Make Money Fast Today -Top 22 Websites to start your Online Journey.

Make Money Fast Today
Make Money Fast Today

Here we discuss Make Money Fast Today which is 22 Websites to start your Online Journey. That’s what we’re going to get into in this article. So if you’re ready for that, make sure that you do bookmark our site for a genuine article on making money online, affiliate, marketing, and working from home.

Welcome to Meta Earn and today we are going over some websites to help you possibly earn $1000 or more. Now, if you have no idea what you can be doing online, that’s fine, because I’m going to show you so many different ways that you can just start looking at. So make sure that you do have a pen and paper. So you can jot things down. Let’s get right into it.

Designer Freelancer Websites for Make Money Fast Today

Designer Freelancer Websites for Make Money Fast Today
Designer Freelancer Websites for Make Money Fast Today

So, the first category on our list of Make Money Fast Today is Designer Freelancer Websites, we’re going to start with some designer Freelancer websites. Here we list only a few freelance websites but if you are interested to check more about freelance platforms then you can check our previous article, links are provided below:

Link: Top Paying Freelance Websites in 2021


The first Make Money Fast Today idea is So if you create logos, product packaging product label illustrations, book covers, apps, t-shirts, then you also use this website, and the next few websites that I’m about to mention as well, you can find design jobs over here, or you can also participate in contests. They do allow businesses to hold contests, and you get to participate in them if you want to and submit your ideas. You would have to have a winning idea. If you can create any type of logo or any book covers for ebooks or anything like that. You can use this website as a freelancer.


So the next Make Money Fast Today idea is This one is also perfect for designers. If you can design t-shirts, book covers, and things like that, and you can just go ahead and browse through some of the stuff that they have on there. They also do have some design resources and tools to use. And this one also will hold design contests just like 99design.

3. Envato Studio

So the next Make Money Fast Today idea is Envato Studio. This is This website is also for freelance designers, web designers, logo designers, branding, WordPress, Graphics, video, and animation. They also do mobile apps and online marketing. This is also another designer website and developer website. You can go ahead and check out if you do things like freelance designers, web designers, logo designers, branding, WordPress, Graphics, video, and animation.

4. Design Crowd

I have another design website for you. This one is So over here you can create business cards, logo design, web design, flyer design. So you can be hired for any of these things on there. They have a whole lot of categories. If you want to go ahead and check this out, they even have a YouTube design. So if you make YouTube video thumbnails or YouTube banners, you can also check this one out. If you come up here to the top where it says, design crowd and go to designer section, they have even photographers on there. So if you do photography or photoshop design and anything like that, you can go ahead and check out

Get Paid to Write and Make Money Fast Today

Get Paid to Write
Get Paid to Write and Make Money Fast Today

So the next category on Make Money Fast Today is Writing. Writing is creating jobs and has no limit on earning. On a writing job, you will get paid with your experience and competence. If you are fully focused on making a career in the writing field then you need to check our previous article on “All Possible Way to Earn Money as a Writer“.


First Make Money Fast Today and get paid to write ideas is And this is a freelance writer’s website. You can write blog posts, ebooks, any type of content that includes articles, article rewrites, blog posts, product descriptions, and more. So if you are interested in writing content for other people, you can come over here. The benefits of writing for iwriter are You can build your client base, You earn up to $80 per 500. Words once prompted up the ranks, and you’re right as much or as little as you want each day and You choose topics that best match your background. So you don’t have to write about things you don’t like to write about. You can choose whatever type of topics do you like to talk about and write about that. And you can start earning.


Another writers, freelancing platform is Now, this one is only available in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand. So if it’s not available in your area, then you can try the other websites. With this one, you can earn three cents to two dollars per word, depending on the research requirements, project complexity, and or skills requirements using the 4-star system that guides fair pricing. This is powered by AI technology. So you are magically matched up with clients using AI-powered writer search powered by IBM Watson and the University of Cambridge, England, and other matchmaking tools as well. So the computer is going to match you up with the projects.


So the next Make Money Fast Today idea is This is also a freelance website. This one also does focus a lot on writing. So you can post your writing jobs on here. And there’s a variety of different things that you can offer on here. You can find different types of roles on clearvoice like content, strategist writers, editors, designers, videographers and there’s more, you can view all of them on their official website.

If you like to and see if this one is good for you. Social media posts, case studies, web pages, ebooks, and guides blog posts and articles are the type of content you would be creating. So this one is also very good for writers, and a lot more. So one of the pros of this website is that you get paid right away. Clear voice Freelancers are paid via the PayPal app on assignments, approval work with confidence, and you’ll get paid on time.

8. Skyword

So the next Make Money Fast Today idea is available in many different countries. This one is called Skyward. And this is a Content marketing company. You can freelance for them and create content for other people. Skyward connects exceptional writers, graphic designers, videographers, photographers, and other creatives with top-tier Brands, looking to truly connect with their audience through great storytelling. This is for anyone who is a creative, a photographer designer, a writer over here. All right. So this is another one to check out for Freelancers. And now, if you take a look here, they have worked with a lot of big companies. Campbell Soup, Fandango, Aetna, etc.

Freelancing Platforms for Make Money Fast Today

Freelancing Platforms for Make Money Fast Today
Freelancing Platforms for Make Money Fast Today


The next Make Money Fast Today with freelancing platform is Latham is a cryptocurrency. So when you’re hired here for a certain job, you get paid in coins. So you can work with this company wherever it is that you are in the world. You can freelance for this company. Coins can be converted into whatever currency it is that you have in your country. Okay.  They have all types of different projects that are posted here. So for example, if you speak a different language, there are some translation projects on here as well.


All right now, this one is On this actual website. You can post anything on Peopleperhour as a freelancer that you are skilled or expertise on. You will be charging per hour. So if you’re just starting, make sure that you set a reasonable price per hour. That way you can get more work, get your ratings up that way. You get hired more often on this website. Okay, so this one is


The next Make Money Fast Today the incredible idea is And on here you can do writing, translating the design, art, administrative or secretarial work sales, and marketing business finance, and more. So you can come over here and browse the website and see what they’re all about. You can go over here to where it says, find jobs. And as you can see, they have many different things. You can search by category, or you can go ahead and browse some jobs that are already posted here. And this is where you go to find freelance jobs. So this is one that you can go ahead and check out this one is


Another is And to find jobs on here, you just come up here to browse jobs. And it works pretty much the same way you can find a job by searching. You can browse through a category or browse through all the jobs. So this one is

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Make Money Fast Today with Social Content

Social Content
Make Money Fast Today with Social Content



All right, so the next website for  Make Money Fast Today is Instagram.  Yes, you are listing correctly, some of the best ways to earn money with Instagram are discussed below. Now we’re going to have a look at ways that you can make money on Instagram without having to take photos of yourself, or even showing your face on camera.

13. Creating Instagram Story Filters

The first way we’re going to be talking about is by creating Instagram story filters. You can offer your Instagram story filters on There’s not much competition for this. Only 264 services are available for this right now, and you can come over here and take a look at what these sellers are doing. I’m also going to give you the software name that you need to create Instagram story filters by going on Instagram stories.

You probably may have noticed that there are companies that have their own Instagram story filters, and there may be some individuals and some businesses that do want to create their own as well. So they can also promote their brand at the same time. So if you’re very creative and you are designing and things like that, you can do this, and you can do it for free. You need to go on the website Spark AR, This is where you can go ahead and create your own Instagram story filters. And this is something that you have to download to your computer.

And with this program, they already have everything that you need to learn. There are tutorials on how to create your own Instagram story filters and masks. And now you do have to come over here to the website. And you do have to download this onto your computer. Another thing I see on Fiverr is that people are using spark AR. They’re also using Lightroom.

And the reason I put this on here is that I don’t think there are that many only 264 services are available. And if you know anything about Fiverr is that it is pretty competitive. So the way to make money with Fiverr is to promote your gigs. Any type of Instagram service that you want to provide. You can go to Instagram and find people that way, find businesses,  find influencers that you can do this for.

14. Instagram Captions Writer

Number two is Instagram captions writer, a lot of influencers, companies, businesses. They don’t want to write all of their captions, but they know that they have to stay consistent on Instagram, and they have to use the right hashtags. And this is also another lower competition gig here on Fiverr. Only 240 services are available right now. But with this category, I think this is a pretty low in my opinion. And this is yet another service that you can offer. So you can come over here and get some ideas.

If you’re someone who loves writing and you’re good with words, and you can keep people engaged aged in a pose, then this would be a good one for you if you enjoy doing things like these. And like I said before, you can always look for people on Instagram who need this, who don’t actually have time to go ahead and post on their Instagram three times per day, and also write some long captions for Instagram and find hashtags and all that, because these people do want to grow. But they also are busy with other things.

15. Creating Websites or Sales Funnels

Next and one of the high-paying Make Money Fast Today ideas is sales funnels/websites. It takes a lot of know-how to create a successful website. The process includes determining the purpose of the site, making it easy to navigate, and designing a layout that is both professional and engaging.

Here are some simple steps to make your website or sales funnel:

  1. Determine what you want your site to do for you and who it will serve.
  2. Design an intuitive navigation layout.
  3. Choose a design template that matches your brand identity and desired visuals.
  4. Create useful content that speaks directly to your audience’s needs, complaints, or pain points.
  5. Add in-depth analytics tools like Google Analytics and CrazyEgg to get insights into user behavior.

By using these steps you can create sales funnels or websites for you or your clients. By owning or creating, on both ways you can generate decent earning.

16. Make Money Fast Today with Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is an online marketing strategy where you earn commissions by promoting someone else’s products. The benefits of affiliate marketing are that it is simple to set up, you can promote niche markets, and there are no capital costs. The idea is that you will promote products to your audience through contextual links, banners, or other types of advertising. When people click on your links and buy the product(s) advertised, then you earn commissions for this purchase.

17. Instagram Story Ads

Alright. So the next Make Money Fast Today idea is with Instagram story ads, and these types of Instagram story ads are pretty easy to create. You can use for free Instagram story ads as well.

18. Make Money Fast Today with Pinterest

Now the next website is going to be Pinterest. We’re going to go ahead and have a look at the many ways that you can make money using Pinterest. So you’ve probably already heard about canva. You can create your pins on there for free. Also, Pinterest at this time is promoting video pins. So if you can do any type of video pinning work, that would be awesome as well. And you can also do that in canva.  Canva also has some free stock videos that you can use. So that is very helpful to do.

If you’re serious about growing your Pinterest and Pinterest success, I do suggest that you take some kind of Pinterest course. If you have some budget and can pay for the course then check out some paid courses on Udemy or skillshare like websites. And if you don’t want to pay then you can go with some free courses on youtube also.

19. Pinterest Account manager

The next Make Money Fast Today idea is a Pinterest account manager. Now there are a lot of individuals that know the power of Pinterest, but they have actual businesses. They don’t have time to pin on Pinterest or manage their own Pinterest account. They do look for individuals that can do that. And you can come over to Facebook Group there are a lot of Pinterest Facebook groups where you can find bloggers, You can find Pinterest people that we need someone to manage their interest account. A lot of people don’t have time to manage their accounts. And this is where you can come in. You would be responsible for creating and scheduling pins, doing some Pinterest SEO and overall making sure that they are active on Pinterest.

20. Make Money Fast Today with Youtube

Next, let’s talk about YouTube. Now. Youtube is by far my favorite website because you can create content for free. You can use your phone to record. You don’t need a fancy camera or fancy lighting. Now, YouTube is amazing because it is a search engine. It is the second-largest search engine in the world right next to Google, which is number one. And people are always searching for how to do things and tutorials. And this is where you have a chance to show them how to do different things. It can make money on YouTube, many different ways.

First, you can make money with the YouTube monetization program, which is the partnership program. And this is when you make money from the ads that show up on your videos. Now, for you to qualify, you do need 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours within 12 months. However, that is not the only way for you to monetize your content. I earn affiliate commissions before I even got monetized on YouTube. So that is another way to make money with affiliate marketing. You can make product reviews. You can make tutorials, get an affiliate link, put it in your description. And of course, you do have to give a disclaimer and let people know that you do have affiliate links in your description as well.

Another way to make money on YouTube is by promoting your coaching or Consulting Services. You can also create your digital products with online courses. And if you have any type of other side hustle like an Etsy shop or anything like that, you can promote that on your YouTube as well. And if you don’t want to be on camera, you don’t have to be. You can run a faceless YouTube channel.

Make Money Fast Today with Selling Websites

Make Money Fast Today with Selling Websites
Make Money Fast Today with Selling Websites

21. Print on Demand or ESTY shop

So the first way to make money fast with selling websites is if you do something like print on demand and also use an Etsy shop. It’s just not your grandma’s crafts anymore. Nowadays, it’s all about turning your creativity into a revenue stream. One of the most popular ways to do this is through print-on-demand or Etsy shops. These new options provide endless opportunities for both amateur and professional designers/artists to share their work with the world. Print-on-demand websites like Society6 allow you to upload your artwork, set prices, and schedule when you want them printed on products like t-shirts, phone cases, throw pillows, and more. Meanwhile, an Etsy shop lets you create a digital storefront for selling handmade items.

Whether you’re looking for a way to make some extra cash or a new form of expression, here are some of the print-on-demand site lists for your convenience.

  • Redbubble
  • Teespring
  • Zazzle
  • Spreadshop
  • Merch by Amazon
  • Fine Art America
  • Sunfrog
  • Design by Humans
  • TeeFury
  • Society6
  • Printify
  • TeePublic
  • Threadless
  • Bonfire

22. Make Money Fast Today with Creative Market

Whether you’re a graphic designer looking for the latest fonts or an artist in need of some new canvases, Creative Market is your one-stop-shop. With over 300,000 items to choose from, you’re sure to find what you need. Not only does this marketplace offer designers and artists a way to sell their products online, but it also offers them the ability to showcase their creations for others to enjoy. Browse through today’s hottest trends in typography, illustration, photography, and crafts. You can even submit your designs for sale.



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