How to Earn Money with Microsoft Rewards: Microsoft Rewards Review

Earn Money with Microsoft Rewards
Earn Money with Microsoft Rewards

Among various earning options, one of the best and reliable earning options is Microsoft Rewards. Here we discuss some possible ways to earn money with Microsoft rewards. Though the Microsoft rewards program is available in limited regions with limited language support features, Microsoft rewards are one of the best options for you to earn points and cash your points if you are in the availability zone.  

Introduction to Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Rewards, known to most of its users as MSR, is a rewarding program with many opportunities to earn credit card rewards. These include instant rewards, offers, shopping savings, purchasing rewards, and more. You get rewards every day with the click of the mouse or a single click on your mobile phone or computer. Microsoft even offers monthly promotions. Since the program began in 2015, Microsoft Rewards have grown to more than 1 million members earning and saving on purchases they make. Why Should You Earn Microsoft Rewards? There are many reasons why you should start earning Microsoft Rewards. Let’s take a look at a few of the main ones. Accelerated Checking Here is the easiest way to make Microsoft Rewards.

Microsoft Rewards Review

Microsoft Rewards review along with some details are listed below:

Owner Company: Microsoft

Availability: Limited availability ( Microsoft Rewards program is available for some countries only)

Available on: Web Version

Joining Fee: Free

Website Link: Microsoft Rewards

Joining Requirements: You Must be over 18 years old and must live in the Microsoft Rewards program available country. 

Scam or Legit: 100% legit

Microsoft Rewards Supported Countries and languages

Microsoft rewards are available in some particular countries along with some pre-defined languages. Check out your language and region on the availability table below:

Countries/RegionsSupported Language
BelgiumDutch and French
CanadaFrench Canadian
Hong KongChinese Traditional and English
New ZealandEnglish
TaiwanChinese Traditional
United KingdomEnglish
United StatesEnglish (Available in all 50 states and in Washington D.C. Not available in Puerto Rico.)
Microsoft Rewards Supported Countries and languages
Source: Microsoft

Earn Money through Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Rewards is a website portal that offers various earning options, including promotions, gift cards, gift cards, and everyday rewards. Here we mention some earning options you need to know about. Earn Money with Universal Windows Platform Apps With the popular purchase of Surface devices, Microsoft is now offering Windows Store app rewards that you can earn via purchases. Make Money from Xbox Game Pass Subscription As Xbox Game Pass is offered as a subscription, it pays money for those who opt for monthly payment options. Earn Money with Steam Steam is an outstanding service that gives plenty of money to gamers. The amount is given for installing games and gameplay.

Methods to Earn Money with Microsoft Rewards

Earn Credit for Shoppers Users can earn credit that can be redeemed against retail goods. You need to search for stores that offer you cash back on items you purchase. So, if you are looking for stores that provide you cash back for items that you are buying, go through this link and use their search bar to find one. This method is trendy, and most users keep using it. Additionally, this method requires you to sign up with your email, username, and password. It is an intelligent decision to use a secure email that does not leak your personal information. Search for Deals on Consumer Electronics The shopping spree option can help you earn credit. It helps you make up to 25% or more. The process is simple but very efficient.

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Make money by redeeming your points.

Perhaps the easiest way to earn money with Microsoft Rewards is to redeem your points. When you opt for redeeming points, you earn 1 point for every $1 spent. To make a little extra money, all you have to do is go to your Microsoft store of choice, which is usually a Microsoft Store, and spend the money. Once you do that, enter your email address on the Microsoft Rewards webpage, and a cart will automatically fill up with your reward points. Pay to join/Log into Microsoft store One other way to earn money with Microsoft Rewards is to pay to enter the Microsoft Rewards program. Microsoft will give you $5 for a $10 or more purchase if you pay the fee to get your card.

Use your points for shopping or donating.

Similar to Starbucks, Microsoft Rewards will give you points that can be used to purchase Starbucks and other brands managed by the company. Similarly, you can also donate those points to a local charity or a donation campaign. However, if you are not comfortable handing over your hard-earned points, you can opt for an item from the Microsoft Store’s shopping portal. Earn 3 percent back You can earn 3 percent back on every credit or debit transaction you make from your Microsoft Rewards credit card. Sell your unused email address for $0.10


Whether you want to start an independent business or are a freelancer, Microsoft Rewards can be a handy tool to earn money online. After reading this guide, you will be able to earn a good amount of money every month. For the best possible result, make sure that you keep checking the webpage regularly. If you have any queries or confusion on Earn Money with Microsoft Rewards or want to know in detail about all possible earning ways on Microsoft rewards, then please comment to us. 


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