11 Work at Home Jobs That Needs Little to No Skills

Work at Home Jobs That Needs Little to No Skills
Work at Home Jobs That Needs Little to No Skills

You probably think that you have no skills, but I’m sure you have some skills. If you’re reading this article, you probably have basic computer skills. You can read. You probably know how to search online and read emails. Right. So in today’s video, we’re talking about work-at-home jobs that require little to no skills. I don’t want to say any skills, but the only reason I say no skills is because you probably think you have no skills, but you do.

11 Work at Home Jobs

Now, these jobs don’t require you to have a degree or lots of experience. So if you are ready to check out these jobs, let’s get right into it.

Micro Jobs

Now, I want to start with micro-jobs because the micro job will probably be the easiest thing on this list. Currently, some websites pay you a little bit of money to complete straightforward tasks. One of the cons of these jobs is that they paid very little money, and that’s because they pay you per task and they’re very, very simple tasks. So you can’t expect a whole lot from a micro job. But it is something that I wanted to mention in this article because I know some people are looking for absolutely anything, anything at all.

There are many micro jobs providers sites among them here I am going to explain two in brief, and if you want to read all of them, please check out our previous article from the link below:

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Click Workers

Click worker is one of the best micro jobs providing websites. They even have an app that you can use. So that is pretty cool. And you will be paid for simple tasks such as researching categorization, text creation, copywriting, proofreading surveys, mystery shopping visits, app testing, photo capturing, screen recordings, video recordings. So this is how you can help them out, and you will be paid for these straightforward jobs. And these are pretty basic jobs that companies want to be outsourced. This website is also available worldwide.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Another micro job website is Amazon Mechanical Turk, and you can access microtask from mturk.com/worker. Make money in your spare time and get paid for completing simple tasks. Amazon Mechanical Turk usually said their task as HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks) which is founded and managed by Amazon web Services.

Virtual Assistant

The next Work at the Home job is becoming a virtual assistant. Now, there are many different ways that you can become a virtual assistant, and becoming a virtual assistant is not super hard. You’re probably completing tasks based on a to-do list or a checklist. And the person who’s paying you has a list of things for you to do. So if they want you to manage their email, you can go ahead and manage their email. You could be making phone calls for them, making travel arrangements, or scheduling appointments. And if you want to even specialize in something, you can do that as well.

For example, if you want to work just as a Pinterest virtual assistant. So there are many ways that you can work with this. Most virtual assistants do freelance Work through a marketplace like Upwork, Freelancer.com, Fiverr, and more. And some companies will hire virtual assistants as well. And there are some people on Upwork or freelancers that are looking for permanent people to work for them as well. You can even go to Facebook, approach business owners, approach entrepreneurs, and see if they need help doing anything. So that’s another way that you can go ahead and look for people who need virtual assistance besides actually getting on these websites.

Translation Jobs

So the next Work at Home Jobs is for anyone who speaks two languages, i.e., Translation. If you can translate from one language to another, there are ways that you can make money doing that. Let’s go ahead and jump in and take a look at some of the websites that you can go ahead and use for Translation.

So to find translation jobs, these are some of the websites that you can go ahead and check out.


The first one we will talk about is gengo.com, which is a very flexible job. Here you need to choose your primary language and other languages that you know. Earning on Gengo is depends on your translation speed. Generally, a standard translator makes $0.03 per word, and a pro-level translator can earn upto $0.08 per word.


Now, the next one I have for you is Smartling. It is also one of the best translation jobs/services providers. Smartling is founded in 2009 by two founders Jack Welde and Andrey Akselrod. Headquarter located in New York City and providing computer-assisted translation services. The translator can use CAT (computer-aided Translation) tool, which will increase efficiency and revenue.

Beta Reading

So the next one requires you to read and give your opinion; basically, this is Beta reading. Now, if you do want, you can create a gig on Fiverr as a beta reader. Now, I only recommend this for people who enjoy reading because you’ll be doing something you like doing. And on Fiverr, you can specify the types of books you want to read to give constructive criticism to the author. That is a very simple way to make money. You can’t make a full-time income with that. To be clear, this is a very, very simple way to make money online from time to time, so beta reading is one of them. It’s one of the easiest things that you can do.

Game Tester

Now, the next Work at Home Jobs is for people who love gaming. So if you are skilled at playing video games, you can go ahead and test them out and give your feedback on the game to help the developers improve whatever needs to be improved within those games. Now, one way you can get a job like this is if you go to a game-specific board site, for example, the game industry career guide; these will be legitimate jobs where you can become a game tester.

Email Outreach Specialist

So the next job that requires very little skill is the email outreach specialist. Now, if you’re looking for something very easy to do, then this could be a job for you. Now, it does not pay very well, but you will be doing very little Work. And, usually, what they do is they give you a list of emails, and they give you some emails to send out to these people. And all you have to do is pretty much copy everything onto whatever email software you’re given and then send out the emails and possibly forward whatever replies you get. If you want to look for some of these jobs, you can look on indeed.com or flex jobs and look for email outreach specialist jobs.

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Search Engine Evaluator

So the next Work at Home Jobs is a search engine evaluator, and you don’t need any experience to do this. Some companies do hire you for searching on Google, Yahoo, or Bing. So basically, what they’re doing is they’re asking you to do some research online for them. Let’s go ahead and look at some of these websites that do pay you to search on Google.


Lionbridge is a crowdsourcing website that providing various jobs like rater, tester, translator, including search engine evaluator. They do have flexible jobs where you can get paid to search on Google, for example. Search engine evaluator would be a greater job. So this type of job is usually about searching for a specific thing on Google or Bing or Yahoo and reading the results that show up for you between one and five, for example. So very easy stuff. And also, they do hire for other things here that we already talked about, for example, gaming translation and things like that. So this is also a website that you can check out.


And the next Work at the Home job is Appen, and they also have microtask. You can also get paid to do search engine evaluations as well, just like Lion Bridge. And they also do have other micro tests for you to do data collection and surveys, so you can come over here and check this one out.

Data Entry

So next is data entry. Now, this is also an effortless job to do. Let’s go ahead and look at where we can go and apply for some data entry jobs.

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So one company you can check out and see if they have any jobs for you is Xerox. And this is a company that you may have heard of. They hire customer care, tech support, data entry, which I was talking about, and other things. So this is something that you can also check out.

Click Worker

Also, one that I talked about earlier on in this article is click worker. Data entry is also something that you can do from click worker from the app or the website.

Customer Service Representative

So the next Work at the Home job is a customer service representative. So a customer service representative, you would be answering phone calls. There are a lot of companies that no customers want to speak to a person. That’s why a lot of companies need customer service representatives. And for a lot of these, you can work from home. You do need a headset.

So here are just a few websites that you can check out.

  • Sykes.com/careers
  • Nexrep.com
  • Liveops.com and more.

Chat Support Specialist

The next Work at Home Jobs is very similar to a customer service representative. It is a chat support specialist. You’d be doing the same thing, but you’re communicating with your customer through a chat. For example, if you’ve ever been to a website with the little box that pops up with someone asking, How can I help you? That is a chat support representative or a chat support specialist. They make it easier for the customer to navigate the website and get whatever they have to get. So it’s kind of like a customer service representative, but you’re pretty much just messaging them, not talking to them on the phone.


So one company, you can go ahead and check-in your area. If they have any jobs available for chat support, it’s working for Apple. So you can go to apple.com/Careers and check for Apple support advisor Jobs. OK, Apple is a perfect company to work for, so you can check this out. And this is careers at Apple. You can check out any opportunities they have with Apple support advisors.

Amazon. jobs

Another Work at the Home job is Amazon. You can go to Amazon. Jobs and just search over here for remote career opportunities. There are virtual jobs available for Amazon, and they do have chat support, customer support, and things like that. So this is another one that you can check out, and you can filter by category full-time and Part-time. Part-time companies do need some chat support people. So there’s also another job that requires very little skill.

Website Testing

Next Work at Home Jobs is website testing. Website testing requires you to have no experience whatsoever. And many, many websites will pay you to test websites when they do have jobs becoming available. Now, some of them do require you to download software onto your computer. That way, they can record your experience on that website and get all of the actual data they need.

So here are a few websites listed below. There are many others that you can go ahead and search up.

  • TryMyUI.com
  • Testingtime.com
  • Userbrain.net
  • Userfeel.com
  • Usertesting.com and more.

But as I said, you can also sign up for multiple ones if you like to. And this way, you can maximize your earnings and see if you can make some money doing this. So there’s another way to get paid online, having minimal skills and little experience.


Here we discuss 11 Work-at-Home Jobs That Needs Little to No Skills; you can choose anyone at your convenience and start your online journey. If you have any queries, confusion and want to know more about each way, please comment.


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