11 Free Earning Apps by Google | Direct and Indirect Earning

Free Earning Apps by Google
Free Earning Apps by Google

Earn money online is a journey, and Google is one of the big stations on this journey. If you are willing to earn money online and not learn how to use Google tools on your journey, you never earn or less earn online. So you must learn about these 11 free earning apps by google to boost your online earning.

When I started this journey about two years ago, I did not know much about my online internet journey. Just as I went on doing things, I kept getting things, and I kept getting results. In a situation, in today’s article, I am going to tell you 11 such Google earning apps and websites from my experience, from which you can earn directly or indirectly, and you can grow your business.

If you want side income, you can do that, so ideally, this video is for everyone. Students, working professionals, housewives, because of the available opportunities, people think that this is the only way to earn money from Google is blog and YouTube, it is not like that at all.

11 Free Earning Apps by Google

There are many different revenues which you are ready for the people, and then it is necessary that you also have to learn all those things and start working. So friends, let’s start this article, and I am not just telling you about the name; I will explain each Free Earning Apps by Google in short and sweet.

1. Google My Business

First Free Earning Apps by Google is google my business. Google My Business is now such a platform from where I think people are earning millions of dollars. Many of you are already know about google my business, and most of you also use it. If you are going to start a new business, Google my business is the opportunity for everyone, either you are a student, or you are a housewife, or even you will start a tuition business. You can google my business to scale your business.

Now is the time to know how people use google business and earn money. For this, let’s talk with an example; when you search about tuition centers near you, you will get results similar to the image below:

On the search page, Google shows the google my business registered business to your location. On this business, you will easily get the location details, contact details, website and business opening hour, along with customer review. This feature helps you to drive traffic to your business and ultimately scale up your business. You can do the same and earn money no matter the size of your business.

Registration is free in google my business, and you can easily create your account or log in with your Google account and make your business live within a few minutes. If you need the detailed process of how to use Google My Business, then please comment us.

2. Google Translate

Now our second Free Earning Apps by Google is Google Translate. Okay, friends moving forward, let’s talk about Google Translate; now, many of you must be thinking that how to earn money from Google Translate? Google translate is only a translation tool where you can translate the language. But friends, many such people in the world do not do all their works by themselves and only focus on their main works. These people delegate their works to freelancers through different platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and other freelancing websites.

You can search by yourself by going to Fiverr and search translation works, and there you will find hundreds of gigs for translation jobs. For translation jobs, you can choose any language you love, and little knowledge of this language is sufficient to start translation jobs. Translation jobs pay rate varies according to your skills. First, you need to offer your services at minimum cost and build good profiles by getting good clients’ reviews. Once you build your profile and you hike your rate and earn sufficient money. Many professional translator charge more than $50 per translation jobs and people gives time works based on their previous work track and customer review.

All you need to invest is time only; translation is free by google, and the work searching platforms are also free. You can create your profile now and start seeking translation jobs from now. If you need more details about the whole process, then please comment on us.

3. Snapseed

Our third Free Earning Apps by Google is Snapseed. Snapseed is a photo editing app by Google. You can edit people photos and earn money. Similarly to translation jobs, you can search for photo editing jobs on various freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour etc. For earning money using Snapseed is need some skills in photoshop also. If you increase the brightness and vibrancy of the photo, then this does not look like a professional. So, first, you need to learn Snapseed properly and then offer your services on freelancing websites. Snapseed is one of the best opportunities to earn money for those who have photo-editing skills or are interested to learn photo editing.

4. Google Opinion Rewards

The next Free Earning Apps by Google in our list is Google Opinion Rewards. Most of you already know about the google opinion rewards, and some are unknown, so I will tell you about google opinion rewards from the begining. Google started to google opinion rewards for documents translation, survey filling and more similar tasks. All people need instant earning methods; most people do not have a passion for holding for profitable long-term works. So, too many workers on google opinion rewards and tasks are less available in a short period, leading to a shortage of tasks and low earning for taskers. Those who join in the initial phase get daily works and earn decent earning, but now it isn’t easy to get work and earn a decent amount.

If you are an online earner, you know the reality, and we should not rely on a single source of earning. Join as much as earning platforms that you can and earn a large amount in total sum. So, I still suggest you join google opinion rewards because it is free, and you can create your profile within a few minutes; if you get work, then okay otherwise, you have nothing to lose.

5. Google Task Mate

The next Free Earning Apps by Google is Google Task Mate. It is nearly similar to google opinion rewards, but you find more varieties of tasks than google opinion rewards. Google task mate is in its beta testing phase, and it is a micro-task website just like Toloka Yandex. Take part in the survey, take photos, translate etc., are some sample tasks available in google task mate.

Access to the Google task mate app is limited to some people only, and you need a referral code to join the google task mate platform. But one user can only invite three people after unlocking the referral feature after reaching platinum level. This app is going to launch soon, and then anyone can join this platform. After launch, the condition of google task mate will be similar to the google opinion rewards because every people needs instant earning methods, which increase the competition among the tasker.

6. YouTube

The next Free Earning Apps by Google in our list is YouTube. Now YouTube will be such a famous thing in 2024 that there is no limit to it. In today’s date, YouTube has not been less than any celebrity because its engagement has increased significantly compared with 2014-2015. In today’s date, big movies have launched their trailers on YouTube, or even big movies are also available on YouTube, or you can launch your short films also.

YouTube has become the largest video sharing platform social platform and has more than 2 billion active users. So, YouTube is one of the biggest opportunities to earn money online, but the thing is not so easy; you need to create quality content that delivers value to your viewers. No anyone with anything can earn money from YouTube, so first, you need to prepare yourself, prepare your plan and start working on YouTube. If your content is popular on YouTube, you can generate millions of dollars per month, but it all depends on your content. If you need details about how to earn money from YouTube and become successful in your YouTube career, please comment to us.

7. Blogger

Another Free Earning Apps by Google on our list is Blogger. Most people know that we can earn money using Blogger and YouTube. Most people already earning using Blogger is a 100% free platform that gives you the blog hosting service and the .BlogSpot subdomain. Blogger is maintained and owned by Google LLC and offer google AdSense for monetization of your traffic.

I am not telling more about bloggers because most of you know how to work on Blogger and earn from Blogger. If you are a beginner, you can visit “Success Tips For Beginner Bloggers Who Use BlogSpot“, which will help you in your blogging journey.

8. Google Map

The next Free Earning Apps by Google on our list is Google Map. There are no direct methods to earn money from google Maps as similar to google my business, Google Translate, google docs, snapseed, but you can earn indirect ways. Make your business live in Google Maps and guide your customers easily to your business, increasing your services/products sales. And another way to earn money using Google Maps is to find the business on Google Maps, check their traffic, seo and overall website, and offer SEO, run ad campaigns to gain traffic to such business. It is a less effective way to earn money but still works, and I am doing this in my initial career.

9. Google Docs

Google docs are the online alternative of Microsoft word. You can easily create docs file, excel file, presentation in google docs and share with you family and friends. Many people need help on their academic projects; you can offer writing, presentation, data analysis, jobs on Fiverr, Upwork like freelancing websites and earn money by completing jobs using google docs. I am not telling more about the use of google docs because if you are working in online earning, you already know about it. And if you want to know more about google docs, please comment; we will write a detailed article on google docs on your demands.

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10. Google AdSense

The next Free Earning Apps by Google in our list is Google AdSense, and It is not an earning app; instead, it is an earning management app. Google AdSense manages the earnings you earn from your blog and YouTube and release the payment after reaching the minimum earning threshold. But forget to monetize with Google AdSense; you need to meet some criteria. You need to reach 4000 hour watch time, and 1000 subscriber counts in the last 12 months for YouTube. In the case of blog/website, your monetization eligibility is public by Google. Still, they need at least 25 to 30 unique posts that deliver values to the readers and sometimes this criterion is ever higher than 25 to 30 posts according to niche and competition. Instead of using Google AdSense, you can run a Google ads campaign to drive leads to your business generate more sales.

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11. Google Admob

Now the last but not least Free Earning Apps by Google in our list is Google Admob. It is also not an earning app. Instead, it is an earning management app. Like Google AdSense, Google Admob is also used to monetize, Adsense is used to monetize your youtube channel and website, and AdMob is used to monetize your mobile app. All we know is that mobile internet users are more than web version; so there is a high potential of earning using google Admob monetization in your mobile app and games. If you want to create apps and earn money from google Admob in detail, please comment to us.


These are the 11 Free Earning Apps by Google form, which you can earn Direct and Indirect. All these are the trusted ways to earn money online, so why not try from today? All these apps are described briefly here and need to know more details about anyone, then please comment to us.


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