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Zero Investment eCommerce Business
Zero Investment eCommerce Business

Is it Possible to start an eCommerce business with zero investment & Zero Experience?

Ans: It sounds strange but  Yes, you can start your own eCommerce business with zero investment and experience. Teespring is the best platform to make your dream live.  Starting your own eCommerce business without investment is easy with Teespring. To learn everything about Teespring read this article carefully.

What is Teespring?

Teespring is a common eCommerce platform where everyone can sell their creativity without investing any penny. Yes, this is a zero investment eCommerce business opportunity for you. Teespring is founded in August 2011 by founders Walker Williams and Evan Stites-Clayton from Providence, Rhode Island, U.S. Its headquarters are located in San Francisco, California, U.S.

How does Teespring Work?

According to Teespring, it is a free platform (Zero Investment eCommerce Business) for all that lets you create/ design, and sell more than 50 kinds of products without investing your own money. The benefits of using the Teespring platform are to eliminate upfront costs or risks. In this platform, everyone turns their idea and creativity into products, brands, and businesses.

Teespring Working Module


Teespring allows you to create products and let you collect profits. The rest of the things like marketing, make sell, order delivery, and customer support are managed by Teespring itself which is clearly shown in the picture above. In this way, Teespring gives you the opportunity of an eCommerce business startup with zero investment.

After knowing the working model of Teespring we are going to know how to start with Teespring.

How to start with Teespring?

Sign up/Login

Sign up link:

Login link:


Teespring Signup Process


The above signup page is open when you are going through the signup link. On this signup page, you need to enter your name or brand name, email, and password and click on signup after filling captcha as shown in steps 1 to step 4.

The next step after signup is to log in to your account and start your eCommerce business with zero investment. The following login page is shown when you click on the login link.


Teespring Login page


On this login page enter your email and password and proceed to log in.


After login, you will redirect to the following dashboard. on the top left of your dashboard, you will see “your email” and “start designing”  menu as shown in the image below:


Teespring Dashboard

After clicking on the “start designing”  menu, you will move to the products selection page for your design where you can design your products and launch your own eCommerce business with zero investment risk.

Products selection for design

On this page, you need to select products for design. Here you have multiple products option and choose the best you like to design and send for marketing by Teespring. For example, I am selecting a Face mask from trending products.


Start designing by selecting


After selecting products you will move forward to the products design tools as shown below:

Products design tools

In design tools, you will be able to add an image to your products, text to the products, and check it’s a preview. You can also choose the color of the product as per your choice. Here in Teespring, you do not have a definite knowledge of photoshop to design products. Teespring makes it easy for you.


products design layout


After adding images of no “COVID-19” and “Get lost” text our products look like the preview shown below:


add image and test on products


After designing you need to choose the title for your products, description, and URL(auto recommended by Teespring) and then be able to publish your listing. At the time of publishing, you can change the price of your products, and just below the price box, you will see how much profit you will get on this item.

products design finalize

Your Teespring store

After Publishing your products you will see the product page as shown below from where customers make an order and you will get a commission on each sale.

your design Teespring products page

After publishing the products you need to go to your storefront and add your listing in-store and design your store as per your requirements and finally launched your eCommerce Business with Zero Investment.

your Teespring store



Some extra FAQs about Teespring

Q. 1) Can you make money from Teespring?

Ans: Yes of course you can make money from Teespring. You need to design a unique design that is loved by people and also you have some marketing knowledge. You can read the success story of Tan Tran in “How Tan Tran become a Teespring Millionaire in just 2 years

Q. 2) Is Teespring a legit platform?

Ans: Yes Teespring is a legit platform that serves the market since 2011 and its head office is located in San Francisco, California, U.S.

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Q. 3) How much do you get from Teespring?

Ans: You will earn money from Teespring if you are a good designer and have some marketing knowledge. Still, it is difficult to say how much you will earn from Teespring. Earning amount may vary from some hundreds of dollars to a million just like Tan Tran’s success story in Q. 1

Q. 4) Is Teespring worth in 2022?

Ans: Yes, no doubt Teespring is worth it in 2022. After the corona pandemic, we know that eCommerce platforms are growing and it will directly increase the sales than the previous year. But this is not mean that you do not need to work hard. You must work properly and get a result that drastically differs from the previous years.

Q.5) Is redbubble better than Teespring?

Ans: Both the platforms are similar (Zero Investment eCommerce Business launching platform) and designers can create accounts on both of these platforms and increase their earnings. But when we talk about a better one we must consider the earning potential on these websites and in my point of view redbubble is better. on redbubble, you have a high chance of getting organic sales because it has millions of organic traffic.

Q.6) which is better Shopify or Teespring?

Ans: both are e-commerce platforms but their nature is different. And in Shopify, you need to invest some money on a period basis ( monthly or yearly charge) but Teespring offers free service. and Shopify helps to sell your products by setting up your store and Teespiring helps to create your products and sell them. In my point, If we are not interested to invest money in e-commerce then Teespring is the better choice.

Q. 6) Do you need PayPal for Teespring?

Ans: Yes you need PayPal but PayPal is not the only one payment option here. You can use Payoneer too.


In Conclusion, you can start Zero Investment in your own eCommerce Business and Earn Money Online with Teespring. Here we describe all the things how you signup and start designing and earning money online step by step. if you love this article and want similar articles in the future then feel free to comment on the comment section below:

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