How to Earn Money Online with Digital Marketing?

Earn Money Online with Digital Marketing
Earn Money Online with Digital Marketing

Hey hello, friends, we try to buy anything, buy mobile phones or buy furniture, take any product, take any service, we search about it on the internet. Try to know about it. Internet is a significant part of our life. For this reason, marketing is becoming digital, the trend of digital marketing is increasing. And this is where the need for digital marketing is rising. So, today we are talking about How to Earn Money Online with Digital Marketing.

While talking about the digital industry, this industry value is $ 469.8 billion in 2023 and is growing and expected to reach $1009.8 billion by 2025. Internet users in the world have become 4.72 billion-plus and are increasing day by day. There are more than 3.96 billion social media users. Talking about the facts, 69% of the users search for that product once on the search engine in their purchasing journey. Social media influence 71% of users’ buying. Digital sales are all the reason that in today’s date, big companies and small business people of small towns should understand how they can market digitally. How can they grow digitally? Lawyers, Professional, CA, Doctors, Teachers Everyone wants to take advantage digitally; Everybody wants to grow digitally.

So today, I am going to tell you how you can start your digital marketing agency sitting at home. You can earn $1000 a month by starting without investment. I will share the complete business plan with you; and I am going to share the blueprint with you; I am going to tell you six steps; before that, we need to know.

What is the role of Digital Marketing

For those who do not know what digital marketing is, what is the work, then in two or three lines, first we understand what your role is, then we will move to the steps.

The work of a digital marketing agency is to promote business and brands, increase the reach of the services and products to the right customers. And increase sales by increasing the visibility and branding of the companies by using digital platforms, which can be accessed from any mobile, laptop and tab-like websites, social media, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google search, Google Maps, blogs and videos.

Six Steps of Earn Money Online with Digital Marketing

In Steps 1 and 2, you will find the solution to your many problems. There are already much industry and agencies exist, so how will you grow yourself in competition? Here I am sharing one magical formula that doesn’t need any experience, colossal investment and team.

In Steps 3 and 4, we will talk about client capturing and getting a business deal.

In Step 5, we will discuss the complete business plan, how you will grow month by month and start earning $1000 per month.

Step 6: we will discuss the expansion of your business. Once you reach $1000 per month, don’t stop here; this is your first target. Now it’s time to increase the target.

Steps 1: Select your Area

Select your area is the magical step in your digital marketing journey. Selection of area is the first significant step on Earn Money Online with Digital Marketing; before that, you need to know your customer interest and requirements.

Know your targeted customers or industry

Now what is the scene, we have to start, but there we have no capital, investment, brands, and knowledge. Now the big company that will not listen to us like Nestle, Uber, these will go to the big agency, it is the clients of the world’s top marketing company Publicis Groups and will go to them. Dell, MakeMyTrip, like the company, also does not listen to us; they are the clients of GroupM. All the big companies are already linked with big marketing service provides. So, our target is not to get business deals with big clients; first, we need to focus on small and medium enterprises and keep start practice.

There are too many professionals, lawyers, doctors, small hotels, small restaurants, colleges, schools, teachers who cannot afford big digital marketing companies but wants to be digital and increase business with digital marketing. So they need small digital marketing agencies that can work under their budgets. So, first, you have to learn, gain experience by working with small businesses, small level enterprises and professionals.

List of some Industries to whom we offer our Services

  • Education
  • Hospitality
  • Travel
  • E-Commerce
  • Handicraft
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare

Know your fields of services

Now, after focus on small level enterprise, business and professional, we need to choose the fields of services that we offer. There are too many fields on digital marketing; learn all of them and run a business is not possible by individual, as an individual first we need to choose the services that we can provide to our clients.

Some of the top digital marketing services or platforms are;

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Ad Expert
  • Campaign Expert
  • SMO
  • SEO
  • ORM
  • E-Commerce

Learning all these platforms and run a 360-degree company is challenging in terms of investment and time. As an individual, you need to focus on a specific industry with a particular strategy of marketing. Run a micro-niche agency and build your expertise and grow your business. You have to convince your clients that we offer limited services, but no one gives services better than you. Small businesses need small level digital marketing agencies for completing their task, and if you are offering focused services, then the chance of getting hired increases.

Let’s talk about some specific examples of digital marketing that only focus on a single niche and grow.

  • Internet Moguls online Pvt. Ltd. Focus on Hotels
  • Orange Digital Focus on Health care (pharma company, hospitals, clinics etc.).
  • Fitness Flyer, the digital marketing company for Fitness Company (Gym, self-defence art etc.)

How to choose your fields of work?

For choosing your fields of works, you have different options like domain-specific or platforms specific or Mix.

Domain-Specific Services

After knowing your targeted audience and your fields of services, you need to choose specific areas or topics on which you are focusing and working. Either you are domain specif, that is you can choose a domain for your working fields, like

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Manufacturing
  • Retailers
  • Restaurants
  • Lawyers
  • Doctors and more

Choose any of the domains mentioned above and offer services like digital marketing services for Healthcare only or digital marketing for education industries only. Though all the fields have high potential after this corona pandemic, there is comparatively high scope in Healthcare and education sectors.

Platforms Specific Services

If you are not interested in choosing a domain, you can choose platforms per your interest. Some example platforms are

  • Facebook Ad Expert
  • Google Ad Expert
  • SEO Expert
  • Google Map Expert
  • Video Marketer Expert and more.

Choose any specific platforms and offer services to your clients; keep learning, and keep growing. If you build your speciality in any field, you can easily earn high money per project because everyone is searching for an expert, no matter service charges.

Mix Services Providers

If you are new, have no experience and investment, then the Mix is the better option. The combination means you can combine any domain with any platforms that we listed in the above sections. After mixing your specialization or services provided are as follows

  • Video Marketing for teachers
  • Online Reputation Management for doctors
  • SEO Only for Schools and more

If you provide specific services based on particular platforms, there is a high chance of getting projects quickly; you can get business deals from freelancing websites or local contacts.

Step 2: Educate Yourself

Our Next step on Earn Money Online with Digital Marketing is to Educate yourself; now, Step 1 makes it easy to choose what fields or platforms you need to learn. You already know what areas and what platform is best for us; since you are not trying to understand the whole universe, you start with micro-niche; you need a maximum of 1 month to educate yourself. While taking during educating yourself, all the time depends on your speed and how depth you are going while learning.

For example, If you choose to teach, study teaching-related handles for some time. For teachers, if you prefer video marketing, then you need to learn content quality, video optimization, try to know the algorithm of YouTube and more. Finally, you can build your expertise on video marketing for teachers; then, you can quickly get projects based on your expertise.

SO, you are clear about what to learn, then give at least one month to educate yourself. We already give more than 12 years on education and cannot reach $1000 easily; you take time to educate and build proper skills. This will develop your root strong and which gives good outcomes (fruits) in future. Everything’s that you need to learn is readily available on the internet. If you can afford then go with paid training and learn fast, or if you cannot afford then you can go with free training. Your ultimate goal is to learn some skills and build your expertise. If you choose to learn Facebook or google ads expert, these platforms give your free training with a certificate, and you can learn from SkillShare, Udemy like paid platforms. So, choose one medium or one sector, take your time and educate yourself.

Step 3: Create A Company Profile

It is clear that you need to know the specialization; you do not need to learn about the whole digital marketing. You have not become an expert in 1 month, but you can start your digital marketing journey with previously learn theories and experiments. Now you need practical works, need clients, and know more about the natural ground. The more clients you have, the more you are earning. Now it is the main points that how to acquire clients? Before reaching clients, your need some basic profile or company profile.

Creating a profile means I am not forcing you to create attractive websites; create social media profiles on every social media handle. You can start just with a simple Facebook page also. If you have good knowledge of the web, you can create your website in 1 day using CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc. Your website must contain a minimum of the following sections;

  • About Us Section/Page
  • Your Specialization Section/Page
  • Goals and Plans Section/page
  • Your ways of working with clients
  • Contact Details section/page

Suppose you cannot afford an essential portfolio website. In that case, you can create PDF that containing all the information listed above, or you can create a presentation or docs also which shows your expertise and helps to get clients.

Step 4: Finding Your First Clients

Finding first clients is your first step towards the digital marketing journey. Handling initial clients is the primary way to succeed; if you can satisfy your clients, your branding is built, and you will get more deals. Here you are working in a micro-niche, so there is a high chance of getting a project quickly because you already build your expertise in specific fields and kill the competition.

If you are a marketer and have marketing skills, then there is no big deal to grab one client; you can drive your clients using ads as an ad expert. And If you don’t want to invest money in ads, you can do video marketing and generate leads. If you know how to use google maps, you can quickly drive local clients using google maps. You have experience in your fields because you train yourself for one month, now the time to utilize your hardware and experience to drive clients. Your handwork on digital areas gives a significant outcome because digital is the future, Scalable, Automated and work from home.

You can quickly drive more than one client by using your knowledge and expertise, but still, if you face problems going clients, you can use the following tested ways that I am already using.

Some Common Ways to drive Clients to your business

Direct Approach

You can reach your client in the indirect approach by using mail, Facebook messenger, whatsapp or Viber or direct phone contact. These are highly productive ways to get your clients. For this, you need to make a list of the business/clients first, analyze each business, research on them. Based on your research, you need to find out the points on which you can help them. Purpose your strategy in detail on how you can help them through mail or messages. When your proposal is delivered, clients read this and are curious to talk with you and make a deal with you unless they already hire someone else for digital marketing.

Yes, it is a bit time consuming to do research, analysis and making sample report before getting a deal. Still, if you invest in post-project work, it shows how capable you are and how effectively you help your clients after getting hired as a digital marketer. You can do this at the local level, national level and international level also. In digital marketing, you do not have a location barrier; you can work for clients in the USA while sitting at your home in Asian Country. It would be best if you had the skill and proper internet connection. You are working at a small level in the initial phase, so there are higher chances of reading your email; pick your call. You can get your clients from your network, friends, circles, or contacts at this level.


The following way to drive clients to your business is freelancing websites. It is a bit tough way, but you can crack it with your handwork. First, you need to create a profile on various freelancing websites like Fiverr, Upwork, and more. The benefit of using freelancing websites is that there are too many companies, businesses, and professionals who come here to search for a freelancer. Freelancing websites are the marketplace to find jobs for freelancers and workers for companies and companies. Yes, there is competition, but it is also true that there are business opportunities; that’s why there is competition.

You can overcome the competition by specializing in your fields and building a good company/individual portfolio. On freelancing, you can get international clients quickly; many developed countries hire freelancers from developing land because of low labour costs.

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Go Local

Now the third and traditional way to drive clients to your business is to go local. You can try these ways just for the experience, and somehow, it is working. There are too many businesses and professionals in your locality to whom you can offer your services. Your targeted industries are

  • Businesses
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • School
  • College
  • Professionals
  • Lawyers
  • Doctors
  • CA
  • Teachers and more

These are some examples of clients to whom you can contact and discuss the deal. For business, you can increase the sales; for school/college, you can increase the admission and more. Then the response to your approach as to how you can do this and then illustrate your plan in front of them, convivence then and grab the deal. It isn’t easy for your first few clients to get a bargain, but after that, your previous works helps to drive more clients.

Step 5: Create A Revenue Model (Blueprint)

In the 5th step of Earn Money Online with Digital Marketing, we understand the revenue model and blueprint of 1 year. First, few months are the most challenging period for you, the first month you educate yourself; the second month is drive your first clients.

In the initial phase, you need to build your portfolio so, if possible, work for free or work with minimum charges, because they believe you’re and give you the chance to develop your career, which you can work for experience. Or you can work for revenue share; if you are successful in driving sales/leads, then take a certain percentage of revenue; otherwise, charge nothings. In this way, you can convince your clients, and after making good company profiles, you can start charging per month according to your expertise. Be Patient for a few months and only focus on work, and you will get positive results after few months.

Now, after a few months, you can start charging $100 to $500 per month as per your convenience and work with five clients at once. Because you don’t go to join 9 to 5 jobs for digital marketing, you can easily handle one client by giving 1 to 3 hours per day. While working, your knowledge and experience increase and side by side, your pay scale is also increasing. After a few months, your clients are growing is it is challenging to handle all of your clients; at that time, you need to expand your business.

Step 6: Expansion

The Next Step on Earn Money Online with Digital Marketing is Expansion; If you work alone, you can handle limited clients and limited deals. After that, you have to expand your company by hiring staff or interns. It is ok that you start as an individual because of a lack of funds, but now you have to expand your limit, generate more income by dealing with more clients.

Now it’s time to establish your works as a business by scaling your company. You already invest sufficient time to learn; you know how the process works, what the client expects from you and how to get a deal, then it’s time to take more projects by scaling your company. If you stop here, then your growth stops, and it is not suitable for you. I strongly suggest you expand your company. Please search for the excellent team contributing to your expansion, either they are staff or business partners or interns.

While you are creating a team, you can handle more clients; your revenue will automatically increase. If you have a minimum of 10 clients, then your gross income is $4000 to $5000 per month, and if you deduct the 60% overall expenses, staff salary, system cost, and your net income is $1500 to $2000 per month. At this time, your earning per month is more than $1000. This revenue results from your handwork; here, you should create a high goal and start working with expansion and unlocks more doors of revenue.


You are at the end of this article, which shows your willingness to Earn Money Online with Digital Marketing. In conclusion of this article, you need to follow these six steps that we mention here and continue working along with learning; then, you will succeed.


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