the project, we have nothing to lose. So, why not try the Pi network now.

Q. Can I sell PI Cryptocurrency?

Ans: Yes, you can sell Pi coin after listed in the crypto market. Right now you can mine only. Mine as much as you can by joining a different program like a contributor, ambassador, and save your Pi coin for future trading.

Q. How many pi coins can be mined?

Ans: It is impossible to give an exact answer to this question. Even the developer also doesn’t know the exact answer to this question. Till now(March 2021) more than 14 million pioneer mining and the rate of mining is half when pioneer increases to 100 million. Every time Pioneer increases by an exponential factor of 10, the mining limit is half to the previous limit. This will almost stop when miner reached to 1 billion and the developer team withhold the earn pi that earned by unverified account and controlled the illegal circulation of Pi coin.

Q. What will pi Crypto be worth?

Ans: Present worth of Pi coin is zero as similar to bitcoin in 2008. And the price of Pi in the future depends on various factors like demand, supply, trust, sentiment, security. Considering all these things, surely, Pi value is in between $1 to $10 at its starting and gradually increasing after listed in the crypto market. In my personal thought, Pi coin is the next bitcoin after 8 years to 10 years of its launch.

Q. Can you make money from Pi network?

Ans: Pi is a cryptocurrency and there is no doubt people make money from cryptocurrency. And Cryptocurrency is itself decentralized digital money. If you need centralized money you can sell cryptocurrency on crypto exchange or crypto trading market. Right now pi is not listed on the Crypto market but when Pi completed its phase 3 then you will be able to buy/sell Pi on the crypto market.

Q. How can I get pi fast?

Ans: Pi is a decentralized world’s first cryptocurrency that can be mine from smartphones. There is only one way to get or earn or mine Pi coin that is mining from its official App. After launched in the market you may get other options too but now mining from Pi is only one option. You can consider my Invitation code “Bedkaushik” as an invitation and start your mining right now by downloading the Pi app from the play store/ App store.

Q. How much is a PI coin worth? or Will Pi ever be worth money?

Ans: As I already mentioned above, the present worth of Pi coin is zero as similar to bitcoin in 2008. After launched Pi coin on the crypto market, you will know the real price of the pi coin. In my personal opinion value of pi is between $1 to $10 at its starting and may fluctuate after trading. By considering people’s craze Pi coin will be the future bitcoin incoming some years.

Q. How do I convert my PI coins to cash? or Can I withdraw PI Cryptocurrency?

Ans: You can convert your pi coin into cash by using the crypto exchange platform or crypto trading platform when Pi coin is launched on the crypto market.

Q. What will be the value of pi in 2025?

Ans: By answering the question ” what will be the value of Pi in 2025″, no one is sure to say the exact value of Pi in 2025. After launching on the crypto market Pi value is changed by its demand and supply along with trust and security level. These factors determine the value of Pi. In my personal opinion if the pi coin is launched in 2022 at starting price of $1 to $10 then till the end of 2025 Pi’s value will be around $100 to $200.

Q. Can you mine PI on multiple devices?

Ans: Pi allows mining from one device for one person. You can use your laptop or pc along with mobile while joining the Pi Node feature. But you can mine pi from various devices and at the time of KYC verification, you are failed to prove all accounts are genuine then you will lose your mined Pi. But you mine Pi on multiple devices using your family member details and Make KYC on their name then you will definitely get your earned pi on your wallets.

Q. How do you become a contributor to the Pi network? and What is a contributor in the pi network?

Ans: You must complete 3 mining sessions as a Pi coin Pioneer you will able to join the contributor program in the Pi network.

Contributor in pi Network means you have some contribution on Pi Networks by adding people on Pi (you need to add 3-5 People). This will create your security circle in Pi Networks and help to maintain the security level on Pi Network.

Q. Can I delete my pi network account?

Ans: Yes, you can easily delete your Pi network account from the end of the profile section on your smartphone. But I do not recommend you to deleted pi account, doing this lost your earning. Never delete your Pi network account until and unless it is a fake account.

Q. How many Pi members are there?

Ans: Right now (March 2021) there are 14 million-plus pioneers on Pi Network. By analyzing the craze of Pi coin it will be 1 billion within the end of 2020.

Q. What is pi network security circle?

Ans: Pi Network security circle makes a global trust graph that determines a trust level for doing a transaction on Pi Network. By using the Pi network security circle, the Pi network authenticates and validates a transaction on Pi mining reaches to mainnet.

Q. How do I add existing pi to a security circle?

Ans: You can add existing pi to your security circle by clicking on the shield symbol on the Pi app home screen then you will get two options. One adds an existing Pi user and another is adding from contact. You can do this from the Earn Pi menu on the left top of the app and then inside contributor by clicking edit security circle.

Q. How do I verify my number in Pi Network?

Ans: Inside the profile menu in the Pi app, after personal details, you will find the Account verification section. Click on phone verification then it will redirect you to your default messaging app, by messaging app you need to send a message to the given number. While sending messages use your own number that you use while creating a Pi network account. In this way, you will verify your mobile number in Pi Network.

Q. How do I verify my Facebook in Pi Network?

Ans: Inside the profile menu in the Pi app, after personal details, you will find the Account verification section. Click on Facebook verification then it will redirect you to your default browser of your mobile, there you will request to the login Facebook account. Don’t use other Facebook account or a fake account. In this way, you will verify your mobile number in Pi Network.

My Opinion

In Conclusion: In this article I am describing concept of Pi coin to details about pi coin. More then 14 millions people believes Pi coin and already started mining. Still you have time download Pi app and start mining today. I am trying solve as much queries as I found on internet and still have queries then feel free to comment us.

If you are interest on Mining platforms like Pi, please comment us, we will collect information and compiled for you. At last, still not joining Pi network then join as sson as possible and start mining today by considering my invitation below:

I am sending you 1π! Pi is a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 10 million members worldwide. To claim your Pi, follow this link https://minepi.com/Bedkaushik and use my username (Bedkaushik) as your invitation code.

You are not allowed to joining without invitation



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