Ways To Make Money Online Answering Questions

Ways To Make Money Online Answering Questions
Ways To Make Money Online Answering Questions

I know that sometimes you need that bit of extra cash to help you out, but you don’t want to waste your time answering stupid services online and things like that. That’s why in today’s article, I want to give you some different ways that you can go ahead and answer questions online that can earn you a little bit more money than those surveys. Without making any delay, let’s move to the Ways To Make Money Online Answering Questions.

Ways To Make Money Online Answering Questions

Among thousands of ways to make money online, answering questions is also one of the genuine ways. We already discussed the Top 5 Ways to Get Paid To Answer Questions Online in our previous article, which you can check out if you are interested. Today’s article is also similar to the previous one, so don’t forget to read both.


Now let’s get right into it. So first up is mine sumo. This is actually where you can go to connect with other brands to help them solve problems. You get paid for your ideas when you are chosen as a winner. These are pretty much like contests. Now, when you come to the Website, you can go in as a company, but we’re here as a problem solver, and this is where you share your ideas and earn cash.

This Website used to be open only for college students, but they have opened this for everyone now. In mind Sumo, anyone can create an account with a valid email. If you’re a student, please use your school email so that they can direct your school-specific challenges to you. Anyone can signup on mind sumo, but challenges will most likely be directed towards college students and recent graduates. So it just depends on you if you are a student. Cool. If you’re not a student, you can still sign up and check for the project availability.

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All right. And on this Website, you can get paid to pretty much give your opinions about things that are correlated to you and your lifestyle or your profession. So the next one is called Respondent.io. This one is pretty good because they do pay well.

Ways To Make Money Online Answering Questions: Respondent.io

If we actually go to respondent.io and go ahead and click on PARTICIPANTS’, then you can see how you can go ahead and sign up, and you can read all about what they’re actually. Looking for so this is for researchers that are looking for business professionals of all kinds. And this is how much they can pay.

And if you scroll down on this page, you will see everything you need to do and exactly how it works. You know, you verify your profile, you get matched, you participate, and then you get paid. You are going to need a PayPal account as shown below:

Ways To Make Money Online Answering Questions: How Respondent works?
How Respondent works?

And in Respondent, you can get paid for referrals, share your link with professionals in your network and get twenty dollars credit for each referral who completes a project.

Some of the Research or projects available on Respondent will be specific towards people who live in a particular place, and they may want you to come in, or they may not want you to come in and might be a remote opportunity. That is what we’re looking at right now, especially with what’s going on in the world now.

Focus Group

So the next wait for you to get paid to answer questions online will be focused groups. Here I am mainly talking about focusgroups.org. And now, because of the recent things going on, There are only sending people on online focus groups.

This one is available only in the USA, but if you are in a different country, go ahead and Google focus groups in, for example, the UK or focus groups in Canada, or focus groups in Thailand, or focus groups wherever you are. So go ahead and Google that and see if there’s anything in your area that you can do online.

They also do some in-person focus groups right now, For obvious reasons. We cannot see what they have for online Focus groups because they did email me saying that they are Only doing online focus groups. Okay, for now, join a focus group in your city.

Focus groups are a fun and easy way to earn some extra money. You can earn up to $200 per focus group browse more than a hundred fifty-eight focus groups. Now you can enter your city right here. So this is how it works. All you have to do is register for free. It takes two minutes, and they have more than a hundred and fifty listings at any time. And then you apply to take a survey for whatever study that you’re interested in.

Wait until your application is Reviewed. If you qualify, you will be invited to participate, and then you will be getting paid and either a Visa card or check. So this one is focusgroups.org. If you’re in America, you can try it out. If you are not in America, you can go ahead and Google focus groups in your area.


The next one is Schoolsolver.com, and you can come up here and answer questions and get paid for them. So if you’re already a student, for example, you already are good at a particular subject. You can answer some subject questions from other people on here. It’s not precisely tutoring one-on-one, but just answering questions that you know the answers to. So School Solver is the marketplace for school projects, answering questions, asking questions, vice versa. You can pay someone and ask them a question, or you can also get paid to answer questions.

If you can answer the question on the School Solver platform, You can click on answer question. Some of the questions listed here are urgent, and you can get paid higher for the critical question if you can solve them. If you’re good at chemistry or business, or economics and things like that, There are a ton of pages on here. You can browse through these and see what people are willing to pay.


Here we discuss some Ways To Make Money Online Answering Questions platforms that will help you generate extra income in your leisure time. If you are interested in learning Earn Money online article regularly and want to improve your financial status, please stick with us and don’t forget to bookmark our Website. If you have any questions or queries, then please comment to us.

Thank you.


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