Earn money by sharing products | Secrets of Affiliate Network

Earn money by sharing products
Earn money by sharing products

Earn Money by sharing products and sound goods but before starting to earn you must have some basic idea of product-based affiliate marketing. If you are looking to earn money by sharing products and when the user clicks on them, then you are in right place.  Here we are going to reveal the secrets of Affiliate marketing with some best product-based affiliate networks.

How does Affiliate Network/Marketing work?

The whole affiliate system is built by the active participation of seller/creators, affiliate/publisher, and consumer. Major steps in working of affiliate marketing are

  1.  In the affiliate system, the first seller or creator makes their products live on a platform like Amazon, Clickbank…
  2. Affiliate or publisher generate their links and write short reviews or details articles on these products and spread over the internet through the blog, social media posts, Pinterest, and many other platforms
  3. Finally, Consumer gets notified about such products through social media and review sites and they buy the products according to their interest.
  4. The commission is allocated to the affiliate or publisher according to the commission rate and policies by affiliate networks.

If you are going to earn money by sharing products then you must have to know about some of these product-based affiliate networks.

1. Amazon Associates: Largest Affiliate Network

Amazon Associates is just the other name for an amazon affiliate program. This program is run by the world’s largest eCommerce company Amazon. This program gives you an easy monetization option for your blogs and websites. Besides the blogs, sometimes you can promote Amazon products directly on social media like the Facebook page, Pinterest, and many more platforms. When someone buys from your affiliate link you will get a commission for these sales.

All we know is that Amazon is the largest e-commerce platform so here affiliates can promote any products that are related to their niches and generate maximum earnings.


  • Most Trusted Affiliate Network
  • Huge collection of products
  • Low payment threshold ( $20 for Payoneer)
  • Commission Earn from non-promoted products also ( 1-day cookie time: affiliate earn a commission for any products that buy by customers within 24 hours after clicking your affiliate links)
  • Onelink feature to globalize your earning opportunities
  • 100% safe and reliable


  • Low Affiliate commission ( somehow 4% to 10%  according to categories)
  • Short cookies period as compared to other affiliates program
  • Does not support the world’s popular payment gateway PayPal
  • Delay in payout due to Return Policy (Payment held by Amazon until the end of the return period )


2. eBay Partner Network: 4th  Largest Affiliate Network

eBay Partner Network is an affiliate program run by eBay. It is also one of the Earn money by sharing products platform run by the world’s fourth-largest eCommerce platform. eBay pays for driving traffic and promoting its products in the digital world.


  • Huge selection of products
  • It supports the PayPal payment system
  • Consistent and Fast payment processing ( Payment processed on the 22nd of each month)


  • Difficult to get approved as a partner program as compared to other similar websites
  • Low commission rate

3. ShareASale

It is another Earn money by sharing products platform, I mean another affiliate program for generating passive income. ShareASale is a part of Awin: Global Affiliate Marketing Network. It is a common platform for merchants, agencies, and affiliates.


  • A large network of merchants provides a wide selection of products
  • Relatively high commission rate the Amazon and eBay. ( Commission rate 10% to 40%)
  • Easy for Affiliate joining
  • Highly Professional and trustworthy platform for merchants and affiliates


  • Time-consuming process because affiliates must get approval from each merchant to affiliate their products
  • Little time consuming to perform well on this platform

4. ClickBank: Oldest Affiliate Network

ClickBank is one of the oldest and leading retailers and affiliate marketplace. This platform is slightly different from other affiliates’ networks by its large focus on digital products and these days it also covers some physical products.


  • Huge collection of digital products for various niche
  • Details Statistics and report for Affiliates and Seller
  • Free and easy affiliate registration
  • High commission range (sometimes it goes to 90%)
  • Numerous Payment options
  • Quick and consistent in payment


  • Difficult to choose the best-suited products for your audience
  • The email support system is comparatively slow the other affiliate program

While exploring the ways of Earning money by sharing products, you make various queries related to online earning then read this article:  Top online earning related frequently asked question with answer

5. Rakuten Marketing Affiliates

This affiliate network professionally links both publisher and advertiser. This network is started in 1996 for a LinkShare purpose which makes this the oldest affiliate network. After 2005 it was acquired by Rakuten and rebranded as Rakuten Marketing.


  • No Joining charge
  • Advance and friendly Control Panel
  • Responsive and active rotating Banners
  • Advance support tools


  • No PayPal Payout option
  • No fixed payment schedule ( depends on advertiser)

In Conclusion, here we discuss 5 famous affiliate platforms to make money online. If you should follow their terms and condition and have some knowledge of SEO and marketing you can make a significant amount of passive earnings from these sites. Here I reveal Secrets of Affiliate Marketing earning and I am sure you can make money by sharing their products.


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