Redbubble FAQ Answer list

Redbubble FAQ Answer list
Redbubble FAQ Answer list

In our previous article, you will learn the step-by-step guide on how to start with redbubble. while we will discuss the signup process to the design process.  You are here means you have some query or confusion related to earning process and mechanism of redbubble. If you missed our previous article then read it from the link below:

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Redbubble FAQs Answered List

On Internet, we found millions of questions and we pick some important questions on redbubble that may help you. Here we list all questions into two categories that are common questions and unique questions based on asked frequency.

Some Common Questions

On the Redbubble FAQ Answer list, the followings are some common questions that ask multiple times on the internet.

1. Is redbubble illegal? or How do you avoid copyright on redbubble?

Ans: If you are looking for the legality of redbubble then you are already a creator on redbubble or going to signup. Your Answer is No, redbubble is never itself illegal. Sometimes some create republish other intellectual property, this is an illegal activity and redbubble never promotes such work and may band creator accounts.

To stay safe from any legal issue, you can read the fair use policy, trademark, and publicity rights.

2. Is redbubble a ripoff?

Ans: No, redbubble is not a ripoff. Some people do not flow redbubble terms and policies and get banned and then they spread such rumors. Redbubble company gradually increase its profit and it is seen in the annual report for 2020.

3. Can you make money on redbubble?

Ans: yes of course you can make money on redbubble. For that, you just need to upload your artwork and make the products live. When someone buys your artwork or artwork printed products you will get a profit margin.

4. Is redbubble better than Teespring? or Is Teepublic better than redbubble?

Ans: We are already posted a detailed article on Teespring and redbubble. Both have a similar working principle so I recommended both for creators who are willing to earn some extra bucks for their living. But according to traffic, redbubble has more traffic than Teespring and has a higher chance of sales in Redbubble. But it all depends on chance so if people got a decent amount of money from Teespring then the spring is better and if people got a decent amount of money from Redbubble then they said redbubble is better.

Read details about Teespring and Redbubble from the link below and if possible work on both platforms and multiply the chance of earning.

Link1: Redbubble Earn Money online website

Link2: Online Earning by Teespring

5. Which is better Society6 or redbubble?

Ans: Both are the same nature of the platform but on redbubble, you have a higher profit margin that is 20% by default and you can adjust it by yourself too. But in Society6 you haven’t the right to select a profit margin and you must satisfy yourself with Society6  default of a 10% profit margin. So in my point of view, redbubble is better than Society6.

6. Which is better redbubble or Zazzle?

Ans: Both are print-on-demand websites where both have the option to set their profit margin for the creator but by default, redbubble offered a 20% royalty rate and Zazzle offered a 5 to 14.9% royalty rate. Another difference is that redbubble has limited customization and Zazzle has in-depth customization which takes more time to design and publish on Zazzle than redbubble. When we consider easiness and time investment then redbubble is better and if you have sufficient time and want to customize your design more deeply then Zazzle is better for you.

7. Is redbubble similar to Etsy?

Ans: Redbubble is a fully Print on demand site and Esty isn’t. Get started with Esty you need to pay a small amount but in redbubble, it is completely free for starting your shop. So in my point of view, redbubble is better than Esty for new creators who are willing to pay the charge and create their e-commerce store for their products Esty is also not a bad idea.

8. Does redbubble steal art?

Ans: No, According to redbubble, they only host your design and do not sell your design without providing royalty to you. Every time your design is used you will get paid a certain commission. But if some outsider people steal your art then redbubble cannot do anything in this case. For more details read the blog “ Someone is Infringing My Rights or the Rights of Another

While reading the Redbubble FAQ Answer list and finding this information useful then feel free to comment to us.

9. How much money do you get from redbubble?

Ans: Giving the exact answer to this question is impossible. Earning depends on the number of sales. But something is fixed if you continuously work on redbubble and your art is interesting, attractive, and meaningful then you may get a decent amount of money every month.

10. Is selling on redbubble worth it?

Ans: Yes sure, selling on redbubble means doing e-commerce business without any investment, and without investment, if you got a commission then it is worth it for you.

11. Is redbubble legit to sell art?

Ans: Yes, redbubble is a legit platform to sell art. It has a license to publish and rebrand your arts on behalf of you.  By the way, all the Print-on-demand companies is a legit companies according to their registration policy.

12. How do you get noticed on redbubble?

Ans: Notices on redbubble are the dream of all redbubble creators/designers. Without notice on redbubble, there is little or almost no chance of getting sales.  To get noticed on redbubble, you need to follow the following steps

  • Create a unique, interesting, and meaningful design (content is king)
  • Gives a proper, short and sweet title that defines your art ( google and redbubble  do not know your content without your description)
  • Gives proper and searchable tags
  • Describe your design in detail on the description

13. Are redbubble clothes good?

Ans: Quality depends on materials and budgets so before buying clothes from redbubble you must read the description of the products first.

14. Where is redbubble shipped from?

Ans: Redbubble shipped from various regions according to products. USA, UK Canada, Australia, etc are some common shipped locations for more details visit the shipped chart according to product types.

15. Do you have to pay taxes for redbubble?

Ans: According to redbubble

” Redbubble will not collect or pay taxes on your behalf as Redbubble is merely acting as an agent in facilitating the sale of your product to the customers.”

Source: Redbubble user Agreement

17. Do I need a business license to sell on redbubble?

Ans: No you don’t need a business license to make sales in redbubble. Redbubble has a license to make for you. Redbubble is like an agent for you that helps in selling your arts and reserves their base price and shares profit with you.

Some Unique Questions

On the Redbubble FAQ Answer list on this portion, we cover some unique question and answer as follow:

1. Which country has the most product sales in redbubble?

Ans: Redbubble has most of the traffic from the United State as shown in the figure below:

Redbubble web traffic
Redbubble web traffic

This data is according to a similar web in February 2022. As per this chart, redbubble got 38.51% of total traffic from the United States, 7.05% from the United Kingdom, and 4.55% from German, and gradually decreased.

2. Can we promote our redbubble store using email marketing?

Ans: Redbubble gives you a separate URL for your shop in the following format


This is your URL and you can do any type of marketing to promote this including email marketing.


3. How do I get to know whether my designer stuff is sold on redbubble or not?

Ans: You will get sold notification on your email and you can see the sales history from the sales history menu.

4. Do I need a forex account for opening a redbubble shop from India?

Ans: No, a forex account is not needed to open a redbubble shop from India.  If you have a verified  PayPal account or ACH (Payoneer also provides ACH bank account) bank account then you can join redbubble throughout the world.

5. If someone doesN’T buy my art product in redbubble then I get the money?

Ans: If you are asking this question as a creator/designer then the answer is No, to get paid your products must be sold. Redbubble only paid you the profit margin of products on which your art is used.

And if you are asking this question as an affiliate then the answer is Yes, redbubble has 30 days long cookies which makes your payment secure when someone reaches redbubble from your link and make an order within 30 days.

6. What kind of business type should I put on Paypal If I am selling stickers and t-shirt designs on redbubble?

Ans: There is no need to create a business account for selling arts/products on redbubble. You can use your personal PayPal account to get paid from redbubble. If still, you are willing to create a business PayPal account then you can choose the ” Arts, crafts, and collectibles” categories and select the suitable subcategories under these categories.

7. How to upload vector graphics on redbubble plz help me with examples?

Ans: Uploading vector graphics on redbubble is similar to uploading other arts. It is easy to design and customization of product looks. For this process, I have created detailed articles and you can check out ” Redbubble getting started with Products

In conclusion, Here we listed some useful questions related to redbubble with their answer (Redbubble FAQ Answer list) and which may solve your all queries related to redbubble. If you have still doubts or queries then feel free to comment on us.


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