PTCBITS Review- Earn Free Crypto Coins in 2022


Almost all people wants to invest in crypto who know about crypto future but no have sufficient money to invest. Some have problems with payment gateways because of their country’s financial policies. Some countries treated crypto as an illegal activities. Okey then you are in right place, here I am going to review PTCBITS platforms from which you can earn free cryptocurrencies. You can withdrawal, reinvest or trade your earn crypto without any limitations.

Some countries still do not support cryptocurrencies, and crypto investment and trading are treated as illegal activities. This PTCBITS Review article is only for information purposes. If your country does not support crypto activities, leave this article and read our other articles about making money online. This is not a sponsor article and you may see some ads on PTCBITS platforms, join only if you are ready to view ads on their platforms. 

Now, let’s talk about the countries where crypto activity is legal. If you want to earn some crypto without investing, then you are in the right place. Luckily, there’s one solution: PTCBITS. This platform lets you make free crypto coins by completing offers, PTC tasks, and watching videos. You can then transfer your earning to your wallets directly or through faucet pay.

What is PTCBITS?

PTCBITS is free crypto earning platform that pays you to complete tasks like PTC links, short links, roll games, faucet pat,  offerwalls, and referrals. It is a common platform for online earners and advertisers. You can earn in PTCBITS coins, which are further converted to cryptocurrencies that you love. Withdrawal is supported to the direct wallet and FaucetPay only. Direct wallet Minimum withdrawal is 0.0005 BTC, 20.00 DOGE, 0.0005 ETH, 0.0001 LTC, 5.00 TRX, 0.0001 BCH, and for FaucetPay minimum 1000 and Maximum 20000 Coins.

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PTCBITS Review - PTCBITS Dashboard
PTCBITS Dashboard


Crypto Earning Platforms – PTCBITS Review along with details are listed below:

Disclaimer: There are thousands of scam crypto earning sites on the Internet. Bewareaware of them and join such platforms only by suggesting trusted platforms like trusted blogs, trusted youtube, or other trusted social media platforms. PTCBITS is a 100% legit platform and paid its user in time; stay connected to this blog post for future updates.

Company: NA

Founder: NA

Founded: 2020

Joining Link:PTCBITS


Joining Fee: Free

Joining Bonus: 500 points while joining from the link above “Joining Link”

Headquarters: NA

Types: Online Earning Platform paid by completing Offer, short links, PTC ads, Survey, paid video, achievements rewards, promotion, and referral.

Payout Option: FaucetPay, and direct wallet (direct deposit to your crypto wallet)

Minimum Withdrawal: 1000 coins to 20,000 coins to FaucetPay. And withdrawal amount for direct deposit is  0.0005 BTC, 20.00 DOGE, 0.0005 ETH, 0.0001 LTC, 5.00 TRX, 0.0001 BCH

Skill Required: Basic skills of operating mobile laptops while doing surveys, offers, promotions, and referrals.

Genuine: 100% Genuine

Earning Potential: Earning potential is depends on task availability, and offerwalls are available in level 10, which allows earning money coins.

Recommended: Recommended for all who want’s to earn some extra crypto while they are free.

Benefits: Such an earning platform never added value to your resume but gives some free crypto that helps your crypto journey without investment.

User Rating of PTCBITS:

While doing the PTCBITS review, we must consider user review and rating also. User ratings on the different platforms are listed below:

Trustpilot Rating: 3.7 Stars out of 5 Stars

How to join PTCBITS?

After knowing some facts about PTCBITS and reading the short PTCBITS review from the above section, I am sure you are willing to join this platform. Here I will explain all the joining processes on PTCBITS.

  1. Go to the PTCBITS website by clicking here or search PTCBITS on google.
  2. Click on Start earning or register on the homepage.
  3. Registration form is open inform of you as below:

    PTCBITS Registration form
    PTCBITS Registration form
  4. Complete registration by filling in the necessary details, and don’t forget to read some essential rules.
  5. Now your account is created successfully, and you can start earning right after the registration.

How to Earn Crypto on PTCBITS?

As I already stated that PTCBITS is an Online Earning Platform that pays by completing Offers, short links, PTC ads, surveys, paid video, achievements rewards, promotion, and referral. Now let’s look at details about all earning methods.

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Earn Coins Section

In the earn coins section, there are four primary ways to earn cryptocurrencies. Earn coins are the most common section for earners. Short walls offer coins for every shortened link you visit. PTC ads show you paid to click ads for a specific time and reward you with some coins. You can earn a 10% bonus on your referral offerwalls earning and a 25% bonus on Short walls and PTC ad making. And the tasks section gives you the opportunities to earn bulk coins by promoting PTCBITS on different platforms like Twitter, Telegram, Blogs, Forums, and Youtube.


Offerwalls are one of the main ways of earning PTCBITS coins. When you reach level 10, then the offerwalls section is enabled. You can make thousands of coins on the offerwalls section depending on offer types. Offers are given by multiple top surveys companies like offers4all, time bucks, offer daddy and more.


Last but not least, earning sections on PTCBITS. Usually, no one considers Achievements as earning options because Achivenment rewards your activities on other earning sections. Don’t forget to claim the rewards of your achievement and increase your coins and XP.

How to withdraw from PTCBITS?

Now, let’s talk about the withdrawal methods. Everyone earns for withdrawal their earnings. Be careful; PTCBITS has some rules, like do not allow to use VPN/Proxies, do not allow to create more than one account, and more. If your account is detected to break their rules, then you will be bands from their systems, and your balance is on hold until your activities are verified under the rules and regulations.

You can withdrawal your coins Faucet pay, and direct deposit to your wallet address. Withdrawal limited on different platforms is different. You can withdraw 1000 coins to 20,000 coins to expressCrypto, Coinbase, and FaucetPay. And withdrawal amount for direct deposit is is 0.0005 BTC, 20.00 DOGE, 0.0005 ETH, 0.0001 LTC, 5.00 TRX, 0.0001 BCH

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In “PTCBITS Review- Earn Free Crypto Coins in 2022,” we explain all the necessary details like earning ways, withdrawals ways, and limitations. Please comment on us if you love this article and this post to help make some crypto for your crypto journey. We are always happy to hear from you. Stay connected to Meta Earn for similar exciting content.

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