Idle Empire Review – Best Online Earning Platform

Idle Empire Review
Idle Empire Review

While talking about online earning ways, Today I am going to review idle-empire with all essential parameters. idle-empire offers surveys, videos, offer wall offers, other offers, referral commission, and promotions to earn money online. This is in detailed an article on Idle Empire review along with a user guide. This is one of the best online earning platforms with various earning surveys, offers, and promotions. At the same time, it has a huge selection of payout options likes games cards like GTA shark cards, shopping cards like amazon, PayPal, Payeer, etc. It gives more than 100 plus bands gift cards.

Availability of earning and earning potential depends on task availability. Task availability may vary with location. But if you are working dedicatedly on idle-empire you will definitely get positive results. All these things are illustrated in the idle empire review below:

What is Idle Empire?

It is the Complete online earning website by doing  Surveys, Offers, Watch Videos, and many more. Idle Empire has various withdrawal options that support real currencies through prayer, Paypal, Perfect Money, cryptocurrencies through coin base, and various games and shopping gift cards like amazon gift cards, EA sport gift cards, etc.

idle empire review

Review of Idle Empire  along with details are listed below:

Company: Idle-Empire

Founder: NA

Founded: 2015

Joining Link:


Joining Fee: Free

Joining Bonus: 500 points while joining from the link above “Joining Link”

Headquarters: Germany

Types: Online Earning Platform that paid by completing Offer, Survey, paid video, promotion, and referral

Payout Option: Multiple payout options according to country (Bitcoin on Coinbase, Litecoin on Coinbase, Ethereum on Coinbase, Paypal, Stellar on Coinbase, STEAM gift cards, Bitcoin Cash on Coinbase, CS.DEALS gift cards, Payeer, SKINBARON gift cards, 0X on Coinbase, Amazon Gift cards, Random Steam Keys, Valorant Points gift cards, League of Legends RP gift cards, Paysafecard, Perfect Money, iTunes gift cards, Roblox gift cards, SWAP.GG Market gift cards, Razer Gold pins, Nintendo eShop Gift cards, Google Play gift cards, Playstation Network cards, Xbox live Gift cards, G2A GIft cards, ShadowPay gift cards, Xbox live gold memberships, World of Warcraft Game cards, Lootbear Gift Cards, eBay gift cards, GameStop gift cards, KeyJoker, RuneScape gift cards, EA gift cards, Blizzard gift cards, Hulu Plus gift cards, Apex Legends coins, Skype Prepaid Cards, IMVU Prepaid cards, eGifter choice cards, Spotify gift cards, Netflix gift cards.

Minimum Withdrawal: 650 points to 264,810 points according to payment options mentioned above

Skill Required: Basic skills of operating mobile, laptops while doing surveys, offers, promotions, and referrals.

Genuine: 100% Genuine

Earning Potential: Earning potential is depends on task availability. More tasks are given to the developed country and minimum tasks are available in Southeast Asian countries People make decent earning using this platform…

Recommended: Recommended for all who want’s to earn some extra bucks while they are free.

Benefits: Such earning platform never added value to your resume but gives some extra bucks that help in your living with financial freedom.

User Rating of Idle Empire:

While doing idle empire review we must consider user review and rating also. User rating on the different platform are listed below:

On Trustpilot: 4.8 Stars out of 5 Stars

Google Play Store: 4.3 Stars out of 5 Stars

On iOs Apple Store: 4.5 Stars out of 5 Stars

On Sitejabber: 5 Stars out of 5 Stars

How to join Idle Empire?

After knowing some facts about Idle Empire and reading the short Idle empire review from the above section, I am sure you are willing to join this platform. Here I will explain all the joining processes on idle Empire.

Joining Process

Step 1: Registration Page

The joining process of Idle Empire is super easy. You will reach the following page by clicking on the joining link that given below. Or you can join this platform by just searching its name in search and click on the register but when you go for the direct register you will not get the signup bonus.
For a Sign-up bonus of 500 points join this platform from the link.

Joining Link:

Idle-Empire Signup
Idle Empire Signup

After clicking the registration link you will redirect to the signup page shown above. This page contains information about how Idle Empire works in 3 steps that is signup, earn points and get rewards.

On Earn points, there are multiple options like surveys, offer promotion tasks, etc. After earning or collecting points from different options you can redeem your points starting at 650 as per your convenience and suitable payout options.

Step 2: Sign Up Form

Idle Empire Signup page
Signup page

After clicking on signup, the above registration form is opened. Here you have two options

  1. Fill the form manually with your name, email, and password.
  2. Easy Signup with steam, Google, Twitter, Facebook, discord or PayPal

While creating an account or after the creation of an account, you will get an offer of 500 points with coupon code “START“. You can redeem your points in the coupon section of your user panel. And another 500 points are given to you If you use other referrals links similar to my referral link in the idle empire review section.


This is an offer message or pop-up offer message that you will receive while creating an account.

Note: This is a promotional offer and will not available in the future, so join fast and claim 500 points today.

Step 3: Login page

Idle Empire Login page

After registration, you will redirect to the login page as shown above. From where you can log in by entering email and password manually or by easy login like google, Facebook login.

How to Use Idle Empire Platform?

After login into the Idle Empire, you will redirect to the dashboard as shown below. Idle Empire dashboard mainly has 6 main menus as shown on the left side of the image below. They are Earn, Profilers, Withdraw, leaderboard, community, and supports.

Earn menu

Idle Empire Earn Dashboards
Earn Dashboards

On the Earn menu you will find different earning opportunities these are enlisted below:

  1. Surveys
  2. Offerwalls
  3. Offers
  4. Videos
  5. Referrals
  6. promotions


Idle Empire Surveys
Surveys Section

The surveys section gives the online earning opportunities by answering daily surveys. In this section survey provider expect you to answer survey questions consistently and honestly. Idle Empire team regularly added new surveys so do not worry about earning opportunities.

Some of the survey providers are Your Surveys, Peanut Labs, CPX Research, Speak Up, TheoremReach, Pollfish, and Opinion Capital. Earning potential by these surveys are depends on survey time duration and difficulty level. The survey section is one of the best and easy earning options on idle Empire.


Idle-Empire Offerwalls

Offerwalls is one of the highest potential earning options on Idle Empire. In this section, you have to complete offers from Idle Empire’s trusted partners. Some trusted partners of idle Empire are AdGate Rewards, AdGem, Adscend Media, OfferToro, Peanut Labs, Revenue Universe, Wannads, Kiwi Wall, PointClickTrack, Personaly, OfferDaddy and Lootably.
These trusted partners give points on completing offers like installing apps, take parts on the quiz, watching videos, surfing ads or websites, creating an account, and many more. The availability of offers depends upon your location.


Idle Empire Offers
Offers Sections

This also content offer similar to the offerwalls section. The main difference between offerwalls and offers is offerwalls give all the offers from their trusted partner and offers listed only created offers. on offers, you can filter offers also by their categories and offer providers. And another important feature of the offers section is the sort option. Here you can sort available offers according to price ( high to low and low to high), Popularities, and Alphabetically.
It also contents some surveys, quiz, signup offer, installing apps and more as similar to offer walls. All the offer availability depends on location. Earning opportunities is depends on difficulty level while completing the offer and It is one of the highest-earning sections of the Idle Empire App.


Idle Empire Earn with videos
Videos Section

Video sections on the earn dashboard give easy earning opportunities. It is an easy option to earn points on idle empire. To earn points, you need to create an account on Hideout tv and watch videos on Hideout. You can earn 9 Hideout points on 3 advertisements, which is equivalent to 80 points on Idle Empire.

Although it is the easiest way of earning just by watching videos rewards option on Hideout tv is unavailable or limited to some countries like Nepal.


Idle Empire Referral Section
Referral Section

In the Referrals section, you will get your referral link and able to invite friends to Idle Empire. On each referral, you will get a 20% lifetime commission along with one-time 50 points referral bonus. While at the same time people joining through your referral link get 500 idle points.

Initially, the referral link is set automatically and after creating an account you can edit your referral ( Custom referral) as per your interest.
If you want to join Idle Empire now and want to claim 500 points instantly then join the platform with my referral link.

Example of Referral link:

This is a custom referral link, here I use “r=bed” as my custom and short referral link. You can generate as per your interest.

Specific referral landing page
Idle-Empire Custom referral section
Referral landing page

This option enhances the referral potential by giving the power of targeting specific audiences with the custom landing page. You can target an audience with their interest like, ” Earn free amazon gift cards, Earn free PayPal money, Earn Free Bitcoin, etc“.

Want to know how custom landing pages work then click on the link of Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards: which land you to custom targeted page.

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Referral banners Section
Idle Empire Referral Banner Section
Referral Banner Section

All we know that referral is also one of the best ways to increase revenue from earning money on online platforms. Idle provides different ways to attract referrals, one of them is banners. If you are a blogger or website owner then you can place Idle Empire banner ads on your website. Normally Banner has a high chance of click-through rate than general links.


Promotion is another and last section on the earn dashboard on Idle Empire Platform. In this promotion you will get a special promotional offer, generally, these tasks are onetime offer.

Basic PromotionsIdle Empire Promotion Offer

In the Basic section, you will earn points by following the task

  • Earn 100 points by verifying your email address
  • Earn 50 points connecting your each social identities ( Social identities on Idle Empire are Steam, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Discord, and Paypal)
Follow us promotions

Idle Empire Follow us promotion

Follow Us promotions on idle empire helps you to earn extra 100 points by following Idle Empire on different platforms like Steam group, Twitter, and Discord Server.

Daily Tasks Promotions

Idle Empire Daily Task promotional offer

Daily Task provides you the Opportunities to earn extra points just by completing tasks that are listed on daily tasks. This section especially contains the task related to steam and discord like joining daily giveaways on the Discord server, changing avatar on steam and more.

Invite Friends Promotions

Idle Empire Invite Friends Promotional offer

Don’t mesh this with invite friends promotions with the referral section. In the promotions section, you will earn 10 points for inviting every friend on the steam group. But your steam allows you to invite a max of 100 friends only. And will get 30 points for every friend that you invite to the discord server with no maximum invitation limitation like 100 friends on the steam group.

Create Content Promotions content promotion

Create content options on the promotion section gives more points than all other options on the promotion section. Content creation options available right now ( March 20, 2024) are listed below

  • Earn 5,000 by creating YouTube Video ( Video must show some useful things related to an idle empire like its services, surveys, withdrawing options, and process. Video duration must be at least 30 seconds, and you can put your referral link on video descriptions)
  • Earn 2,000 points by creating a forum post ( Forum post must be related to gaming, online earning, or something that focused on Idle Empire earning options. You can create one post per forum with at least 50 words and you can include your referral link also.
  • Earn 10,000 points by creating a blog post ( Old blog with at least 100 words are accepted and you are allowed to insert your referral links on the blog post)

Profilers Menu

Idle Empire profile
Profile Section

Survey opportunities depend on your profile. Answer the profiling questions listed in the profilers section and increase your earning potential with more surveys. Profilers question-answers  are related to the topics that are listed below: ( Note: these stats are according to March 20, 2024)

  • Basic demographics (4 Question Answer)
  • Work (8 Question Answer)
  • Household (7 Question Answer)
  • Family & relationships (4 Question Answer)
  • Health (4 Question Answer)
  • Shopping & Personal Finance (7 Question Answer)
  • Interests and Hobbies (19 Question Answer)
  • Personal Beliefs ( 2 Question Answer)
  • Technology (5 Question Answer)
  • Travel and Tourism ( 5 Question Answer)
  • Participation on Idle-Empire (3 Question Answer)
  • Other (8 Question Answer)

Answering these questions helps the Idle Empire platform to find your knowledge, interest, and capacity. According to these factors, surveys and offers are given to you.

WIthdraw Menu

Idle Empire Withdrawal Options
Withdrawal Options

This section provides withdrawal options for your earned points. Here you can filter withdrawal options from games, money, crypto, and many more along with regions. it has a wide range of withdrawal options like bitcoin, PayPal payer, game cards, gifts cards, etc.

Leaderboard Menu

Idle Empire Leaderboard

Idle Empire rewards top earners once every week. The first position is rewarded with 300,000 points ( equivalent to $30), the Second position is rewarded with 200,000 points (equivalent to $20) and the Third position is rewarded with 100,000 points ( equivalent to $10). This concept encourages the user to do more surveys, involve in the offer, and try to earn more points.  Here you can see the weekly rank of the top 20 earner and previous winner. Leaderboards updates every 10 minutes so try to earn more points as far as possible and win rewards.

Community Menu

Idle Empire Community

Idle Empire Platform is a growing community. By joining its community you will get advantages of future announcements, updates, and giveaways. Communities groups or platforms are

All the stats are correct till the date of publishing this article

  1. Steam (452,253 members)
  2. Twitter (108,055 Followers)
  3. Facebook (41,346 Likes)
  4. Instagram (19,399)
  5. Discord (258,823 Members)

Support Menu

Idle Empire Support System
Support System

This support system makes the Idle Empire platform more genuine and user-friendly.  In this section, you will see the view solutions tap which gives the solution of more often search queries or problems. Besides these listed issues you can contact the Idle Empire team by creating new Tickets for your issue and you can check ticket status also. Generally, most of the sites have to miss this section.

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User Profile

Idle Empire Profile Section

On the top left corner of Idle Empire Platform, you will see your profile picture, which clicking on profile picture you will see the profile options as shown above. This section contains your personalized information like your account information, your transition history, your withdrawal history, offers and promotion that you completed, referrals stats. All sections under the user panel are

  1. My Account
  2. Transactions
  3. Withdrawals
  4. Offers
  5. Promotions
  6. Referrals

My Account

Idle Empire User Panel
User Panel

My Account tap of user panel contains different pages like

  • Details Page which contains email, name, referral code, an avatar of user, and also has the option to set new passwords.
  • Setting Page you have to check the box of some basic settings like notification and privacy
  • Identities Page allows you to verify your identities by connecting with different social profiles like google, Facebook, Twitter, discord, PayPal, and steam. This feature secures your profile and earning.
  • Verifications Page allows you to verify your profile. You must complete at least one verification process before making a withdrawal. Verification options are steam and mobile Phone.
  • Coupons Page allows you to insert a coupon code that and redeem the coupon. Such coupon codes are regularly on social media of idle empire.


Idle Empire Transactions history
Transactions history

This section of Idle Empire Platform shows the personalized transaction history like earning points are in green and withdrawal are in red in terms of points only. This also shows the history of your Idle Empire earning that you earn from surveys, referrals, and coupons.


Idle Empire Withdrawals history
Withdrawals history

This section shows the total withdrawals you make from the idle empire platform. Here in the above picture, I have only one withdrawal that I make for showing the proofs of the genuineness of this platform.


Idle Empire Offer History
Offer History

The Offers section shows the completed offer history that you have done on the Idle Empire platform. Here in the above picture offer history is empty because I am not completing any offer to the date.


Idle Empire Promotions History
Promotions Earning

This section manages the data of your completed promotions task as shown in the picture above. I am completing connect identity and earn 50 points, joining Discord server and earn 100 points, follow Idle Empire on Twitter and earn 100 points, and so on.


Idle Empire Referrals Details
Referrals Details

This page shows the numbers of referrals with their earning. Here in the above picture, this page is empty because I am not referring to even a people till the date of publication of this article.

These all are the process of using the Idle Empire platform with details of every section. After knowing how to use Idle Empire by reading this Idle Empire review, many peoples stills have some queries related to Idle Empire. That we listed below with details.

Some Frequently Asked Questions related to Idle Empire

Q. How to Make Money on idle Empire?

Ans: You can make money on an idle empire by taking part in offers, doing surveys, completing offerwalls, making referrals, and creating content.

Q. Can You trust Idle Empire?

Ans: Sure, you can trust idle empire because it is continuously paying its user since 2015 and enlisted as a genuine online earning platform among online earners.

Q. What is the exchange rate of Idle Empire? 

Ans: Exchange rate of Idle Empire points is $ 0.1 for 1000 points, $1 for 10,000 points. This exchange rate is correct at the date of publishing this article( March 25, 2020).

Q. What are the points on idle empire?

Ans: points are the virtual currency that has no value and only use by the idle empire for managing people’s earning. Idle empire gives 0.1 dollars for 1000 points and then only you can convert your points into real cash, crypto-cash, and other gift cards.

Q. Can we create two idle empire account?

Ans: No, idle empire Platform allows only one account per user. Idle Empire needs to verify your identity by connecting the idle account with the social account which filters out fraud account.

Q. How to get a coupon code?

Ans: Idle Empire regularly shares coupon codes on their social platforms like the Facebook page. You can use these coupons code and redeem coupon codes into idle empire points.

Final Word

The main purpose of this article is to provide genuine earning opportunities to our readers. I am personally testing this platform for you and write this detailed article. I am testing withdrawal methods also where I request to withdraw 1000 idle empire points that I receive $0.1 within 2 hours on my Payeer account. It is the best online earning website with more the 50+ withdrawal options than I have ever seen. Feel free to use Idle Empire and boost your online earning. If you have any queries or confusion on this article title “Idle Empire Review – Best Online Earning Platform” then feel free to contact us or comment us.


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