6 Best Ways To Make Money From Your Phone 2024

Make Money From Your Phone
Make Money From Your Phone

Today, we’re having a look at real ways to make money from your phone. Sure, you can make a few pennies here and there, answering surveys, watching videos, but I know that you can do a lot better than that, and you can make some more money doing some actual work from your phone. So if you’re ready to find out how then let’s begin.

6 Best Ways To Make Money From Your Phone

Here while discussing make money from your smartphones, so information is matched with our previous article. Still, here in this article, we explain all the ways in the content of mobile phone user’s perspectives. Now let’s move to our first point.  

1. Fiverr.com

So the first way is Fiverr.com; Fiverr is a freelancing website. Now, you may be asking how I will make money on Fiverr if I have to go on the desktop to utilize it? There is a little workaround. It might be a little bit more challenging to do it from your phone, but you can use the desktop version on your phone. But there is one specific way for you to do this now. Make sure you are offering services that you can do from your smartphone.

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How to open Fiverr Seller Account Using Smartphone?

Now I will explain how you can set up a seller profile using the desktop version on your phone. Using desktop view is a great way to get started because if you start working and start making money online, you can save up to buy a laptop. And this can help you scale up your business. You know, give it time and do the work.

There is a Fiverr app available in android and iOS versions, but I am not suggesting using that because of limited features. But what I’m going to teach you is I’m going to show you a trick on how you can get the desktop version on your phone. OK, so you first want to make sure that you download the Google Chrome app on your phone. So right now, we’re on Google Chrome, and you want to type in Fiverr.com, you want to click on Go, You will see the following layout.

Make Money From Your Phone using Fiverr
Make Money From Your Phone using Fiverr

You will see open an app on the top but ignore it by clicking the cross on the right side of it. Then you will see three dots on your browser; click there and open fiverr.com in desktop mode.

And now, while you have the desktop site, you can sign up as a seller using this. OK, so once you click on join, this will pop up, and you’re going to sign in with Google, with Apple, or with your email so you can create an entire account this way.

Make Money From Your Phone using Fiverr
Sign up on Fiverr

And this is going to work as if it’s on a regular desktop. So you want to fill everything out, and you want to create Fiverr gigs depending on what you want to do.

Some Idea on how to work on Fiverr using Phone

  • So here’s one idea; You can go ahead and use the free Canva app on here and can design some flyer’s thumbnails, social media posts, and things like that right from your phone. You can offer to create Pinterest PIN, and you can do all of that.
  • Another one that you can have a look at is Lightroom. So Lightroom does have a free app that you can download on your phone. And this is also a photo editor. So you can edit photos on here, and you can offer that type of service as well.

2. Online Tutoring

Next is online tutoring, and you can take online tutors from your phone with an app like the Palfish teacher -English tutor app. Now, this app is designed for people who want to practice English. So it’s more like a conversational type of teaching. And you will be doing this through video or voice chat with other people trying to learn. OK, so you do set your price. You create your lessons and make full use of your time.

So if you’re good at tutoring and teaching people, then this one can be good for you. You can also use the app talking, and you can tutor whatever your native language is. If you do speak two languages or more, you can go ahead and become one of these tutors as well.

Now you can become one of their teachers. If you are a teacher and you have a teaching certificate. If you don’t, you become a community tutor. And that is how it works. Scroll down to the official website and become a teacher to check if your language is open. So before applying, you have to check and see if your language is available. Here it would be best if you mentioned you as a professional teacher or a community tutor. Then you need to prepare a video introduction just so that people can get an idea of who you are, pretty much your personality. So this is another idea to make money from your phone.

3. Virtual Teaching or Live Sessions

TaskHuman App

So the following way to earn is being a virtual coach. Now, the first talk about the TaskHuman app; this app right here is for wellness coaches. So if you’re a fitness instructor or a yoga teacher or anything like that, you can become a coach on this app, and they will connect you with other people on the app paying for your services to virtually coach them one on one. So this is one on one coaching, pretty much.

Now, if you don’t have any experience with coaching, that’s fine. Now, I do have another option for you. But first, let’s go ahead and look at how much the coaches make on test task humans. So the average task, human coach, hourly pay in the United States.

It’s twenty-six dollars and 2 cents per hour. So that is pretty good for anyone who was a coach on this app. And this is the task human app. And this is for anyone who is a yoga instructor or a wellness coach of any type.

Symposium App

And now you can also get paid for coaching and to teach people other things by going live. And you can do that with an app called Symposium. So you can do that from your phone. The Symposium is for anyone who wants to teach absolutely anything going like; for example, if you are a guitarist, you can teach people how to play the guitar. You can be doing that live on Symposium.

The cool thing about this is that you will charge your price per person who attends your line, which is pretty awesome. And the app takes care of reminding people what classes they sign up for and everything. So you don’t have to keep up with that and notify your people. And this one’s pretty cool if you are somebody who’s trying to do YouTube or go live and teach things, but you’re not getting paid for that.

For example, if you like cooking or makeup tutorials on your phone, you can just set this up. So this is their app. They do have a 4.8 out of 5 rating, which is good. And like it says here, you live stream, you earn, and you get paid. All right. So this is pretty cool. You set your price. The app is going to take a percentage of that. This one is a symposium, and you can get paid to go live.

4. Flipping’s Items

So the following way is by flipping items from your phone. For example, you can flipbooks from your phone. So there is one app that will let you do that. This one is Book Scouter. You can buy and sell any books on here, mainly textbooks, so you can go to your local thrift store and find books and also start scanning them on this app and seeing how much they’re worth.

If you have any college books, you can sell them right on here. They have a used book and textbook price comparison engine that helps you search and compare real-time offers from over 30 websites that buy that book and sell your used books for the most money using simple steps. This app helps you buy and sell books, which is incredible—so flipping items, for example, flipping books.

You can also do the same with vintage clothing. If you have any vintage clothing, you can go ahead and flip your vintage clothing using Depop App. It says Buy, Sell, Discover Unique Fashion, and you can use the depop app on your phone as well. All right. So this works pretty much the same with the other apps. So you can check your local thrift store, your local goodwill, and you can list the items on here for sale. Using Depop is another way to make money from your phone by flipping some vintage items on here. But this one’s pretty cool because you can go down to the thrift store. There’s a bunch of stuff there, and see what you think would sell on this app.

5. Selling Your Photos

So the following way is by selling your photos from your phone. There are a few apps that you can use for this. This one right here is called Foap, and you can sell your photos. If you know how to take outstanding pictures from your phone, you can upload them here to Foap and try to make some money this way with the Foap app as well. Foap app has a 4.5 out of 5 ratings.

Now, out of all of these, this is probably the one that’s not going to be too exciting because you’re just going to go out and take photos and then upload them here and then just kind of wait and see if anybody wants to buy them. But they do work with other companies; for example, they partner up with Getty Images, which helps you sell even more of your photos. Like they say here, you do need a PayPal account for this, and it’s free. So if you have nothing to do in your spare time, you can take some photos and Make Money From Your Phone.

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6. Affiliate Marketing

So next, I want to talk about TikTok affiliate marketing. You can make money on TikTok using affiliate marketing, and you can do this from your phone. So TikTok is an excellent way. You can do this right from your phone, and you can sign up for various affiliate offers on your phone. So let’s go ahead and take a look at some examples and some ways that you can do affiliate marketing from your phone.

Right, my friend. So first, what you have to do is pick a niche. So just like any other platform, you should be choosing something specific. For example, dog training, woodworking, anything that’s super-specific just so that people can find you. If you’re doing a mix of content on your page, it’s not going to work. Your followers are going to be kind of confused.

For example, make a video related to dog training and behavior. You can do an affiliate marketing of related products like “Brain Training 4 Dogs Review” which you can quickly found on the click bank affiliate program. Here I am giving the example of ClickBank only, but you can use other affiliate networks in similar ways too. 

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While talking about 6 Realistic Ways To Make Money From Your Phone 2024, we can conclude that you can make decent money with the help of your phone only. It is not compulsory to have a laptop for generating online money, though having a computer increases your earning limit. Still, you can earn using your mobile phone only. If you have any confusion or queries, then please comment to us. 


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