Full Guide to Earn Money as a Blogger- Article Writing Guide for Bloggers

Article Writing Guide for Bloggers
Article Writing Guide for Bloggers

If you’re like to be a good blogger, you know how to write a good blog for your site. Writing is creative work. Not everyone has such good skills for writing blogs. If you have no ideas how to write an article for the blogs then this article is so much useful to you. This article discusses an article writing guide for bloggers- a full guide from start to end.  Here we go

It is easy to get caught up in the big picture when you’re running the WordPress blog. While posting your blog on the website you should be developing an overall content strategy and setting up a posting schedule that helps to make your blog’s site unique. Not only the content strategy and posting schedule are fully responsible to measure your blog success. For making the success of your blog, you must write quality content pieces. Here we discuss the content creation process.

Step 1: Pick a topic that sets you up for success

Pick a topic that sets you up for success

Before writing a good blog, you make a plan and think that which is the thing that helps while writing a blog. What is the key point that makes blogs good?. A deep study will need before writing a blog. If you don’t take the above thing seriously then it directly affects your blog’s site. You can not write a quality blog.

Two parts make your blog a hot cake; First, you mostly focus on the potential topic. If you found the potential topic. Then sit down and think up that how to write in this topic a unique article.

The second part is if you want to create a high-quality post that’s useful to your readers and helps drive traffic to your blog, you make your content more unique. For making your content uniques as well as useful to your readers then meets as many of the following criteria as possible:

a. Relevance

Above all, you choose the topic that should be both interesting and useful to the target. To determine this you also have to focus on a comprehensive audience profile. Which is your target audience. how your blog can solve a problem or answer a key question for the audience. While starting your writing for the blog you can keep all these things on your mind.

b. Uniqueness

Most importantly,  you won’t want to duplicate any content already on your site or blog. Before writing in the topic you google the topic and see how many authors are writing on that topic. If you get some ideas from other authors’ posts make your content somehow unique so that readers can get benefits after reading your blog. Focus on mainly the fresh or unique content so that it makes your blog some different than others.

c. Depth

Before writing the blog you have to get depth knowledge of relevant topics. Make sure that you can convey a relevant message to the reader to fill their problem or question in the entire blog post. While writing you must focus on how the reader can get more benefits or how you can fulfill the reader’s needs by giving the appropriate knowledge.

d. Longevity

This also plays an important role while writing a blog. Make time-sensitive blog posts. Make sure that you can give appropriate content to the reader so that reader can trust your post. Focus on evergreen content and pass the relevant and useful content to readers a year from now.

Finally, the above all the steps are very much effective for choosing the topic. Keyword research is one of the effective ways to make your content unique. If you want to attract a lot of readers through search engines, the keywords chosen play an important role. Look for a keyword that’s both high in search volume and relatively low in competition.

Step 2: Create an outline

While writing the blog you are most concerned about the outline. Many people did not concern about their outline. Poor outlining can suck some of the creativity of your blog and make your blog ugly.

However, there are many benefits of writing within a proper outline. A proper framework helps you to focus on smaller concerns like world choice and the flow you’re writing. Similarly, it also helps what you’re going to write about next.

As well as an outline helps to ensure you for covering all the important points in your post in a logical order. It helps to think of your outline as an organizational tool. For the outline, you can minimum consider the following point-

  • All the major heading and sub-headings are to be included in your post.
  • A few bullet points are included in each section so that readers can easily get ideas and topics that you want to be cover in the post.
  • Note where you want to add links and other images.

If you follow all the above steps on your blogs then it is easier to read. The researcher can get overall ideas about your content by looking at the outline of the blog. The outline gives a unique way to present your blog in a very systemic way so that you can cover all the things that a reader wants to read.

We discuss here the Article Writing Guide for Bloggers- Full Guide Start to End.

Step 3: Write the post

Write the post

Writing a blog post is one of the creative works, and everyone’s skills will be different. While writing a post you will aware that your content is short and sweet. Also, your blogs post are very much helpful to the reader and meet their expectation of what they want from your article.

With this in mind, here are a few tips that work for us when writing a blog post:

1. Focus on writing rather than self-editing while you write the first draft:

While writing the post plenty of time we go back and edit a lot of time. This is time-consuming. First, you write down your ideas. After finishing the writing you start editing as well as make other tasks like adding more sentences where needed, proper heading on the post,  bold, etc. Your first task is just to write down your ideas.

2. Write too much, rather than too short.

You can always trim down what you’ve written, but also focus on the content which fulfills all the valuable information. Making short content, many writers skip much valuable information. So while writing your article/ blog you should include all the valuable information.

3. Make your introduction and conclusion as catchy

Many readers judge your post quality by reading your introduction. If they found that your introduction paragraph is so much interesting as well as meet their expectation. Then after the reader spends their time on your post neither he/she skips your blog post. For making your blog post catchy you should make your introduction paragraph as well as the conclusion unique.

We discuss here the Article Writing Guide for Bloggers- Full Guide Start to End.

Step 4: Edit your first draft

After finishing your writing you must check all one again. You found many lines that have no sense or that decrease the quality of your blog. If you found that on your blog then change it. Many people simply write a blog post, and they didn’t check one. Without checking it they hurry up for publishing. If you are also doing the same mistake then please think about it.

However, the quality of the post comes out after the editing process. Your first effort is called a rough draft. For a reason, it needs to polish your ideas, opinions, and advice so that they shine and make your blog post wonderful or equitable for reading. While doing editing your mind becomes cool and you should be in peace place without any distraction. So that you can make your article better.

We discuss the most important advice you’ll want to keep in mind:

Don’t edit right after you’ve finished writing.

Many writers edit their posts after they finished writing. This is no such good technique for editing your post. Take some time to rest after finishing writing. At the rest time, your mind becomes cool and you have enough time to re-think your post what you write.

Watch out for the basics

During writing, you do not consider spelling and grammar but they’re so much important to make your article precious. After writing you check spelling or grammar or use the tools like Grammarly which help you to find spelling and grammar in your blog post.

Edit the entire post, not just the text.

After finishing your writing task, you may check whole the article or blog post. Look at all the headlines, images, and other links.  Also checking your formatting and metadata, and so on. So that you make your article uniques and attractive.

Check out your post on the front end.

No matter where you write your blog post. You will read your post or check out your post on the WordPress front end. This helps you to catch all the errors in your blog post.

Give your post a final proofread.

When you finish all your tasks, give it once a final read so that you can care about the minor mistakes as well as catch any lingering error, confusing sentence, etc.

You give a lot of time to editing and polishing your content. So that your blog post becomes a high-quality post. So that the reader enjoys reading your post.

These are some tips for Article Writing Guide for Bloggers- Full Guide Start to End.

How to write a blog post that people want to read

how to write a blog post that people want to read

If you’re looking to build a WordPress blog, there are lots of strategies you can apply to make your blogs unique and reachable to the reader. For that, you can use search engine optimization(SEO) to drive more traffic to your site. Also, take advantage of other tools that support grabbing more audience in your site. But most important is that your article become unique and useful to the reader.

When it comes time to write a blog post for your site, you’ll want to make sure you cover these vital steps:

  1. Keep a list of ideas handy – First, you make a list of ideas about who you want to write the article. Proper research is done before writing. Always use multiple sources when researching.
  2. Give your task a unique Structure: After the research, you make a plan or framework for how you can write your article. Creating a framework you start your writing. The framework gives you a proper path to how to write the blog step by step, without constraining your creativity.
  3. Use your unique styles: While writing the post, you can write your style. What thing comes to your mind about that topic can be written. After writing the blog post you can be editing it and make it more effective to read. Check the spelling and grammar. Keeping an eye on small things that many writers ignore. If you write in this way, readers will enjoy reading your blog post. Which helps you to engage the organic traffic on your sites.

By applying these rules you can write an effective article. Thus the above steps are very much beneficial for those who are beginners. We discuss here the Article Writing Guide for Bloggers- Full Guide Start to End.

SEO for Article/Blog article and

SEO articles for beginners or SEO tips for article writing or SEO for article writing

SEO for Article/Blog article and SEO articles for beginners or SEO tips for article writing or SEO for article writing

SEO is one of the effective strategies for ranking your content on the web. For making an effective SEO strategy on your article you can follow different steps:

1. Proper include your keyword on the title

While writing articles for your blog post you must consider SEO. You properly include your SEO keyword in the title because it will help you to improve your SERP result.

2. Must include your keyword on the permalink

While someone searches on google, Google matches search queries with title and URL and then only searches for keyword placement in other areas. So to get a better rank on search results always focus on keywords and permalinks.

3. Your keyword is also included in your introduction as well as the conclusion parts.

While you include an SEO keyword on the first and last 100 words or in your introduction as well as conclusion parts. It proves that your article is on focus keywords that accordance with search queries which increases user engagement and finally it helps to rank your blog post in search engines.

4. Keywords should include in the heading and sub-heading.

In your blog post, If you include an SEO keyword in the headling and sub-heading then the reader can find that the article is the right path. Also, the reader thinks that this article is useful for him/her and spends time up to last. Which decreases the bounce rate. If your blog post has less bounce rate then google thinks that you have good content and useful content. That helps your article to rank at the top on the search engines.

5. Maintain keyword density 1%-2%. That means your keyword should include 1 or 2 times only

For making the keyword rank many bloggers put their SEO keyword on each paragraph which is very unusable. If you put your SEO keyword in every paragraph, then Google treats it as an unnatural keyword optimization( Keyword stuffing), leading to penalization in search results.

We discuss here the Article Writing Guide for Bloggers- Full Guide Start to End.

What is SEO article writing? or What is an SEO article?

To write the article systematically by following the five-step such as:-

  1. SEO keywords in the title
  2. proper SEO keywords on the permalink
  3. proper use of SEO on first and last 100 words
  4. keywords on heading and subheading
  5. maintain keywords density 1%-2%.

If you follow all the steps while writing the article then it will help to improve your search result and also known as SEO( Search engine optimization) article writing.

The use of all the SEO strategies while writing the article, makes your article SEO optimized which we will also be called an SEO article.

SEO checker for articles

There are various SEO checker tools in the market. You can use anyone one of these tools at your convenience. Some of the SEO checker tools that I used are listed below:

  1. seoptimizer.com 
  2. biq.cloud
  3. ahrefs.com
  4. Answer the public
  5. Moz.com and many more

Above mentioned 5 tools are frequently used by million’s of users and I suggest you use trusted and verified tools like these.

SEO for medium articles

Medium is an article-sharing platform that gives a free blog posting platform with your custom domain. Medium gives you link juice which helps on the search rank of your blog post. You can do SEO for medium articles as similar to SEO of a normal blog post.


SEO tips for article writing or how to do SEO article writing?

SEO tips for article writing or how to do SEO article writing?

While writing articles we must consider on-page SEO. Without proper SEO we are not able to rank our blog on the search results. Here I am going to list some tips for SEO-optimized article writing as per my experience.

  • Use focused keyword in the title
  • Use focused keyword in permalink
  • Use focused keywords on the first and last 100 words of your word
  • Maintain semantic density of focused keywords ( don’t over-optimized article by just placing keywords randomly)
  • Try to solve user queries with some FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Always Anchor instead of placing URL directly
  • Always use focused keywords on title and alt text for SEO optimization from image SEO optimization sides
  • Always link your other similar post to build internal linking networks.
  • Don’t use passive voice as far as possible
  • Always write a shorter paragraph. Each paragraph must be less than 150 words and each 300 words content must have suitable headings/subheadings.
  • Try to write shorter sentences to increase the readability of your content.

How many words for SEO articles?

For SEO you may write a minimum of 500 words according to google but for the competition, if your article has as much as a word then it helps you to rank on the top. Minimum 500 words required the rank your article in google. If you write less than 500 words then the Google Search engine treats your article as a low content article or less valuable content.

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In this article, we discuss the Article Writing Guide for Bloggers- Full Guide Start to End. This article gives you overall ideas about the beginner for how to write an article as well as how to manage their SEO for their article. If you are plan to do blogging, Then this article learns you every step of how to make your blog post unique and reader-friendly. To learn more about SEO and other topics like AdSense, digital marketing then stay in touch with AdSense Article.


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