Free Shiba Limited Review- Earn Free Shiba Inu Coins in 2022

Free Shiba Limited Review
Free Shiba Limited Review

Hey guys what’s up? Well, all of you are doing well. In the present market (2021 October) many of you gain decent profits from the SHIBA coin. Now SHIBA is one of the fast-growing coins in the crypto market. Here in this “Free Shiba limited review”, we will explore the SHIBA earning platform. Now SHIBA value is in the saturation phase and most of you have already booked your profits and some are planning to hold it for the long term. And some of you have difficulty investing and miss the previous spark on SHIBA, don’t worry here we have platforms to earn free SHIBA coins.

Free Shiba limited is for all SHIBA lovers. If you want to earn SHIBA coins for free and are willing to generate huge profit in the future then you must try this platform. If you have no time to earn SHIBA for free then you may buy and stack it for the future. This article is especially for those who are willing to trade or invest in crypto but do not have sufficient funds or have problems with payment gateways. Now without doing further delay let get into the topics.

What is Free Shiba Limited?

Free Shiba Limited is a free SHIBA coin earning platform. One of the best and fast SHIBA coins earning platforms that I have ever tested. In free Shiba limited platforms, you will find various earning options that help you to generate decent SHIBA coins in your free time.

Free Shiba Limited Review

Crypto Earning Platforms – Free Shina Limited Review along with details are listed below:

Disclaimer: There are thousands of scam crypto earning sites on the Internet. Bewareaware of them and join such platforms only by suggesting trusted platforms like trusted blogs, trusted youtube, or other trusted social media platforms. Free Shiba Limited is a 100% legit platform and paid its user in time; stay connected to this blog post for future updates. This is not sponsor article and all then information given here is based on my own experience with Free Shiba Limited platoforms. 

Company: Free Shiba Limited

Head of Admin: Mr. T

Founded: 2021

Joining Link: Free Shiba Limited

Websites: free.Shiba. limited

Joining Fee: Free

Joining Bonus: Unknown

Headquarters: NA

Types: Online SHIBA coin Earning Platform. (including auto faucet, manual faucet, games, lucky wheel, mining, short links, PTC ads, and more)

Payout Option: SHIBA token in a micro wallet or direct wallet

Minimum Withdrawal: 15000000 SHIBA token

Skill Required: Basic skills of operating mobile and laptops while doing surveys, offers, PTC ads, short links, games, and referrals.

Genuine: 100% Genuine

Earning Potential: Earning potential is depends on task availability and your level. If you have free time then it is recommended to invest in some useful works like SHIBA coin earning.

Recommended: Recommended for all who want’s to earn some extra SHIBA tokens while they are free.

Benefits: Such an earning platform never added value to your resume but gives some free tokens that help your crypto journey without investment.

User Rating of Free.Shiba.Limited:

While doing the Free Shiba Limited, we must consider user review and rating also. User ratings on the different platforms are listed below:

Trustpilot Rating: 4.4 Stars out of 5 Stars

How to join Free Shiba Limited?

After reading a short review of free Shiba limited, If you are still reading this article then you are interested to earn some SHIBA tokens. Now let’s start with the first step toward earning SHIBA tokens that is the Signup/registration process.

  1. Go to the official page of free Shiba limited and click on register.
  2. Fill in all the details carefully and enter the register. (Registration page sample)   
  3. Now after registration, you need to login into your account using your email and password.
  4. Your free Shiba limited dashboard is open in from of you. (We will discuss all sections of Free Shina Limited further in our article)

How to Earn SHIBA coin on Free Shiba Limited?

As I already mention, there are various earning options on the Free Shiba Limited platform. Here we will discuss all possible ways of earning on this platform. All of your earning is depends on your work and somehow depends on luck also. Without making any delay let’s move to the earning sections one by one.

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Referral Earning

One of the easy earning sections on Free Shiba Limite is referring your friends and families and earning 50% of your referral earnings for a lifetime.

Leaderboard Earning

Make your first position on weekly leaderboards and earn huge rewards. In the leaderboard section stats of the top 15 people are shown. Bit all 14 and get a chance to win a huge number of SHIBA tokens. And the good thing about the leaderboard is that there is a separate reward for separate leaderboard winners according to categories. Activity contests, referral contests, short link contests, offerwall contests, etc are examples of leaderboard categories.

Achievements Earning

In achievements earning, you will be rewarded for the achievement that you achieve while working on Free Shiba Limited platforms. There are certain reward schemes available you need to complete the criteria and claim your reward.

Dice Earning

In the Dice roll and earn section you need to select the bet amount and winning chance in percentage and then you will get profits on your bet. The dice section is the simplest and easy section on Free Shiba limited platforms.

Auto Faucet Earning

Auto Faucet is one of the easiest ways to earn SHIBA tokens. In the Auto faucet, you just need to open the page and claim your faucet earning after a certain time. Waiting time and token reward are varying by admin after some time.

Manual Faucet Earning

A manual Faucet is a free way to claim some tokens per claim and the claim limit is 100 claims per day. There is some fixed time interval (e.g. 5 min) between each claim.

Wheel of Fortune Earning

Wheel of fortune is one of the best, free, and high-earning opportunities on the Free Shiba Limited platform. Wining tokens on the wheel of fortune is varying from 500 to 9999999 SHIBA tokens and, surely, you will win between these values. But for every spin, you need 3 energy which you have to earn/claim from shortlinks.

Mining Earning

The mining section allows Free Shiba Limited users to mine some free SHIBA tokens by using CPU browser mining and GPU mining. If your device does not meet the basic requirements for GPU mining then you can mine by CPU browser mining. But remember to open your mining page on the browser till the mining process running. For GPU mining you need to download GPU mining software and start mining your free SHIBA tokens.

Shortlinks Earning

One of the high potential earning sections is shortlinks. In the shortlinks section, you need to claim by visiting shortlinks. In shortlinks, you will earn tokens as well as energy which will be further used in the wheel of fortune. Completing each shortlinks gives you reasonable SHIBA tokens. And if you claim all shortlinks daily then you will easily meet the withdrawal limit in 5 to 6 days.

PTC Earning

PTC earning gives you free tokens on each claim and you will redirect to paid to click ads for a certain time. After completing the time limit you will pay some tokens and sometimes you will need to complete the captcha before claiming.


In the lottery section, you need to buy lottery tickets costing 5000 per lottery ticket and get a chance to win huge lottery rewards. In the lottery, I am suggesting you buy tickets by your 10 percent of earning and get a chance to get huge rewards.


In the task section, Free Shiba Limited listed some tasks with their requirement. And for each task you complete in the task section you will get huge rewards tokens. If you have good writing skills or have knowledge of creating youtube videos, then you will easily complete tasks and earn rewards. Blog posts, youtube videos, social shares, etc are the example tasks you need to complete in the Tasks section. Read all the instructions carefully and then complete tasks for Sureshot earning.


The next and last earning option on Free Shiba Limited is OfferWalls. In Offerwalls you need to complete available offers and earn token rewards. Right now there is bitswall and monlix who offer different offers for rewards. Hope we will soon see more offers and surveys options there.

Free Shiba Limited for Advertisers

Offerwalls, shortilinks, and the PTC ads section are especially contributed by advertisers. Advertisers are allowed to create campaigns and manage their campaigns. Free Shaba Limited provides a good opportunity for advertisers and task workers. This is the common platform for online earners and advertisers. In my point of view this is a win-win situation so take a look and make some extra as an earner and advertiser.

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In “Free Shiba Limited Review- Earn Free Shiba Inu Coins in 2022,” we explain all the necessary details like earning ways, withdrawals ways, and limitations. Please comment on us if you love this article and this post to help make some SHIBA tokens for your crypto journey. We are always happy to hear from you. Stay connected to Meta Earn for similar exciting content.


  1. guwtham

    hi i am withdraw tokens last 2days back but there is no added my shiba tokens in my wallet. can you please tel me…
    and i have with draw to wazirex account..15003000…

    • check the address correctly. They paid on my Shina inu (BEP-20) token. If everything is correct then allow them some time, because it is holiday season.For any future queries, you can mail me at

  2. guwtham

    hi bro it is BEP-20 Address ?
    but i am withdraw Adress ERC-20 Address bro and what can i do… any thing possible to tokens back any options…

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