BuxInside Review. Legit or Scam PTC Site?

BuxInside Review
BuxInside Review

BuxInside is one of the best PTC sites that gives actual cash just by viewing advertisements. Similar to most of the PTC sites BuxInside also offer their services to Advertiser and PTC worker. So, BuxInside is the common PlatformPlatform for advertisers and PTC earners to fulfil their needs. This PlatformPlatform is also featured on the third number of our previous article with the title “Best Paying PTC Sites Without Initial Investment“. In the previous article, we collect the top 15 platforms that are similar to the BuxInside. Now let’s get into the BuxInside Review;

One of the genuine PTC sites (till the date of this article written) paid to their clicker by various options like AdvCash, Paypal, Coinbase, Payeer, PerfectMoney, AirTM, Neteller. The minimum Withdrawal from BuxInside is only $2, which is easier to reach by clicker. It has a theme of “Get Paid, Every 10 Seconds!“. Now Without making any delay, let’s move to the main topics.

What is BuxInside?

BuxInside is a typical online community for advertisers and PTC earners with various advertising and earning opportunities. On the BuxInside Platform, you will earn money by referring new members also. Like other PTC sites, its scheme categories on different memberships like basic, insider, expert, VIP, and legendary. Benefits and opportunities are more when you move from a basic to a legendary membership package.

BuxInside Review

Review of BuxInside along with details are listed below:

Company: Bux Inside LTD.

Founder: Mr Marian Gabara

Founded: 2014

Joining Link: BuxInside.com

Websites: BuxInside.com

Joining Fee: Free but have some charge to upgrade your plan.

Joining Bonus: NA

Headquarters/Registered Address: Cardiff, CF14 8LH, United Kingdom

Types:  PTC sites

Payout Option: PayPal, AirTM, AdvCash, Coinbase, PerfectMoney, Neteller, Payeer

Minimum Withdrawal: $5 for basic, Insider & Expert membership; $2 for VIP & Legendary membership

Skill Required: Almost no Skill is required. ( You need your device, some free time with the internet for earning through the BuxInside PlatformPlatform)

Genuine: 100% Genuine

Earning Potential: Earning potential is depends on task availability. More tasks are given to the developed country, and minimum tasks are available in Southeast Asian countries. People make decent earning using this PlatformPlatform…

Recommended: Recommended for all who want’s to earn some extra bucks while they are free.

Benefits: Such earning PlatformPlatform never added value to your resume but gives some extra bucks that help your living with financial freedom.

User Rating of BuxInside :

While doing the BuxInside review, we must consider user review and rating also. User ratings on the different PlatformPlatform are listed below:

On Trustpilot: 3.2 Stars out of 5 Stars


  • Free To join
  • Decent Referral commission
  • Multiple payout options
  • Available worldwide
  • Multiple options for earning
  • Membership plan to boost your earning


  • Low Earning Potential
  • For high earning, you need to buy paid membership plan
  • At least one deposit is need to Withdrawal your earning

How to join BuxInside?

To join Buxinside, type www.buxinside.com in your browser or search BuxInside in google and then go to www.buxinside.com sites. In the top right corner of the page, you will find the register and login option. Register option for new members and the login option is for registered members as shown in the figure below:

BuxInside home page
BuxInside home page

Joining Process

Step1: Go to the URL www.buxinside.com or search BuxInside in your browser and go to www.buxinside.com. In this phase, you will see the dashboard shown in the above BuxInside home page figure.

Step 2: Click on the register option. You will move to the account registration page as shown below: Here, you need to select your username, provide your email, input referral code if any, choose your currency, select your payment methods and enter your birth year. After filling in this basic information, you are ready to register your account. After registration, your password is mailed to the mail that you provided in the registration process.

BuxInside registration page
BuxInside registration page

All Ways to Earn Money on BuxInside?

After joining BuxInside platforms, your main task is to earn some extra income that supports your living. On BuxInside, there are various options to make money, and some of them are briefly described here.

Paid Surveys

There are various surveys available on Buxinside platforms, but your access is limited to take part in surveys according to your demographic, gender, age, hobbies and other things. First of all, you need to fill your surveys profile, and the surveys are given to you according to your profile. If you provide any wrong information or try to use VPN, then BuxInside suspends your account. So, be genuine and earn some cash from Buxinside.

Paid Offers

Paid offers include simple tasks like play games, answers quizzes, sign up to websites, download apps and more. Offers are the primary source of earning on Buxinside. You will get detailed instructions along with each offer that helps you to complete offers correctly. Sometimes you need to fill in your financial details, bank details, card details as per the nature of the tasks offered.

View Ads

View ads are the standard way of earning on almost all paid to click websites. On BuxInside, you have two types of ads that paid you. One is paid ads, and another is fixed ads. While earning on viewing ads, you have to click on ads and wait for specific seconds as per platform requirements and make a small commission on it.


BuxInside runs a contest and gives some bonuses to you. On the contest, buxinside gives a cash bonus and other prizes like gadgets, gift cards and more.

Referral Earning

Referral earning is a common feature on almost all earning platforms. You will get a lifetime of 5% to 10% of your referral. Which is the decants earning if you have large networks of people.


In conclusion of BuxInside Review, we found that BuxInside is a Legit PTC Site. Although earning from PTC sites is very low, you can make some bucks that support your living. This article will learn a full BuxInside review along with pros, cons, joining process, and all possible earning mechanisms.


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