How To Make Money Online Posting Videos On Facebook

How To Make Money Online Posting Videos On Facebook
How To Make Money Online Posting Videos On Facebook

Can you Make Money Online Posting Videos On Facebook? Yes, you actually can. So you can get paid on Facebook as their Creator. Many people don’t know this, and I’m going to show you exactly how it works on Facebook. Now there are some requirements, and there are things that you need to do. So very much like YouTube, you have to put in the work first to make money by posting videos on Facebook. I want to go through the whole process and exactly what you need to get started with that. So that any further Ado, let’s go ahead and jump in so that I can show you.

How to get started Posting videos on Facebook?

So very similar to YouTube. You can Make Money Online Posting Videos On Facebook by ads that Show up on your content, and they also have other ways to monetize as well, which we are going to go ahead and take a look at now. You will have to create a Facebook page for this because You can’t do this on a personal profile, okay? And of course, also, just like YouTube. There are requirements to be able to qualify. And this, of course, we are going to go over.

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Creator Studio Overview

Go on Facebook creators to get more information on how to become a Facebook creator. You need to make videos that are 3 minutes or longer; you can use your content and make your videos, or what you can do also is get permission to use other videos on the internet, so you need to get permission from the owners of any videos that you are going to use. So never take someone’s content. Without permission. 

Okay, now, this is pretty cool because over here, they do give you some ideas on how you can get started. If you already have a Facebook account, what you can do is log in and then create your Facebook for creators account through your own Facebook page, okay? So what you want to do is make your page around, whatever it is that you want to do and you want to click on get started. Today and this gives you the order that you need to go in. Okay. So you have to create a Facebook page, you can change a category, connect your accounts over here. They give you the best practices, upload videos, cross-post, and join Community, okay?

After Becoming A Creator

So once you have become a Creator, go to There you can log into your Facebook Creator studio, you can create and Published engaging content and interactions, monitor video performance, and you can earn money.

In Creator Studio, you can see your analytics on how your videos are performing. You can upload your video; you can create a post, whatever you want to do over here. They have their settings and creative tools that you can use.

Different Monetization types with eligibility criteria

The cool thing about Facebook, Creator Studios is that they have all of the information for you whether you meet the criteria or not. So it says that you meet the requirements to apply for these monetization tools, and it’ll tell you whether you meet them or not.

Now the first way to monetize is with in-stream ads, and in-stream ads are short video ads that you can include in your videos to earn money. So Criteria is not met. And the cool thing is that it’ll show you on the creator studio whether you’ve completed the criteria or not.

Followers and Views Criteria for Monetization

For you to start monetizing, you do need a minimum of 10,000 followers. Also, in the last 60 days, you need a total of 600,000 views, okay? And this includes also live video. So even if you have live videos on your page, if you have Emulated over 600,000 views.

For example, you keep on posting your post every single day—a three-minute video. For example, you have two things that can potentially go viral, and these things can get you there faster. But this is very much like any other video creating a platform like YouTube; if you keep on going and keep promoting your page and start your page around something specific, you can go ahead and gain followers that way.

Minimum Video Requirements for Monetization

And by the way, you also need at least five on-demand videos or previously live videos published on your page that are active and created by you. So you have to have at least five videos on your page. That’s not bad. You can get going with creating videos.

Criteria for Fan Subscriptions

Other ways that you can create invite-only fans subscriptions, you can go ahead and include exclusive content for your subscriptions. So you can create a subscription for your page and earn monthly income. So you can offer exclusive benefits and grow a community of people who subscribe and support you. And for this, you also need 10,000 followers. You need 250 weekly returning viewers. You need 500,000 post engagements in the last 60 days, and you need a hundred and eighty thousand minutes viewed between all of your videos.


And this one is that people can pay you with stars and this one is invite-only, so we’re not going to even worry too much about this.

Eligibility for ‘In-Stream Ads for Live’

Another one is you can get paid for in-stream ads for live videos on your page. So you can include short video ads in your live and previously live videos to earn money. You decide which videos you want to monetize with pre-roll mid-roll or image ads. Then we tailor the ad experience for your viewers based on where they’re watching, so if you do live videos, you can do this as well. And the eligibility is pretty much the same. You need 10,000 followers, and in the last 60 days, A total of 600,000 on-demand live and previously live minutes viewed. So in full, you just need six hundred thousand on-demand views.

Eligibility for Brand Collabs Manager

You can also get paid by Brand collapse. You can earn money from Paid Partnerships with brands that want to collaborate on creating and sharing content with your audience. Okay? So these are the ways that you can monetize Facebook.

Video Content Idea

What types of videos are working? You can go ahead and search at the watch section on Facebook to have some ideas of what kinds of videos are working on Facebook. You can analyses what content is doing well, what content is loved by everyone. Get some content ideas by analyzing others videos and try to create the videos better than them. An engaging and entertaining video is better on all video streaming platforms, either Facebook watches or YouTube.

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Here we discuss How To Make Money Online by Posting Videos On Facebook, including how to get started, monetization criteria and content ideas. If you need more detailed information about how to earn money from Facebook, then please comment.


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