Star Clicks Review – PPC Earning Site | Legit or Scam?

Star Clicks Review
Star Clicks Review

There are thousands of PPC sites in the market and it is really difficult to find genuine and paying one. Today we are going to discuss Star Clicks PPC earning sites (Star Clicks Review), try to explore whether it is profitable or not, and whether it is legit or a scam. If you want to know details about Star Clicks, how star clicks work, and the legitness of star click then please read this article line by line and feel free to comment if you have any queries and confusion.

Star Clicks is a PPC ( Pay Per Click) site where advertisers and affiliate partners can buy traffic through the PPC concept. They provide good and clean traffic. The advertisers can choose from various advertising packages and affiliate partners can choose from various affiliate programs. And the payment is received on daily basis through PayPal, bank transfer, and western union. Also, they accept payments through BITCOIN.

Star Clicks Review

Star Clicks review along with details are listed below:

Company: Easy Logic EU Limited

Joining Link: Star-Clicks.Com (do not forget to use Referral code “52603448” at the time of signup for a special bonus.

Website: Star-Clicks.Com

Joining Fee: Free

Types: PPC site

Skrill Required: No skill is required. Anyone with a mobile or laptop and internet connection can start earning.

Genuine: 100% Genuine

Earning Potential: Earning Potential depends on different member levels. To earn more, you need to upgrade your membership to Gold or Platinum membership.

Recommended: Yes for Unemployed and unskilled or working people having 30 minutes daily & No for the too busy and skilled person.

Benefits: Earn some extra money online but not help to improve CV worth.

Complete guide on Star Clicks

It is one of the genuine PPC sites but users need to upgrade their membership to reach their minimum payout threshold. In the basic plan, you are allowed to earn 0.10 or 0.11 per day which takes more than a year to reach the payout threshold. Indirectly the company wants you to buy their subscription and move to a paid membership then only you can earn some bucks that you get in your wallet. I am going to explain all the processes like how to earn money on Star Clicks, how to withdraw from it and details about star clicks membership in detail Star Clicks Review in different sections below.

How to earn money on Star Clicks?

Star Clicks offers small ads on their PPC section on which you need to click and wait for the full loading of the website and go back to the Star Clicks and repeat the same process until all the ads are wipeout from your dashboard. The whole process of clicking ads and earning rewards based on your activity is called PPC (Paid to click) ads. In PPC sites earning is limited per click, either $0.01 or $0.02 per click, which means you need to click 50 to 100 ads for earning $1 from PPC sites. Now discuss detail about PPC ads on Star Click in below:


In the PPC ads section, you can get a certain amount of PPC ads depending upon your membership. Star Click gives 10 or 11 PPC ads for free users. Each ad has a price reward of $0.01 which makes $0.10 or $0.11 per day. They promise to give $5 per day in their gold membership and $7.5 per day on Platinum membership. But to be genuine per day earning is affected by total PPC ads on their sites.

I personally found that gold membership users can earn $0.90 to $1.2 per day. Which takes around 40 to 50 days to accumulate $50 (minimum withdrawal limit) without referring people. If you are good to refer people then your earnings are high, e.g. for every paid membership, you will get paid 25% of what your referral paid. PPC ads are the major source of earning on Star Clicks but not the ultimate one. Please also check other earning ways below.

Referral Program

Second, earning method on Star Clicks is the Referral program. If you are good at inviting people and if your invite invests to upgrade the membership then a referral program is the best solution for you. By referring you can earn $750 per month if you can invite 1 person a day. Yes, it sounds difficult and I know inviting people is no easy task. If you are not active on social media and friend circle and do not feel easy to invite friends then you can continue to browse PPC ads and earn $1+ per day there is also another way to earn, that is the HTML code that I am going to explain below.


HTML Code is a manual script that publishers need to place on their website and earn per click on the ads display on their websites. The HTML code section gives short HTML code that you need to publish on your website and earn from clicks on your website too. While creating HTML code for their website publisher has the option to choose the number of ads, ads background color, border color, title color, and text color. It also has $0.01 per click with is similar to PPC ads on the Star Click dashboard.

Star Clicks Membership details

I am already told you guys about the membership above. Here I am going to explain all the membership in more detail. There are three plans Silver, Gold, and Platinum. All three plans are explained briefly on detail Star Clicks Review below:


The silver plan is a basic plan that every user gets instantly after registering in Star Clicks. On the Silver plan, users are limited to earning $0.1 to $0.12 and need to upgrade the plan if they want to earn more. In my opinion Silver plan is not a plan, it’s a trap to make upsell users to gold membership or platinum membership. Upgrading Membership also enables the automatic withdrawal option that users can withdraw $10 on their PayPal wallet or Bitcoin wallet every day after reaching the payout limit.


The first upgrade plan on Star Clicks is Gold membership. On Gold membership Star Clicks promises to give $5 worth of PPC ads per day. But the reality is different, the number of PPC ads available depends on the advertiser. Generally, PPC ads are worth $0.9 to $1.2 given to the Gold membership users. Gold membership users are also allowed to submit payouts weekly. HTML code earning is not available for silver membership and is available for gold and platinum membership only. They promise to give a 25% referral commission, detailed account reports, and online support on their plan.


The next upgrade plan on Star Clicks is the Platinum membership. One Platinum membership Star Clicks promises to give $7.5 worth of PPC per day. But the reality is different, the number of PPC ads available depends on the available advertisement. Generally, PPC ads are worth around $2 given to the platinum membership users. Platinum membership users have no payout request limit and no payout limit. HTML code earning and Web API access is available to platinum users only.

How to Withdraw Earning from Star Clicks

Star Clicks has various flexible withdrawal options. To get paid, you need to verify your phone number. Before applying to withdraw user needs to add payout details to the settings (Manage your payout settings section). Now let’s describe each payout option briefly on detail Star Clicks Review below:


The most popular payout option on Star Clicks is Paypal. It is the most convenient payment method for everyone all over the world. You need to submit your Paypal email address in Manage your Payout settings section and then you can request a payout while the minimum payout threshold is reached. Auto Payout is also available for PayPal but you need to buy either a gold or platinum membership to get an auto payout from Star Clicks.


The second most popular payout option on Star Clicks is Bitcoin. Bitcoin payout is fully decentralized and there is no country restriction on it. Anyone with a wallet address can request for payout. You need to submit your bitcoin address in the manage your payout settings section and then you can request a payout while the minimum payout threshold is reached. Auto payout is also available for Paypal but you need to buy a gold or platinum membership to get an auto payout from Star Clicks.

Bank Transfer

Bank transfer doesn’t have an auto payout option. But people who haven’t Paypal an account and are unable to receive crypto payment can use it. For withdrawing money through bank transfer users need to fill in some confidential information like bank name, bank country, bank city, bank address, account name, account number, branch code, and SWIFT code. All this information is given by the bank upon your request.

Western Union

If you have no Paypal account, no bitcoin address, and bank account then also you can withdraw your Star clicks earning through Western Union. Western Union withdraw option is enabling users to withdraw their earnings in their name only. You can collect your cash from the nearest cash pick-up point by submitting your identity documents like passport or citizenship.

Is Star Clicks a scam or legit?

Yes, it is legit and serving people for more than a decade. Though earning from Star Clicks is not significant but earning something instead of nothing is better and you need to spend only a few minutes per day to earn a small cake of money that helps you on your pocket expenses.


Finally, we can conclude that Star Clicks is one of the legit paying platforms. You can earn a few cents on your single clicks and also earn a decent amount from referrals and HTML code. Although Star Clicks is not the ultimate option to make money online and its earning potential is low, still, millions of users use it. Getting something is better than getting nothing in your free time. So, if you are free and wasting your time scrolling social media, you can try this platform. And if you want to know more about online money-earning apps, then check our other articles. And last, if you love this article, then please let us know in the comment section. We are always glad to hear from you. Thank You.


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