Top 5 Skills to earn money online

Top 5 Skills to earn money online
Top 5 Skills to earn money online

Hello friends, we all suffer from COVID 19 pandemic, all we need to do is help each other, and another is as far as possible stay home and stay safe. While staying home, you can learn some new skills and earn money from these skills rather than wasting your time. Learning and earning both are interrelate words, so learn something new and earn in your leisure time working from your comfort in this pandemic.So, I am sharing this knowledge with you; here, I discuss five skills to earn money online to learn and earn from home.

All these five skills have equal potential, but you need to consider two things before choosing any skills from here. Mention 5 skills to earn money online. The first is to choose the skills you are interested in and willing to learn your heart. And second is that don’t think these skills make you millions overnight, every work need time to give output, you need to give your full effort to get the proper result. Here I will explain all five skills with their career path, which types of people, and many more.

1. Graphics Designing

Suppose you have an artistic worm inside you if you are interested in which color will suit which color. Which colors are the contrast? If there is this color on the background, then what should be the design in the foreground. If this kind of thing should be presented, then there can be an interesting option for you, which you can learn from home and earn from home. This skill is graphics designing that I am talking about here.

At the same time, when you visit a website, graphic designing, there are many images, graphics are presented beautifully in a very good way. If you looked inside the videos, you would have seen that there are many types of graphics used every time in youtube videos and movies.

Every advertisement, whether it is hoarding on the road, whether it is a newspaper, whether it is ads on Facebook or Google, has graphic designing involved inside it. If a company has a logo, then there is graphic designing involved. If someone wants to make his pamphlet or brochure, then graphic designing is involved. It is exciting and challenging to bring a thought or idea to another through the visual presentation of graphics and colors.

Fields of Graphics Designing

While talking about the field of Graphic Designing, the following fields must be considered,

  • Visual Identity Design
  • Marketing and Advertising Design
  • UI Design
  • Publication Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Environmental Graphic Design
  • Graphic Arts and  Illustration and many more.

By learning all the fields mentioned above of graphics designing, you can start work as a graphics designer. You can raise your pay scale as per your expertise after learning and earn a decent amount of money staying at your comfort place.

Scope of Graphics Designing Fields

While talking about scope, many companies started to invest in the digital fields like advertisement and communication sector from last year. Most YouTubers and social media influencers also need good graphics posts, thumbnails, and banners for their content promotion. Most companies need good graphics designers to improve their sales, improve their marketing, and finally meet their target. Let me also tell you that many people who live in a foreign country make their graphics from countries like India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Bangladesh because it makes them very expansive to get the local work done. When they get done here, it becomes affordable for them, and there will be a good income for us.

And also, remember that many such companies have many such businesses in every city. Many such people try to make their presence digitally; since the year COVID started, everyone has understood the importance of digital. They need people who can help with their graphics, and they need people who can convey their point of view well, which can increase business growth. You can find such people, message them, mail them, approach them, and start getting projects.

If you are interested in learning these skills, you can easily get many online courses and free resources. Still, I suggest that online courses on you will also get a certificate, making your profile strong and increasing the chances of hiring for jobs.

Earning on graphics designing fields

Now, talking about income, if you do the job, your job starts at 15 to 20 thousand per month. After 2-3 years of experience, you can reach 40 to 50 thousand easily. If you worked on your skills regularly, then you can grow along with your salary growth.

If you start freelancing, it will take some time to stabilize. It will take hard work, but when you start getting projects, when your profile starts increasing, then your income starts growing at a very good speed. Gradually, if you wish, you can think like an entrepreneur. Now you have the knowledge, experience, and some clients to work by hiring some fresher graphic designer. You can focus on yourself and grow your income as much as you want to generate business. I know many people who started graphic designing, and today they lead a graphics company. Earning and Learning is on your hand; it depends on your hard work and your skill.

2. Video Editing: Skills to earn money online

So the first skill we talked about is graphics, now the second will talk about video editing. Seeing the growing importance of videos, many companies, many agencies, many brands in today’s date, interested in creating videos; for this, they need video editing. If you see the graph, then this field is growing. In this, innovation is growing by growing the expertise of the people and innovation also.

Here we are discussing video editing. It has a very clear meaning; the video editor gives identity and meaning to the video, either they are youtube videos, movies, animated movies, and web series.

Scope of Video Editing Skills to earn money online

Video editing has a wide scope. There are many scopes in video editing along with normal video; some of them are listed below:

  • Animation Videos
  • 2D Animation Videos
  • 3D Animation Videos
  • Visual Effects (VFX)
  • Color Specialization and many more.

Because of the growing popularity of video, the scope of video editing is also increasing. There is much more upcoming career growth along with the growth of OTT platform, fast-growing TV channels, and fast-growing internet videos, and there is a lot of scope in the field of the fast-growing digital era.

People need videos for a different purpose, and the editor gets jobs for this. Some of the jobs creator fields for video editors are

  • Youtube videos
  • TV Channels
  • Movies
  • Social Media ( Facebook videos, Instagram videos, etc)
  • Videos for websites

Their scope is very wide, and it is very growing; how much you can capture that scope, the choice is your either keep thinking on this or master this field by effort.

You will get lots of software for editing. Kinemaster, from shortcut to adobe suite and final cut pro-X. Now, where do you want to start from which level you had to go? All choice is yours. You will get many free videos of this. YouTube is full of many such resources and will go to paid structured courses in which everything is taught. Each software course is better for you, but doing a certificate included courses are more fruitful for you. For any career and any skills, keep learning and never stop learning something new.

Earning on Video Editing fields

A fresher can start from 15000 to 25000 per month video editing jobs. As his experience increases and his skill improves, his salary also automatically increases. You can set your pay scale as per your experience; if someone goes like a business, the scope is very wide. You can start freelancing. Start working from home by sitting at your comfort. You get the footage, and you do editing in it, improve your skills, improve the output of your editing, and increase your service charge.

A good company, a good brand, always wants a good editor to work. Now slowly, as you gain experience, you can create a team of editors. You can create an appropriate editing agency and create an editing company to create an editing organization. So now it is up to you how much to grow, only and only up to you. You can get examples of people who started their career in video editing and struggled for 30000 to 40000. Still, there is also such an example where some people started their career as video editors, and now they lead the team of the video editor. Also, some of them are the owner of the video editing company. So it all depends on your hard work and dedication.

3. Video Influencing

Now the third skill is such that if I want to speak, I can speak for hours; I will be excited that there is so much point, so much information. It is the best earning option for you if you are interested. The third skill that I am talking about video influencing. In this digital era, people are watching videos for everything like for cocking, for entertainment, for learning, and more. For buying any products and services, large group audiences are always looking for reviews on Youtube that relate to them more and helps to make decisions. There are too many video viewers or users, so now it is your choice to watch videos or create videos for people. Take your decision now and start your video influencer career now.

Scope of Video Influencing Skills to earn money online

The scope of video is growing day by day. Nowadays, people love to watch rather than read, it saves their time, and they can do their other work and listen to videos. As per statistics, video is the 6th most popular content marketing format. And websites or web pages containing video content are 35% more likely to rank on the first page of google search results. And it is also seen that the average user spends more than 88% of their on a website that containing videos than a website without video contains. While talking about an advertisement, video advertisements are connected more emotionally touch to their audience than banner or text ads.

Some platforms that you can use for video influencing are

  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • Rumble
  • Facebook Video
  • TikTok
  • Live. me and many more.

Earning potential of Video Influencing

While talking about the earning potential of video influencers, the earning potential is unlimited. All your earning is depends on your hard work and strategy. There are hundreds of examples that youtube video influencers earn more than four figures earning in USD.

There are various earning options for video influencer, and some of them are listed below:

  • Paid Promotion and sponsorships
  • Affiliate Sell
  • Ad Revenue
  • Sell own merchants
  • Selling paid courses and membership and many more.

4. Content Marketing: Skills to earn money online

Now on to our fourth skill. The fourth one is not only a skill; as per my view, it is the backbone of the world, the backbone of marketing, the backbone for educating or inspire someone. Even if you want to provide information or sell it, then also it is a backbone. For changing People’s life, they are still a backbone. Here I am talking about content marketing, and yes, friends, content marketing is our next skill. If we talk about Vedas and Puranas, then in all books, in newspapers, in movies, in today’s date websites and blogs, one thing is common in everything that is content. Now content writing, how to write the information that is knowledge, how to give and convey it to others. And writing this content in the right way, making people understand the right way. We all need content marketing for this.

An article is good only if its content is good. For an ad to go viral, its content must be good. So if you are interested in writing or writing your thoughts and spreading your thoughts to others, then content marketing can be an important field for you.

Scope of Content Marketing Skills to earn money online

Content has wider scope so here first we are talking about the fields or types of content writing by using these fields you can do content marketing.

Types of Content Writing

  • Technical Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Copywriting
  • Social Media Writing
  • Blog Writing
  • Script Writing
  • Advertisement Writing
  • Instructional Writing and many more.

In such a situation, if I keep taking names, the article will never end. There are many scopes to specialize in every field, and the person who specializes in himself can grow himself in any field. If you made yourself a content writer and normally work as a routine, there is limited scope. For improving the scope for you, you need to specialization yourself in any field of content marketing.

If you specialize in scriptwriting, you are one of the high-paid people in your sector; if you love writing a blog and making yourself a specialized blog writer, you are one of the top-earning bloggers. So, you need to work on yourself and become an expert for getting success and achieving a peak career. This will grow your income, your knowledge, and your experience too. If you know how to write a product description for making a good sell or writing a good email to generate decent leads, you specialize in your fields. This will show the power of content marketing.

Earning potential of Content Marketing

While talking about the income scope, a content writer can easily get a 15000 to 25000 per month salary as a fresher. If content work on their skills and get the experience of 1 to 2 years then they can reach up to 50000 to 70000 salary per month. There are too many real-life examples that verify the above statistics for earning the potential of a content writer.

Freelancing has a very wide scope in content writing; working from home has a very wide scope. Many companies offer content writing jobs as work from home, work from your comfort. If you have the willpower to do something different in content writing, you can accept the challenges, give time to make yourself an expert in this field, and then this field is the best career option for you. So, don’t make a delay of even a single second and start your journey from today.

5. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the digital version of old traditional marketing. Marketing doing with the help of electronic media like mobile, laptop, internet, or any other electronic medium is called the digital market. In this competitive world, every businesses, companies, and brand need digital marketing. Digital marketing itself a broad topic; you can choose small sectors within digital marketing and become an expert on this niche. Every business like real estate, finance, makeup services, photography, etc., everyone needs a digital presence, and here digital marketer can get the job.

Scope of Digital Marketing

As I already said that there is a wide scope of digital marketing. Within digital marketing, you can choose your favorite niche and become an expert on it. The skills that we discuss in our previous points ( video influencer and content marketing) are also one of the sub niche of digital marketing. There are multiple strategies to do digital marketing, and sometime these strategy are synonyms to the types of digital marketing.

Digital marketing strategies or types of digital marketing are listed below:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Paid Search Advertising
  • Content Marketing
  • Paid Social Media Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing (SSM)
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO)
  • Pay per click Marketing
  • Funnel expert
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)
  • Native Advertising
  • Video Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Email Marketing and more.

Earning Potential of Digital Marketing

As a beginner, you can join as a digital internet marketer for a 10000 per month salary. Beyond this salary, it all depends on you, if you cannot sharpen your skills, you get the same salary, but if you try to learn something new, try to improve your skills then your salary also increases. We all know that there is much real-life example of a digital marketer that earns thousands of dollars per month.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Skills to earn money online

There are unlimited benefits of digital marketing. Digital marketing helps us to grow our brands and companies. It helps us to create buzz for our brand and companies on the internet. While talking about the benefits of digital marketing, it will make our article longer than usual, so I am listing some of them below:

  • Digital Marketing is cost-effective
  • Engage the customer at every buying stage
  • Digital Marketing is Measurable
  • It helps us to target the right audience
  • Digital marketing allows us to target ideal customers
  • It helps to generate sufficient leads
  • Digital marketing helps to improve the conversion rate
  • Brand geographic reach
  • Easior personilization
  • More connection and attachment with customers and more


In conclusion of this article, you can try any of these five skills to earn money online. But I suggest you try the skills in which you are interested. Without willpower, you cannot make your career in any field, although that field has huge potential.


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