Top 24 Metaverse Coins To Invest In For 2022

Top 24 Metaverse Coins To Invest In For 2022
Top 24 Metaverse Coins To Invest In For 2022

Hey, Guys, Welcome to Meta Earn. Today I am here with a brand new article on Metaverse explaining Top Metaverse Coins To Invest In For 2022; I hope you like it. Most of us are well known about cryptocurrency but the word metaverse is totally new to us. Today we are going to explore some metaverse coins that have high potentials and will give you high returns in 2022. Most of us know that the word Metaverse is first introduced by Facebook but that’s not true. If you are eager to learn about the top Metaverse coins that will make you rich in 2022 and what’s to know more about metaverse then please sty with this article. Now, without further ado let get right into the word Metaverse.

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse word is new for us but actually, the word is not new to the whole world. The word metaverse is first coined by Sci-Fi Writer Neal Stephenson in his novel Snow Crash 1992 to describe the 3D virtual reality space. Neal Stephenson merge two words ‘Meta’ and ‘universe’ to create a metaverse and used it for virtual world life. Now in 2022 Metaverse is known by the network of 3D virtual reality-based games and social applications branded by the Meta Company (Formerly known as Facebook). Metaverse links our real world with the virtual world with some gadgets and enables us to do all the similar things that we do in our real world.

The virtual world is a technology-based copy of the real-world so, people needs everything that they need in real-world or real-world entities alternative. Let’s simplify this, you need costumes, land and gadgets for your virtual life that you can earn or buy through the Metaverse Coin. E.g. Decentraland (MANA) coin enables users to buy the land in the virtual world and also explore other’s land; this is the alternative to real estate in real life. Similar to MANA there are various coins that we can use in our virtual life and the price is increasing day by day. To enter the competitive virtual world we need to own some Metaverse coins. Here in this article, I will describe the top Metaverse coins to invest in for 2022 which has the highest potential. You can trade these coins for profits or store them for future use, the choice is yours.

Why Crypto Metavese is important?

Now let’s talk about your queries like Why is the Metaverse so important? What is it? Why is this something that you should care about? And then what cryptos should you be looking into next? So the crypto metaverse is an immersive virtual world where people can socialize, play games and work inside of the universe. So the metaverse is important because it can change the way we experience things around us. It can allow for people to have limitless possibilities not confined by the world. People right now are priced out of real-world things such as real estate. The housing market is insanely expensive and now people are looking towards digital assets because they’re seeing more opportunity in that space.

Within the Metaverse, what can you be doing in order to make sure that you are proactive? How can you stay early? How can you have your eggs placed in the right baskets for them to hatch and for you to earn some rewards? So this is actually going to come down to crypto games and we need to talk about crypto games versus Triple-A video games as well.

According to this definition here within the video game industry, Triple-A is an informal classification used to categorize games produced and distributed by midsize or major publishers. Triple-a games are known to be some of the most high-quality video games, and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between anything above that. So how do crypto games actually compare to the gold standard of the Triple-A games that exist today? Well, first of all, you can actually generate income while playing a game if it’s based on blockchain technology which crypto games are.

These blockchain-based NFT games also allow for you to purchase virtual land, in-game items and collectables to be traded on the open market. On top of that, players can also get real ownership within the gaming industry, wherein traditional games players really can’t purchase things and own them. It’s still owned by the actual central entity. So the reason why I play their own games are creating a positive impact is that it’s democratizing a revenue stream for individuals such as what we’ve seen with Axie Infinity, where other emerging economies have a more magnified financial impact.

The way that this worked was a few months back, even when the whole crypto market was going down. Axie Infinity, a metaverse related game, was the one that was outpacing the market. It was doing well when everything seemed to be crashing. Now, on top of that, we actually heard some amazing stories of people in less developed countries having these huge opportunities to make money in the market like you wouldn’t experience before.

Now a disclaimer before starting the article, you have to keep in mind that we are at new all-time highs in this crypto market. For the purpose of this article, I do also want to mention I don’t have any investments in these tokens during the time of filming this video. And when I do enter my positions, it will be after I published this content to avoid any pump and dump type of schemes that we’ve seen happen with other Social media influencers in the crypto space. Like, always make sure to do your own research as well and not follow blindly to anyone’s advice. This article is going to be an amazing place to start, and after watching this, I highly encourage you to do some more research on these projects before considering investing.

Top Metaverse coins to invest in for 2022

1. Decentraland (MANA)

The next crypto on this list is going to be Decentraland. Also known as Mana. Decentraland isn’t Ethereum powered virtual reality platform, wherein in this metaverse you can actually purchase land that you can use to flip, build on and monetize. Decentraland is one of the first and most established multiplayer role-playing metaverse games and is one of the fastest-growing crypto-based virtual games in the world. Within this, there are only ninety thousand parcels with thirty-six thousand parcels dedicated to community districts.

This means, just like in the real world, the land is limited. It’s a. The resource that’s scarce and one of the fundamental drivers of the value of Decentraland today, each piece of land can be purchased with MANA and is represented as an NFT with its own unique digital signature to showcase proof of ownership with this asset. In order to purchase land in the game, you would need to hold some mana first. Now, if you still don’t really understand Decentraland or Mana, or even the principles of being able to buy NFTs within a metaverse, just think about it like this. If you’ve ever played Fortnite if you’ve ever played a war zone if you’ve ever played League of Legends and you went ahead and bought skin at using cod points using real U.S. dollars, that type of skin you own in the game isn’t actually yours.

Whenever you make a purchase in the Metaverse or you help mint a new design, a new skin, a new piece of art, you essentially have ownership for that, and that money’s not going to these big corporations. It can go right back into your wallets. People who love video games often get told, Hey, stop wasting your time playing video games, you’re going to go broke, you’re not making money. That argument isn’t really going to exist in the near future when metaverse really seems to roll ahead and people are able to monetize their hobbies as well.

What’s even more fascinating is that once you get your own land, you can create other interactive systems, such as opening your own art gallery with NFTs or creating a casino, which is also paying real people to staff the virtual job. You can also develop games and even have your own music venue and clubs to have other people pay to enjoy DJs and concerts through their avatars. So year to date, the NFT market cap has grown by over one thousand seven hundred and eighty-five per cent since two thousand twenty-one, with even more celebrities and larger companies entering the space.

Now, with all those benefits, there are still some disadvantages that you should at least be aware of. After playing the game. For me, the interface did feel a bit clunky, and not only that, but the player interaction felt pretty disengaging as well, and I definitely felt as if I was playing a game with Decentraland that came out from the early two-thousands. You do also have to keep in mind constant upgrades are being made, though, and Decentraland is not crypto that is going to blow you away with life-changing graphics and user experience. But it’s a project that has been around since the beginning of the statement of Metaverse, and Decentraland is still among one of the major players in the metaverse world.

When you have large institutions, even like Grayscale right now investing in the project, I’m very confident long term that this is still going to be positive growth to anyone’s portfolio. While the fundamentals and investor backing are top tier for this project, we also need to understand tokenomics and technical analysis to get a good idea of its entry.

Founders went ahead and created wealth for themselves in the community by increasing the utility of Mana throughout Decentraland and implementing burn mechanisms to increase the value of the token. Now going down, they actually state more about how the burn had actually occurred back in 2020 August, and you’ll notice that the team has done a great job of making sure that it is still very equitable in terms of the economics of this project. They say at one hundred men are burnt for every avatar name claim, and even during that time, over nineteen thousand were claimed, which resulted in almost two million mana being burned.

Now, at the time of writing this article, Decentraland is currently sitting at $2.76. So if we were to compare Mana at a (four point two billion)- change the market cap to a similar game like roadblocks, which is currently at $5.08 billion, we could see an  If you are interested in purchasing Decentraland, you can find them available in different exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, Huobi and more.

Decentraland Overview

Symbol:  MANA

Current price: $2.76

Market Capitalization: $5.08 Billion

Launched Date: 2020

2. Axie Infinity (AXS)

Axie Infinity is the play to earn video game that shards AXS and SLP(Smooth Love Potion). AXS is one of the best potential projects in the market and it gives good returns to its holders. In the initial phase, Axie Infinity has a price below a dollar and now its price is around $71 after touching its all-time high price of $ 160 in Nov 2021. although graphics is not so much impressive Axie Infinity is one of the most loved games in the world. They are regularly upgrading their features and now they have one decent interface and outlook as compared to back in 2018.

The year 2022 is the big year for Axie Infinity players, battle V3 is going to launch. We are going to see major changes in their outlook and graphics on V3. I am really excited about the upgrade and the price will be raised after the upgrade. There is no doubt that AXS price their all-time high price soon because it has potential. In the first quarter of 2022 AXS ecosystem, is begins with Governance and play to earn features along with the Land Gameplay.

And the main thing which makes Axie Infinity outstanding is their ultimate goal. Axie Infinity plans to develop their single ecosystem including different applications like Social networks, Marketplace, Games, NFT in a single place. I found Axie Infinity is a complete program after its full development. AXS is not fully developed but still has one of the top-grossing Mataverse tokens, imagine guys, what happen to the price of AXS tokens after the completion of their roadmap as per the plan.

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The Axie Infinity Overview

Symbol: AXS

Current price: $ 71

Market Capitalization:  $4.34 Billion

Launched Date: 2018 (But token started in 2020)

3. The Sandbox (SAND)

The next coin on the list of Top 20 Metaverse Coins To Invest In For 2022 is The Sandbox. So this crypto here is actually very similar to the mechanisms of Decentraland. And if I were to compare this to Decentraland, I would imagine this game to be a much more modern and refined version of our last pick. Simply put, Sandbox is a gaming platform that allows users to create their own world. Sandbox was originally made to be a mobile app game and was even rated one of Apple’s app stores Best of 2012, and once they were acquired in 2018 and given blockchain-based protocols, we’ve seen this game get taken to the very next level.

If you invested $1000 in sand a year ago, you would have $105,400 today. The Sandbox is a 3D open-world metaverse where players can create the world using NFTs. The land inside the Metaverse is bought and sold on NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea. Players can design their avatars to access different games and environments in the sandbox metaverse. The Sandbox is like a limited Minecraft server where people can own the land inside the game and trade it, flip it, build projects on it; or rent it out to companies for advertising. Sand has seen explosive price action over the past month, seeing the protocol 10X to over $8 through November.

At its peak, recent price action is seeing a sell-off back to $4.19. But this still leaves sand up over 500 per cent in the last three months. The announcement by Mark Zuckerberg that Facebook would be shifting its focus to the Metaverse is undoubtedly the main reason that sand skyrocketed so fast. Sand also released its sandbox alpha, the first version of its Metaverse, which was a milestone for the project that had been building for many years. 

Next year, there are expected to be more updates and perhaps even the release of the Sandbox Beta, which will allow people to play the game openly for the first time. One of the biggest threats to sand is that regulators will judge that it’s a security and not a currency. This is a danger for most altcoins until they get cleared by the SEC. Right now, bitcoin and Ethereum are the only ones that have been, but for a game that’s tokens are used to buy and sell land. This may be a bigger issue. Time will tell. It also faces more competition from competing metal verses such as Decentraland and smaller ones cropping up right now. 

While I think that the crypto gaming market has overheated recently and may have some more consolidation in the short term as early investors take profits. Overall, crypto gaming in the Metaverse appears to be going mainstream already, and I think the sand can reach $25 to $30 in 2022.

The Sandbox Overview

Symbol: SAND

Current price: $ 4.19

Market Capitalization: $3.89 Billion

Launched Date:  2021

4. Theta network (THETA)

Theta is a decentralized video delivery network used by popular companies Creative artists agency and Sony. This is one of the fast-growing Metaverse tokens whose current price of $4.20. This network going to launch the TDROP  token on Feb 1st which is an NFT liquidity mining token for ThetaDrop. Theta network has many upcoming projects which will pump the price of Coins and NFTs based on the Theta network. The main focus of Theta is on data storage, transaction and data handling. There is a total of 1 Billion supply of THETA tokens and the THETA gives more than 4000% return to their holds till the date. Though there is a minor correction on price since the last 6 months I think Theta soon cross its all-time high and set a new all-time high price soon.

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The THETA Overview

Symbol: THETA

Current price: $4.20

Market Capitalization: $4.16 Billion

Launched Date: 2019

5. UFO Gaming (UFO)

The next high potential metaverse crypto project is the UFO Gaming coin, its price is $0.000016 right now, which is too low as compared to other competitors in the market. UFO Gaming is based on the Ethereum blockchain and is one of the strongest projects with a very low price right now. As per my study UFO Gaming is in its bearish phase and definitely gives you high returns with more than 100X after a year. UFO Gaming is already listed on multiple popular platforms and you can buy easily from there. KuCoin,, Uniswap, etc are the market exchange from which you can buy UFO Gaming tokens.

While selecting a Metaverse token we must consider all the necessary features that any coins platform offers like NFT, blockchain, Virtual Land, virtual assets and more. A complete ecosystem makes any platform strongest among its competitors, and I found all the necessary features in UFO gaming tokens. If you buy UFO gaming right now and hold up to the end of 2022 then you definitely get huge profit.

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The UFO Gaming Overview

Symbol: UFO

Current price: $0.00001

Market Capitalization: $267.48 Million

Launched Date: 2021

6. Enjin (ENJ)

Next Best Cryptocurrency To Invest In for 2022 is Enjin. If you invested $1000 in Enjin a year ago, you would have $16,800 today. Enjin is one of the faces of crypto gaming in the Metaverse and aims to make it as easy as possible for companies, individuals and brands to mint and manage their own NFTs and games and other use cases they may have as well, Enjin is an Ethereum project that uses its native token to back the value of NFTs generated in its ecosystem.

The Enjin software kit is one of the most advanced and allows game devs to include NFTs in their games easily. Enjin is like Windows for crypto gaming. Sure, you could go alone and figure out everything yourself and write your software. But most companies will instead save a lot of time and money and use the Enjin SDK instead. Enjin has risen from lows of 13% a year ago to highs of over $4.5 during November. Its short-term price action has been bearish, dropping around 50% from all-time highs as crypto gaming consolidates after its parabolic runs through November. 

The most significant event for Enjin in 2021 was the crypto gaming bull run of Q4, triggered by Facebook’s pivot to the Metaverse and renaming the company to Meta. This caused a wave of attention to flow into the space, causing thousands of investors to jump into Enjin. Enjin has also secured many valuable partnerships and released new updates as well. Enjin is one of the top cryptos in one of the fastest-growing sectors in all of crypto, which is crypto gaming. That is going to be the biggest catalyst that it has in 2022. Like how does NFT sometimes surge when the rest of the market is dipping? I think that Enjin and crypto gaming will finally start to go even more mainstream next year, and that is going to lead to an increase in demand for it.

Even if the market is somewhat bearish at times, a long-term Enjin doesn’t have many future threats. Crypto gaming in the Metaverse is here to stay, and it’s only going to grow more robust; and Enjin is the leader in its field, making it one of the safest bets in crypto, in my opinion. Well, it’s certainly important to plan your exits and entries into Enjin accordingly. Overall, if you’re a long-term holder, I think Enjin is still a solid bet, with most of its gains left to be made.

The Enjin Overview

Symbol: ENJ

Current price: $2.25

Market Capitalization: $ 1.93 Billion

Launched Date: 2018

7. Wilder World (WILD)

Now, the next on this list, at a two hundred and eighty dollars million market cap, we have a wilder world. So the wilder world is definitely an even riskier play just because of how small the market cap is, but I wouldn’t sleep on this project just because it’s on many people’s radar.

While the world wants to create an immersive 5D universe built on Ethereum and powered solely by NFTs. Now imagine a. Project like Grand Theft Auto or need for speed, where you can race other people using vehicles that are your own NFTs that you build that have abilities through that metaverse. How cool would it be if the car that you minted was something that you could use to beat others, take their cars and then continue to build your own empire while also getting real estate, getting more art and making real money?

Now, all the while the world has a long way to go, I do believe if they are able to complete their roadmap, this can still be a very successful pick long term as well. Virtual worlds in Decentraland games are at the forefront of the next crypto revolution and are poised to continue growing as space matures. Given the fundamental structures of social consensus around the world, valuing real estate and an all-time high in the current rate of inflation that we’re seeing in this economy, I expect the space to be dominated and we are still very early into it now.

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The Wilder World Overview

Symbol: WILD

Current price: $2.44

Market Capitalization: $211.14 Million

Launched Date: 2021

8. Solana  (SOL)

The next rapidly growing Cryptocurrency that gives you a high return is Solana. Solana is one emerging Blockchain platform that hosts scalable and decentralized applications. It is known for the fastest transactions per second with low transaction fees. Many people also named Solana an Ethereum Killer. And most of us already know the potential of Solana by observing the previous growth in 2021. In 2021 SOL price increases more than 12,000% and has the potential to give good returns to its investors in 2022 also. As per our research, SOL is one of the youngest crypto coins with the highest potential to grow. Solana is not only a coin; it is an ecosystem of blockchain that developed to overcome the demerits of the Ethereum blockchain. 

Both Solana and Ethereum have Smart contacts, essential features to run Decentralized Finance (Defi), and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Many people prefer Solana over Ethereum because of its transaction speeds of 50,000 transactions per second, and the average transaction cost is $0.00025. Ethereum can proceed with 15 transactions per second with a high transaction fee, and Ethereum transaction fees touched $70, which is the all-time high record in 2021. SOL is the 5th largest Cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of $61.59 B.

If you invested $1000 in SOL a year ago, you would have $109,240 today. Solana says it’s the fastest blockchain and crypto now, and its transactions cost less than one cent. This has caused a rapid growth of projects in its network in 2021, with over four hundred on its layer one protocol as of right now. Solana has achieved immense speed using its proof of history consensus mechanism instead of proof of work or proof of stake used by competitors currently. Proof of history, time stamps transactions, and uses less energy, making it the cheapest and fastest available solution. Overall, it’s a highly complex system that sacrifices some decentralization for lower costs and increased speed. 

Solana’s longer-term price action over the last year has been nothing short of astronomical, soaring over one 100X over the past three months; Solana has ended up almost exactly where it started, with a big run-up to the mid 200s in between. The biggest narrative for Solana in 2021 has been the ETH killer narrative that calls SOL’s price to surge from $40 in August to a high of over $250 just three months later. Recently, former first lady Melania Trump released her charity NFT collection on Solana due to the low fees. This trend has been happening more over the past few months as more celebrities and influencers decide to launch on Solana due to almost no gas fees compared to Ethereum. Solana is one of the only altcoins that have experienced significant run-ups in 2021.

Heavily based on fundamentals and looks likely to continue that trend into 2022. The biggest threat to SOL moving forward is undoubted that it is viewed by many as the most centralized layer one due to its heavy reliance on the Solana Foundation. I think Solana can reach a high of $1000 in 2022 at the peak of the bull run as it moves out of its current accumulation period.

The Solana Overview

Symbol: SOL

Current price: $135.38

Market Capitalization: $42.24 Billion

Launched Date: 2020

9. High Street (HIGH)

Another best Metaverse Coins To Invest In For 2022 is HIGH. High Street is a Binance smart chain project which allows everyone with their open-world metaverse environment. Binance Launchpool 28th project is a HIGH token and you can earn HIGH tokens just by staking BNB in the balance vault. HIGH token sales start in 2021 October and right now within a few months, its price is going to $ 6.92 after making its all-time high price of $40.26. There is Binance behind the High token so it will definitely pump up when Binance promotes their token.

High Street is going to launch an MMORPG game that has excellent graphics and can link our physical and digital world. High Street has its own marketplace that links our physical and digital world. Currently, the HIGH token is listed on Binance, Pancakeswap and Uniswap, you can buy from these platforms as per your convenience. You can use HIGH token for in-game access, in-game currency for special items, use in Highstreet marketplace and more. As per the nature and uses of the HIGH token, if you hold it till the end of 2022 you will earn more than 100x profits.

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The High Street Overview

Symbol: HIGH

Current price: $6.92

Market Capitalization: 85.33 Million

Launched Date: 2021

10. Illuvium (ILV)

Now, the next crypto on my list has a more amplified risk to reward ratio, and this crypto is illuvium. So illuvium is one of the first Triple-A open-world fantasy battle games built off the Ethereum blockchain. The way this game works is that there are creatures known as Illuvials who can be captured by players and used to battle and compete against one another. The cinematics, storyline and graphics of Illuvium look absolutely phenomenal to me, and if we compare this to the legacy of what Pokémon did for all of our generations, this could really be huge, with blockchain-based elements being implemented and players being able to earn in-game achievements, which results in real money being made and also participate in the governance of this game.

This may have all the elements of what the next big crypto game could be. So what makes this project so unique? And this is the fact that Illuvium is a fully 3D environment designed by world-class artists to make it feel like it’s a real Triple-A game title. So I would compare Illuvium over to Axie Infinity just because of the many similarities that they share.

They both have a strong gamified Defi element, but Illuvium seems to have much more potential in the market, in my opinion. So Illuvium is currently sitting at $746 at the time of writing this article. They have a market cap of $479.72 Million and a total supply of seven million ILV. Just one year ago, they were priced at fifty-five dollars per token, and right now it is currently still at over $ 700. If we were to compare the market cap of Illuvium, which I believe is a more enhanced version of Axie Infinity, which is still pretty underrated. You could find a 12 X on your investment right now, so there’s a lot that goes into the tokenomics of Illuvium.

And I believe Illuvium has some of the healthiest economics for the crypto project. Illuvium circulating supply will remain constant until March 2022. The senior management for this project has to lock their tokens in for an additional two years, as long as the hype within these projects stays constant. And we see many developments being made and we also see bitcoin continuing to accumulate slowly to the upside. I’m confident that projects like this will make you a ton of money as well.

The Illuvium Overview

Symbol: ILV

Current price: $ 746.23

Market Capitalization: $ 479.72 Million

Launched Date: 2020

11. Efinity Token (EFI)

The next big metaverse crypto project is Efinity. Efinity is the cross-chain NFT blockchain developed by the Enjin ecosystem. Enjin is a gaming platform that exist in the market since 2009 with more than 20 million gamers. Efinity is built on a Relay chain of Polkadot with an independent framework, data, economics and state. EFI solves the issues that arise while creating NFTs on other networks by its multi-chain NFT ecosystem. Efinity tries to build a highway for NFT by focusing on token creation, not on fees and charges. EFI works on Proof of Work (PoW) that makes it easier to claim NFTs by miners so here in the Efinity ecosystem not only the NFTs creator but also the miner can get profits.

In the future, Efinity accept any other tokens from other chains by using the cross-chain bridge. It is the common hub for both Non-fungible and fungible tokens. If we talk about the scalability of Efinity, it has medium scalability with 1000 TPS and 6 sec block time, which is lower than Avalance and Solana but far better than Etherum and Binance smart chain. After knowing all these features it’s time to make the decision for the future.

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The Efinity Token Overview

Symbol: EFI

Current price: $ 0.7533

Market Capitalization: $ 128.10 Million

Launched Date: 2021

12. Somnium Space (CUBE)

The next Metaverse project that will give you a high return in 2022 is Somnium Space. Somnium Space is a virtual world metaverse project based on the Ethereum blockchain. On Somnium Space users are able to buy land, build their NFTs, explore and trade their NFTs. Somnium Space offers a CUBE token as its native token which is the ERC-20 token in the Somnium Space ecosystem. Users can able to purchase virtual property using a CUBE token and also use it in any in-game purchase. Cube Token current price is $5.95 after its all-time high at $ 25 in October 2021. Somnium Space is best according to its graphics and gameplay. And I am sure if you hold the CUBE token up to 2022 end you will get huge profits on it.

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The Somnium Space Overview

Symbol: CUBE

Current price: $5.95

Market Capitalization: $49.42 Million

Launched Date: 2021

13. IoTeX (IOTX)

Blockchain technology has transformed the world. It has changed the way we trade, settle insurance claims, invest, pay taxes, and even vote. In the coming years, we will see the introduction of more blockchain-based platforms, which will solve many of the problems that plague our society. One such platform is that of IoTeX. Today, we are going to do a review of their token, which is the IoTeX metaverse token (IOTX).

IOTX token price right now is $0.1158 which is far away from its initial value of 1 cent per token. In November 2021 IoTeX reach its all-time high value which is $0.235 and it will again raise and cross the previous all-time high value soon. IoTeX stands for Internet of trusted things and builder team located at Silicon Valley. Many renowned and qualified teams behind the IOTX token some of them are engineers, researchers, and operators from big companies like Google, Facebook, Uber and more.

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The IoTeX Overview

Symbol: IOTX

Current price: $ 0.1158

Market Capitalization: $74.89 Million

Launched Date: 2019

14. Meta Hero (HERO)

Meta Hero is another blockchain game that has come out in the market, and it has a lot of interesting features. One of the most interesting aspects of the game is that you get to have your own hero. You can customize it, and you can also use it to fight other players who have customized their heroes. This blog will review the game and look at some of the important aspects of the game.

We all know Meta hero is a multi-universe brawler game that is developed by the same company behind the notorious all-time successful battle arena game known as Dota 2. While this game has received a lot of hype from the gaming community, their expectations from the game are more than any other video game in the industry. This is because the game is said to be the next big hit in the gaming industry and the first MOBA game to have a true potential to break into the mainstream gaming industry. Because of all these reasons, I am listing Meta Hero here because I am sure you will get huge returns if you invest in Meta Hero.

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The Meta hero Overview

Symbol: HERO

Current price: $ 0.09526

Market Capitalization: $ 489.52

Launched Date: 2021

15. Alien Worlds (TLM)

Alien Worlds is a new NFTs based play to earn metaverse game that is set to open the doors of the virtual world to all players, rather than limiting it to those with large bankrolls. All gamers will be able to earn in-game and real-life gear and items through completing missions and quests. Players can also trade their in-game currencies on the Blockchain, which provides safety and security for both parties.

Alien Worlds builds a cross-chain bridge that helps the users to teleport Trilium (TLM) between WAX, Ethereum, and BSC. The game Alien Worlds has the storyline of 2055 and beyond where Alien contracts us through a bitcoin mining algorithm. All the concept used in Alien Worlds is fictional but according to their presentation and graphics, it will have great potential. TLM token pump to $6.8 just after it launched and now its value is below a single dollar. Though Alien Worlds is a futuristic game So we can expect reasonable gains in their TLM token in near future.

The Alien Worlds Overview

Symbol: TLM

Current price: $0.1545

Market Capitalization: $142.60 Million

Launched Date: 2020

16. Blockchain Monster Hunt (BCMC)

BCMC is a multiplayer RPG game on which you need to catch/hunt the monster. Blockchain Monster Hunt is an NFT game where players can freely travel the world, catch monsters, fight with monsters, also allow to breed and sell monster kids. BCMC operates in multi-chain by the in house cross-chain technology. Multiple chain integration enables users to join and play BCMC games according to their convenience by joining through either Ethereum blockchain, Polygon, Moonbeam, Avalanche or Binance smart chain but basically, BCMC is an ERC20 token.

This feature can allow the player to exchange their assets with other chain players also. Since it is in the development phase and now Q1 of 2022 is running and I am sure that it will be profitable metaverse coins. You can invest as per your own studies, I do not suggest to invest but you can earn some tokens and NFT by playing games. In future, you can sell your collectables with a good profit margin if the BCMC growth is going as per the developer’s team plan and strategy.

The Blockchain Monster Hunt Overview

Symbol: BCMC

Current price: $0.5925

Market Capitalization: $14.36 Million

Launched Date: 2022

17. Red Fox Labs (RFOX)

Metaverse RFOX is another metaverse project that has huge earning potential. Red Fox Labs offers RFOX token which powers all the red fox labs ecosystems. Users can use RFOX tokens for trading fees, in liquidity pools, for creating NFTs and all other in-game activities. Red Fox Labs build and Brand their project as a borderless Play to Earn metaverse project. RFOX coin is traded in multiple trading platforms like KuCoin,, Uniswap (V2), Uniswap (V3), Hotbit and more. Though they are traded still RFOX ecosystem is under development and soon launched with its full potential.

RFOX is so far from its starting in 2018. In 2018 RFOX foundation is registered and in 2019 they built and prepare for upcoming technology changes in tokens and games. In Aug 2020 they launched their first edition of RFOX games after that simultaneously they launched their sites, start beta testing for token development. They continue to build their ecosystem by developing games, finance, valt, media and NFTs. They are planning to build a multichain support system for their ecosystem in Q2 of 2022. I think this is the right time to invest in an underdeveloped system if you see the potential in it. I am here to suggest only, all the decision is yours so think properly and invest.

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The Red Fox labs Overview

Symbol: RFOX

Current price: $0.07772

Market Capitalization: $101.49 Million

Launched Date: 2018

18. WAX (WAXP)

WAX is a platform that gives a complete solution to launch NFTs for companies or brands. WAXP provides various services among them Games, Marketplace, NFT services suite, exchange, and WAX Cloud wallet are some prominent features. you can earn WAXP tokens by playing and earning features on their NFT based games. They are also known for their eco-friendly blockchain, WAX is a carbon-free blockchain that works on Proof of Stake (PoS). So far on their roadmap, they just started their Altcoin support bridge in June 20211 after that they launched the NFTs services suite. Now they are working on WAX cloud wallet 3.0 as WAX products which are significant steps on their roadmap. Top brands like Capcom, Funko, Topps etc have already collaborated with WAX for their NFTs creation and management.

After completing its roadmap, I mean after the completion of the whole WAX ecosystem there will be a big hike in the price of WAXP tokens. WAXP token price is underrated in my personal point of view. You can buy WAXP tokens from different platforms like Binance, Upbit, HitBTC, etc and generate a good return on your investment. If you don’t want to take risks, you can collect some free tokens just by playing games on the WAX ecosystem.

The WAX Overview

Symbol: WAXP

Current price: $ 0.3632

Market Capitalization: $ 694.04 Million

Launched Date: 2017

19. DEAPCoin (DEP)

DEAPCoin is launched with the concept of blockchain-based new generation entertainment and technology. PlayMining, NFT Marketplace by DEP, DEAPcoin and Trading Card Battle Game are the services and products managed by Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. Playmining is one of the leading NFT based gaming ecosystems in the GameFi industry. DEAPCoin is one of the first play to earn tokens in the metaverse world that launched in May 2020 and Now the platform has more than 2 million players from more than 100 countries.  DEAP Coin can be used in DEA bank, digital art auction and in-game access. DEP is already traded on multiple platforms like Uniswap, Apeswap. Bitgloble, OKX, Bittrex, Hotbit etc and given significant returns to their holders since its starting. And still, it has high potential to give huge profit to their users.

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The DEAPCoin Overview

Symbol: DEP

Current price: $ 0.03211

Market Capitalization: $ 116.36

Launched Date: 2019

20. Star Atlas and Star Atlas DAO

Now, the 20th crypto on my list is going to be a Star Atlas. I’m very excited about this game because, unlike the others, this project is built over on the Solana blockchain, which has been absolutely crushing it this past year as a layer one solution in transaction fees, speed and reliability. Star Atlas is a futuristic space exploration game where players side with factions to create civilizations and intergalactic economies. In addition to that, players can use the Atlas token where they can buy and sell in-game assets to mine resources, buy equipment and battle in various gaming scenarios in deep space.

Now, for me personally, I have loved anything related to outer space. I was a huge Star Wars fan growing up, but one of my favourite movies is also intergalactic and actually seeing the graphics of this game, really made me so excited to be knowledgeable in this space.

Now, Star Atlas is set to take place in the year 2620, and if I were to choose one game to play, this would probably be it the roleplaying aspect, and game mechanisms of space exploration and dominating other territories has always been one of my dreams. Now I can do it legally within the appropriate confines of the Metaverse. Star Atlas uses state of the art technologies to create stunning visuals and very impressive gameplay to not just be a Triple-A level MMO, but a universe where players can truly do whatever they want and make money doing it as well.

Star Atlas is already thinking of real-life economic principles such as insurance and taking dangerous missions or lending money through jet protocol, which is also one of Solana’s top Defi lending protocols. During the time of writing this article, Star Atlas is at 15 cents, and even in the last year, we haven’t seen that huge explosion as we’ve seen with other metaverse and crypto gaming projects. So Star Atlas is currently sitting at 15 cents at a three hundred million dollar market cap. And to be honest, I do wish the tokenomics was a bit better for this project. The retail allocation is low, and there’s a possible token unlocked before the game actually releases, and the allocation for the Star Atlas team is at 30 per cent, which is quite high compared to most other projects in the space.

Now I do wish the roadmap was a bit more clear in their presentation on exactly what they have coming up now. Granted, Star Atlas is really early into the space, and it might be a bit too early for us to really know what may happen at the moment. You can actually play the full game and we really don’t have an idea of if this game will be anything like they teased in the trailer. I do want to mention I would consider this a much riskier and speculative investment until we can see some real gameplay and have a definitive answer on the quality that they’ve promised to their users.

On the off chance, this is overhyped speculation. I don’t want you to put your entire life savings into cryptos like this or anything at all until you do your own research now. With that being said, if they are able to accomplish that roadmap and make their promises come true, this means we’re still very early in the development of this game and this is a huge opportunity in the space that you don’t want to miss out on as well.

The Star Atlas Overview

Symbol: ATLAS

Current price: $0.06361

Market Capitalization: $ 137.29 Million

Launched Date: 2021


The Star Atlas DAO Overview

Symbol: POLIS

Current price: $3.61

Market Capitalization: $ 77.88 Million

Launched Date: 2021

21. Mines of Dalarnia (DAR)

The first project on the list is Mines of Dilarnia, ticker symbol DAR, and it has an eight hundred million circulating supply and about 15 per cent of that has been released. And this project launched in twenty twenty-one and has a current market cap of around two hundred and seventy-five million dollars. It’s an action-adventure type game that combines the dungeon game genre with mining. Two tiers of participants of the game miners and landowners. Miners are players who are either mining a dungeon in the land they own or in rented land and renting is done using the game’s token DAR, which is used for all purchases in-game, as well as the game’s DAR token. Miners will be able to mine minerals or different tiers from different levels of dungeons and different types of dungeons.

The game is still in its net alpha test phase, and it plans to be released sometime in Q1 of 2022. Now, why do I like this game? I think it has a great passive income potential because you can not only rent your land, you can mine on your land to earn DAR tokens. Not only can you mind DAR, but you can stake the DAR that you mine on different planets, adding even another layer to passive income. And the reason why I like this, even more, is by staking your DAR, it’s going to lock it up, which will decrease the supply and hopefully increase the demand.

I like all of the passive income layers in this game because the utility, I think, is really going to make people stick around. And the last thing about this project is it will have land sales sometime between now and the end of the year. So be sure to keep your eyes out for that as well.

The Mines of Dalarnia Overview

Symbol: DAR

Current price: $1.21

Market Capitalization: $ 149.61 Million

Launched Date: 2021

22. GODS Unchained (GODS)

The next big Metaverse project for 2022 is GODS Token. GOD Token is the native token of GODS Unchained which is one of the top play to games in the system. It has really interesting features that make it an amazing game. You can play it for free and earn. It is actually moved to immutable X which is a really great layer 2 scaling solution for NFTs on Ethereum.

GODS Unchained is one of the pretty good games with high graphics and utility, So there will be a big explode in GODS Unchained as similar to other gaming platforms like Axie Infinity and others once as seen before. They are planning to launch their mobile app in the first quarter of 2022 which is one of the big events that will definitely pump the price of GODS tokens. With GODS token you can actually craft NFTs, you can purchase Packs, it would be used for governance, and you can actually even earn it through play to earn through the GODS Unchained.

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GODS Unchained Overview

Symbol: GODS

Current price: $3.13

Market Capitalization: $ 74.14 Million

Launched Date: 2021

23. Netvrk (NTVRK)

Next on the list is Netvrk, ticker symbol NTVRK., and it has a market cap of one hundred and twenty-one million. So it’s a smaller market cap and a circulating supply of one hundred million. Now thirty-one per cent of its tokens have been released and this project did launch this year. This game gives you the ability to create in-game assets to be minted as NFTs and already has multiple partnerships with blockchains such as Void, Sidus Heroes and so many more. Now, the token itself will be used for all in-game purchases, buildings, land and the land parcels themselves are actually being currently sold now.

Netvrk Overview

Symbol: NTVRK

Current price: $ 2.15

Market Capitalization: $ 69.67 Million

Launched Date: 2021

24. Equilibrium Games (EQ)

Last on the list, the next potential metaverse project and my favourite project on the list is Equilibrium Games, ticker symbol EQ, and it launched in October 2021 and has a market cap of just under 20 million. Now, this project only has one hundred million tokens and 50 per cent of these have already been released.

So I expect the value of this token to really increase as the utility of it goes up as a mobile feature that’s going to be launched sometime in Q1 of twenty twenty-two and it’s going to be an MMO RPG similar to World of Warcraft or League of Legends, and that’ll be launched at the end of 2022. Now they’ll also have land for sale, and that land will have passive income features. One of those features is where owners of the land will get taxes from people that kill monsters on that land.

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Equilibrium Games Overview

Symbol: EQ

Current price: $ 0.4482

Market Capitalization: $ 24.18 Million

Launched Date: 2021


Now I want to know what metaverse projects are you currently invested in or which ones are you looking at from this article? Let me know in the comments below. And if you do like articles about making money online, be sure to bookmark and subscribe to our page for the new articles coming out every single week and definitely check out my other articles too. Thanks for reading guys. Stay safe out there, and I’ll see you next time. Now let’s wrap up the Top 24 Metaverse Coins To Invest In For 2022, if you find this information useful then please let us know through comment. We are always happy to hear from you. Thanks for reading. See you all in the next article. Bye-Bye. Take care.


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