How to Make Money With ClickBank for Free – Two Options

Make Money With ClickBank
Make Money With ClickBank

What is ClickBank?

ClickBank is a unique website that works in two distinct ways. Here we show you how to make money with ClickBank for free using both.

1. You have a product to sell, but you don’t want to do any promotional or marketing work yourself. Sign up to ClickBank where, hopefully, Clickbank will accept your product and, in time, one or more ClickBank members will promote the product for you on a commission-only basis.

2. You love promotional and marketing work, but you don’t want to make, write or stock any products yourself. Sign up to ClickBank, choose a product or multiple products to promote and earn commission from each sale.

It is the global retailer and affiliate Marketplace. Here people can Sell their digital products, people can buy digital products, and affiliates can promote digital products for a commission. It serves the market for around 20 years ( till 2024 March) and has paid 4.2 billion to date. Some products on Clickbank can give up to 100% affiliate commission. On commission percentage, Clickbank is the best affiliate network.

The minimum withdrawal of Clickbank is $10 via Payoneer.

Make Money With ClickBank

While talking about making money with Clickbank and new to affiliate marketing, you have one question: how to make money with Clickbank? Mainly there are two ways to make money from Clickbank. You can sell your products and become a vendor or promote others products as a marketer. These two ways of making money from Clickbank describe below: 

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As Vendor

Creative people often excel at writing books, programming new software packages or putting together high-tech instruction manuals, but once the work is done, they don’t know how to attract buyers. This is where you can make a real profit with ClickBank. Provided you have a marketable product to sell, and you can sit back and let others do the selling for you. The commission you have to pay is usually very hefty, anywhere from 50-75%, but if you make a lot of sales, it can be worth your while. So you can make money with ClickBank for free as the vendor.

As Marketer

So you’ve found the product or products that you want to promote. How do you go about selling it? One of the first things you should do is set up a blog which is a very effective tool for reaching out to a potentially huge audience to inform, educate and promote. Your blog posts should be genuine and informative. Build relevant, high-quality Blogs/articles around the product you are promoting, always linking to the product’s URL so that a reader can purchase it at any time. Include photos and updates in your blog.

If you already have a blog, then that’s great – you have an existing audience with whom you can share news of this exciting new product. If you’re new to blogging, you should set one up ASAP, write quality articles, promote, promote, and promote!

Email newsletters are very popular and are now easier than ever to design and build using helpful websites like Constant Contact and Aweber. Newsletters give you the chance to keep in touch with your customers. And remind them to stay up to date with your blog, in turn encouraging them to part with their hard-earned cash. Encourage subscribers to get their friends to sign up, too, by running competitions and special offers.

So if you wondered how to make money with ClickBank for free, hopefully, the above information will help you see that it’s possible. Not only can you make money with ClickBank for free as the vendor; but you can also do the same as the marketer.


All we know that ClickBank is one of the oldest affiliate programs to earn money online. And still working very well, there are thousands of affiliate who earn thousands of dollar from ClickBank. Here I clear about what is Clickbank and How to Make Money With ClickBank for Free. If you have still some confusion or queries, then feel free to comment below:


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