Crypto60sec Review- GameFi Metaverse Seccoin Earning Site | Legit or Scam

Crypto60sec Review
Crypto60sec Review

Crypto60sec is an app that allows us to mine Seccoin by doing simple tasks on their platforms. Reading, sharing, tweet are some sample tasks that reward you some Seccoin. After collecting Seccoin, you can convert your Seccoin into different digital assets like Shiba and USDT. Crypto60sec app gives daily Seccoin for reading news, sharing tasks, inviting friends, and retweeting. You can exchange your collected Seccoin into digital assets by entering exchange events. Currently, the exchange is available for the top 30 users on the weekly leader boards, but soon, the exchange function is enabled for all users.

Seccoin is the native token of crypto60sec, which allows users to unfreeze their freeze USDT balance. To unlock your freeze USDT, you need to stand in under 30 in weekly leaderboards. We can earn seccoin by doing Now without making a delay. Let’s get into our main contain, Crypto60sec review.

What is Crypto60sec?

Crypto60sec is a GameFi Metaverse app available in both mobile and web versions that allow users to mine Seccoin for free doing some simple tasks. It is one of the best news apps in the crypto industry, and it has a lot to offer any user who wants to make money from mining. Crypto60sec is a crypto-mining app with a purpose: to help people earn money from mining crypto. The idea is that mining crypto will help users make money for themselves. At this point, I should say that I am not sure how well it will perform in the long run, but it is already trendy in China and Russia. By making people mine for free, their accounts will increase and become more profitable over time. The main reason people can mine with this app is that they want to make some extra cash every month or two.

What is Seccoin?

Crypto60sec is an online cryptocurrency trading platform for people who want to invest their time and money. Crypto60sec has launched their native token called Seccoin, a cryptocurrency based on the Crypto60sec blockchain ( Under development). The platform provides an environment for users to trade, purchase or sell cryptocurrency at the best rates in the market. It also has a smart contract system that facilitates transactions with 3rd parties and ensures payments are processed quickly and reliably. Crypto60sec plans to set up a token ecosystem for their native token called Seccoin, where it can be exchanged for USDT and SHIBA tokens and other coins. The main objective of this project is to improve the quality of life of people who live from cryptocurrencies by providing higher volumes and liquidity to those who are interested in investing their time, money, or both in cryptocurrencies.

Crypto60sec Review

Seccoin earning crypto news platforms review along with details are listed below:

Disclaimer: There are thousands of scam crypto earning sites on the Internet. Bewareaware of them and join such platforms only by suggesting trusted platforms like trusted blogs, trusted youtube, or other trusted social media platforms. Crypto60sec is a 100% legit platform and paid its user in time till the date; stay connected to this blog post for future updates.

Company: Crypto60sec

Founder: Unknown

Founded: 2021

Joining Link: Join Now


Joining Fee: Free

Types: Crypto Earning News platforms

Payout Option: USDT and SHIB

Minimum Withdrawal: 50 USDT or 100000 SHIB

Skill Required: Anyone can complete the task with basic instruction

Genuine: 100% Genuine

Earning Potential: Very low

Recommended: Recommended for all who want’s to earn some extra crypto while they are free.

Benefits: Such an earning platform never added value to your resume but gives some free crypto that helps your crypto journey or buying goods on Amazon.

Playstore Rating:  3.8 Stars out of 5 Stars

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How does Crypto60sec work?

Crypto60sec is a crypto news app that allows users to mine crypto assets in the name of Seccoin. Users can exchange their Seccion with USDT and SHIBA tokens as per their interest. Initially, users need to earn Seccoin by doing simple tasks like reading news, sharing news, inviting friends, and retweeting. You have limited options to make predefined limited Seccion. After accumulating sufficient Seccion, you can exchange them by entering the top 30 on the weekly leaderboards. Crypto60sec publishes the top 30 leaderboard rank every week, and you have three days to exchange your seccoin into other digital assets. Right now, crypto60sec is under the development phase and allow the top 30 weekly leaderboards ranked users to exchange. But soon after the launch of the full-featured crypto60sec app and the seccoin main-net, every user can exchange their seccoin into USDT and SHIBA tokens.

Crypto60sec Dashboard

After knowing the basics about crypto60sec and its works, let’s talk about the details of the Crypto60sec app dashboard. Crypto60sec app has different sections like the news section, Airdrop section, calendar section, market, and mine sections. I am going to explain all these sections clearly with short introductions.

Crypto60sec dashboard


The breaking section is only visible to the mobile apps. If you visit the web version by typing the URL on your browser, you cannot find the breaking section. This section contains five more sub-sections that we are going to discuss below.


Home is the first subsection on Crypto60sec; it contains the news related to cryptocurrencies, DeFi, and NFTs. Every news on Breaking section includes a direct link to the original link at the end of each post. You can find the QR code scan option to go to the original post, and the QR option is only available on the mobile version. Crypto60sec is continuously improving its features, and there is a minor change in features that I explain here, but the nature is almost identical.


Defi also contains the news, but this section is specific for decentralized finance news. This section covers almost all DeFi related news only. DeFi is the fast-growing application of blockchain, and it will have enormous scope in future because of this crypto60sec separate Defi news section from the main home page news sections.

Play to Earn

We are familiar with the word metaverse, the most sensational topic in future technology. There are hundreds of metaverse games and web 3.0 platforms developed, and some are under development. These platforms give us P2E ( Play-to Earn) features. The play to Earn section covers all P2E games and application news here.


NFT is one of the most concerned topics of today world. A few years ago, no such thing existed, but now it is one of the big industries in the digital world. NFT stands for Non-Fungible Tokens, which encrypts the rights of articles and saves them from copyright issues. This section covers the news and events related to NFTs.


The last subsection of the Breaking section is Altcoin, and here crypto60sec publish news related to Altcoin. There are thousands of cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin, all coins other than Bitcoin is called Altcoin, and Altcoin covers the largest area of cryptocurrency industries.


The next section in Crypto60sec after the news is Airdrop. Airdrop section covers exclusive crypto airdrops, including Crypto assets, Tokens and Cryptocurrencies. We can sort the airdrop list by ongoing, upcoming and ended options. On Airdrop, we can see details of airdrops like total rewards, total winners, rewarded tokens and airdrop time limit.

Crypto60sec Airdrop section


The next section on crypto60sec is a calendar containing events and alerts. We can see all the upcoming events and previous events in this section, and this section helps us find all future and past events more conveniently.


The market dashboard is only available in the mobile app, not available in the web version of crypto60sec. It has two sub-section named favourites and cryptocurrencies. The favourites section shows the live market data of those crypto coins or assets that we add to our favourites list. And Cryptocurrencies sub-section shows all the crypto assets with current price and market capitalization.


Favorites list
Favorites List

The favourites list show the coins that we added for quick view. We can see percentage rise and drop on the Favourites list along with the signal graph. On the right side of the screen, we can find our favourite coins’ current price and market capitalization.


All Cryptocurrencies List
All Cryptocurrencies List
All Cryptocurrencies List Filters
All Cryptocurrencies List Filters

Similarly, in the Favorite list, we can sell the data like current price market capitalization and increase/decrease the percentage of all crypto coins on the cryptocurrencies list. Here we can sort the result by rank, price, market capitalization, name, and 24-hour trading volume. Sort option enables us to find coin results at our convenience.


Mine Section

The significant and most crucial section on the Crpyot60sec app is the mine section. On the top of mine page, we can see our user ID (UID) and just below the UID; we can see our available Seccoin. The significant and most crucial part of Crypto60sec is Today’s progress section which you will see in the centre of mine page.

Today’s Progress

If you click on Today’s progress, then you will move to the following page as shown below:

Today's Progress
Today’s Progress

These are the task dashboards that you need to complete daily. If you miss one day, you need to start from day one. Your reward ratio is growing every day. Daily mining Seccoin potential is shown in image below:

Daily Mining Potential
Daily Mining Potential

On task, you will find four significant tasks that you need to complete to stick with the daily mine reward. If you miss one day, you need to start from day one. The first task is to read the news; you need to read the news for a fixed time. The second is the share news task that you need to share certain news per day based on your mining days. And the last two tasks are retweeting and inviting friends to register. One of the highest Seccoin earning potential tasks is inviting friends. I am explaining further about all significant earning ways to make the seccoin section below.

Ways to Earn Seccoin on Crypto60sec

Now let’s talk about the ways to earn Seccoin. There are limited ways to make seccoin right now while they are in the testing phase; this may increase after the successful launch of Crypto60sec. Earn seccoin is more accessible right now, but no one knows how long crypto60sec gives free seccoin. So collect seccoin now and make some wealth for future.


Reading the news section enables you to earn seccoin from the first day of registration. For the first day, you will reward ten seccoin and 20 for the second day. You will get +10 seccoin up to 30 days. On the 30th day, you will get 300 seccoin for reading, and then the +10 seccoin increment is stopped. After 30 days you are only offered 300 seccoin for reading news. If you miss one day, then you will need to start from day one. And crypto60sec run Super Monday offers that gives 2X read news rewards every Monday. If you are eligible to earn 150 sections on that, then you will reward 150*2 = 300 seccoin on super money.


The next Seccoin earning feature is share. You are not allowed to earn from the share option in the first ten days of your registration. In between the 11th to 20th day, crypto60sec users allow sharing one link on social sites like Facebook, whatsapp and telegram like social media. In between 20st to 30th day, crypto60sec users allow sharing two links on social sites like telegram, whatsapp and Facebook. After 30th days, crypto60sec users allow sharing three news posts. The sharing limit that I discuss here is not an actual limit, you can share more than the limit, but you are only rewarded for those shares that are defined on the task list.


A retweet is the easiest way to earn some seccoin. Seccoin earns in the retweet section is limited to 200 per retweet, and you are allowed to retweet only once a day. Retweet doesn’t give a significant earning of seccoin but can increase our seccoin earning. Our ultimate goal on crypto60sec is to earn more seccoin and rank within the top 30 list on the weekly leader board.

How to withdraw digital assets from Crypto60sec?

Now let’s talk about the withdrawal procedure of digital assets from crpyto60sec. Right now, we can convert our seccoin into USDT and SHIBA, but in the future, crypto60sec can add more exchange options. And right now, seccoin is in test-net, and because of this, we are unable to withdraw seccoin directly to our wallet.


One exchange option is USDT. Here we can exchange our earned seccoin into three different networks like Binance Smart Chain(BEP20), Ethereum(ERC20), and Tron(TRC20). You can exchange and withdraw into any networks mentioned above, but Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) is recommended for its low gas fees.


The next exchange and withdrawal option are SHIB. Here we can exchange our earned seccoin into two different networks like Binance Smart Chain(BEP20) and Ethereum(ERC20). You can exchange and withdraw into any networks mentioned above, but Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) is recommended for its low gas fees.

Is Crypto60sec is Legit?

Crypto60sec is brand new crypto earning app that allows users to earn crypto assets by reading, sharing and retweeting news articles. Crypto60sec is still under the development phase, so many people are willing to know whether it is a legit project or not. Yes, definitely it is legit platforms that allow users to earn some extra crypto by just doing simple tasks. Right now, it is under its development and allows to exchange seccoin to the top 30 leaderboards winner only. There is no scam sign till the date and paid top 30 weekly leaderboards winner.

Crypto60sec Pros and Cons

Every platform has its own merit and demerits. Platforms must improve their demerits, in the long run, to exist in the market. Some current pros and cons are listed below:


  • Enable to earn Seccoin with simple tasks like reading, sharing, and retweeting.
  • Fast and reliable crypto news
  • Available in mobile and web version
  • Enable users to enhance seccoin into USDT and SHIB.
  • Daily free earning opportunity
  • Good referral earning
  • Potential crypto earning project
  • Major airdrop updates


  • Limited earning upper limit as per users active period
  • Only allow withdrawing top 30 weekly leaderboard users.
  • Limited coins to withdraw right now.


In the conclusion of the Crypto60sec review, the primary purpose of this article is to explain the working mechanism of the Crypto60sec app in detail. Earning in Crypto60sec (Seccoin earning) is very low without a referral. For maintaining your earning ratio, you must complete tasks daily. In this Crypto60sec review article, I explain all the possible earning options along with the Crypto60sec platform review and its pros and cons. I hope you enjoy my writing. Still, if you have any confusion or queries about Crypto60sec, then feel free to comment us. If you want some other earning ways while using Crypto60sec, then you can visit our Meta Earn Blog post according to your interest. Thanks for reading the Meta Earn article; see you all in the next article. Bye-Bye. Take Care.


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