Best Money Making Apps for Students

Best Money Making Apps for Students
Best Money Making Apps for Students

Most students want to make money during their studies, but they didn’t know how to crack the loops. No one guides them on how they make money while studying. Many such applications help the student earn cash. By using those applications (apps) students cannot rely on pocket money from their parents. If they have a smartphone, then they can easily make good money by use of it. In this article, we discuss the top money-making apps for students. Here, we go.

Note: The application (apps) discussed in this article are based on user reviews. These applications are popular, as well as, authentic to earn. Before doing any task on these applications (apps), you can also do some research so that you must understand more about the application.

The Best Money-Making Apps for Students

1. NotesGen

It is one of the best applications for actual notes. In NotesGen, you can sell your handwritten notes or the handwritten notes pdf. With the help of this application, you can both learn and earn. You can find all types of content on this platform from syllabi to test presentations, Skill development certification to the course material, and much more.

NotesGen is one platform for students, Teachers, and Institutes. 

How to make money from NotesGen?

If you are a student and have to make good notes of your lecture class, then you can sell your note in NotesGen. You can upload your notes by registering on Notesgen. If someone buys your notes, then you can get money.

Also, you can invite your friend by the link, and when your friends sign up on Notesgen you can get some money from NotesGen.

Payment: PayPal, Paytm Wallet, and Bank

Download: Available for IOS, Androids

Best For Buying and selling handwritten notes.


  • Students can easily make money by selling their hand notes.
  • Simple and user-friendly.
  • Payment reliable.

For more detail, Sign up Now: NotesGen

2. mCent

mCent is a recharger Browser, where you can earn INR(₹) 199 in free talk time and data by just browsing the internet. It is one of the simple ways of earning money. If you want to earn money online, this is one of the best ways to start.

The mCent browser is similar to any other browser app, and you can earn rewards simultaneously when you use the mCent browser.

How to make money from mCent?

mCent browser rewards you with points when you use its browser on the internet. And the point you can use to get free mobile recharge. There are several ways to earn points in mCent such as searching the internet, searching websites, and reading news articles.

Also, if you invite your friend and family and if they install the app and register on it, you get +5000 points for each install of the app and registration.

Payment: PayPal, Paytm Wallet, and Bank

Download: Available for IOS, Androids

Best For Buying and selling handwritten notes.


  • Very easy to earn money and anyone can do it.
  • Best for those who want to earn money online.

3. GigIndia

GigIndia is a popular earning app for those looking for work-from-home jobs, Part-time jobs, or Freelance jobs. In this app, you found the different small-scale gigs that you can do on your time.

There are many companies like Amazon, Paytm, PayU, Tata, Reliance, Swiggy, etc give Gigs on the GigIndia. If you once download GigIndia then you easily found the job as your requirement.

How to make money from GigIndia?

You can earn money from Gigindia by doing internships and micro-jobs that you found in the GigIndia app.

First, you download the app and choose a contest for whom your suit, then the algorithm helps you to find the required gig as your choice. Also, you get amazing rewards in Gigindia.

If you are featured on the Gigindia wall, then it is a higher chance of earning money. The more gigs you do, the more you earn.

Payment:  Paytm Wallet, and Bank

Download: Available for Androids

Best For Work-from-home jobs, Part-time jobs, or Freelance jobs for students.


  • Students can easily earn money.
  • Million +Gig workforces.
  • A trustful platform for earning.

4. SquadRun

It is also one of the best apps for the remote sales workforce. With the help of Squadrun, you can do the task at your flexible time from anywhere.

There are thousands of brands who collaborate with the Squadrun such as Delhivery, Razorpay, Upsotx, Edelweiss, etc to provide jobs.

How to make money from SquadRun?

There are thousands of people who earn good money from SquadRun. You can find thousands of tasks in their App. If you have successfully done the task, then you are rewarded with a coin that you exchange in the form of money.

Payment:  Paytm Wallet, and Bank

Download: Available for Available for IOS, Androids

Best For Remote sales workforce.


  • Easy and user-friendly.
  • Money on a per-task basis.
  • Earning by playing.

5. Lemonop

It is the 1st job app for freshers in India. If you are a student and searching for part-time jobs, then Lemonop is the best application (App) that helps you to find jobs.

Lemonop collaborates with more than +750 companies and these companies used the Lemonop platform to hire talented freelancers for gigs. This includes Zomato, HackerEarth, MTVUp, Underman, Dunzo, Yourstory, Flipkart, Inox, and many more.

If you are skillful and have free time, then you can earn by doing gigs in your passion area. Thousands of students earn good money with the help of Lemonop.

How to make money from Lemonop?

The earning is very simple. First, you can sign in, then build a profile, and choose the work based on your interests, hobbies, and skills.

If you search for gigs in the Lemonop app, you found the gigs that are posted by the owner who needed a freelancer to complete his/her gigs. If your interests, hobbies, and skills match then you get a task.

As the client’s requirement, if you finished the task, you get paid at the end of it. 

Join the

Payment:  Paytm Wallet, and Bank

Download: Available for Available for IOS, Androids

Best For Remote sales workforce.


  • Varieties of gigs in one platform.
  • Plenty of opportunities for students and for those who search for part-time jobs.
  • Find jobs as your passion.

6. Google Task Mate 

It is the best-earning app launched by Google LLC. It is a micro-task website that rewards you with cash if you complete the task. The company offer tasks like survey questions and answer, translating local language from different foreign languages, photo taken of nearby businesses, and many more.

You can find mostly two types of tasks in Google task mate. One is sitting tasks and another is field tasks. In sitting tasks, you have to do tasks like translating languages, recording sentences, and transcribing sentences, and in-field tasks, you have to do tasks like taking photos of nearby businesses.

How can you earn money from Google Task Mate?

Earning money from Google task mate is very much easy. If you complete available tasks, the company paid your earnings through your bank in your local currency. You can find both tasks; available tasks and nearby tasks. You can choose work as your interest and skills.

Payment: Bank

Download: Available on Androids only

Best For Micro Task

Scam or Legit: 100% legit

Joining Requirements: You need an invitation code from google to join Task Mate


  • 100% legit.
  • You can easily find the micro-task.
  • Getting a star rating (bronze, silver, gold, and platinum.

App Download Link: Task Mate App.

For more detail Read; Google Task Mate Review | How to Make Money From Google Task Mate.

In conclusion

We discuss the best money-making apps for students. If you have time and want to make money, then go through the above apps. These apps do not make you rich but they help you not rely on pocket money from your parent. If you have any queries and want to share your earning journey, please comment to us in the below comment box.


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