Satorify Review- Social Earning Site | Legit or Scam?

Satorify Review
Satorify Review

Hey, Guys, welcome to the brand new article of Meta Earn. What if you can earn just by watching a youtube video, earn from just sharing a youtube video link on Twitter or Facebook, or subscribing to different social media account. Yes, you read 100% correctly; you can earn some extra bucks using your social media. I will explain all the necessary features of Satorify that you must need to read on a complete review. Before starting with the main topics, I want to remind you that if you want to earn free materials on Earn money online, then please bookmark our site for easy future accessibility.

Satorify is one of the newest micro-task marketplaces that connect micro task workers to work providers worldwide. It may be one of the emerging platforms in the gig economy.

What is Satorify?

First we discuss about what is Satorify in Satorify review. Satorify is the social gig-based microtask earning platform which serves employers and microtask workers with remote gig economy technology. The task available in Satorify is social media like, share, comment, follow, and views. Let’s more simplify my words; you can earn CLM coins by watching youtube videos, subscribing to them, sharing videos or posts on social media, following creators on different social media, and more. Satorift helps the creators to increase engagement on their social profile and allow tasker to earn some extra bucks while doing the easy social task.

Satorify Review

Crypto and Amazon Gift Cards Earning Platforms – Satorify Review along with details are listed below:

Disclaimer: There are thousands of scam crypto earning sites on the Internet. Bewareaware of them and join such platforms only by suggesting trusted platforms like trusted blogs, trusted youtube, or other trusted social media platforms. Satorify is a 100% legit platform and paid its user in time; stay connected to this blog post for future updates.

Company: Satorify

Founder:  Jeff Ownby

Founded: Unknown

Joining Link: Join Now


Joining Fee: Free

Types: Task-based websites for CLM token and Amazon Gift card earning

Payout Option: BEP-20 CLM Token and Amazon Gift Card

Minimum Withdrawal: 5000 CLM Token and Amazon Gift Card ($ 25, $50, $100)

Skill Required: Anyone can complete the task with basic instruction

Genuine: 100% Genuine

Earning Potential: Verry low

Recommended: Recommended for all who want’s to earn some extra crypto and amazon gift cards while they are free.

Benefits: Such an earning platform never added value to your resume but gives some free crypto and amazon gift cards that help your crypto journey or buying goods on Amazon.

Trustpilot Rating:  3.1 Stars out of 5 Stars

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How does Satorify work?

Now, let’s talk about working of Satorify in Satorify review. Satorify is an online task-based earning marketplace that allows taskers to earn just by doing simple social tasks. Some everyday tasks are to like and comment on youtube videos, watch youtube videos, subscribe to Youtube channels, like the Facebook page, follow in TikTok, and more. Tasker rewarded by doing above mention tasks with CLM Token and Some Cards. For wining Amazon gift cards, taskers need to collect 12 sets of gift cards.

E.g., for winning a $100 gift card, you need to collect all 12 cards, card 1 to card 12 of the $100 gift card. I explain all the sections and ways to earn from satorify, so stay connected with me throughout the article. And remember one thing users must verify KYC to redeem their earning either CLM token or gift card.

Dashboard Section

In the Satorify review, I am not teaching you how to join satorify because it is easy, and you can do it by clicking the “Join Now” Link. Now let’s talk about the Satorify Dashboard. On Dashboard, you will see your current rank, your earning, your rewards, and jobs as shown in the figure below:

Satorify Dashboard
Satorify Dashboard

Satorify has a simple interface that anyone can understand and use smoothly. On the satorify Dashboard, there are mainly three sections: featured jobs, Quests, and Training campaigns that we will discuss below.

Featured Jobs

The featured jobs section show some featured jobs as shown in the image below:

Satorify Featured Jobs Section
Featured Jobs

As I already cleared you that, on satorify, you need to share, subscribe, watch, like and follow the creator’s content and earn Points and Gift cards. Each task rewards certain CLM coins and amazon gift cards. You can find more jobs at the browse jobs section.


In the Quests section, you will find the current quest that you need to complete to get exciting rewards. You need to claim the listed task to complete quest rewards. Three types of quests are daily, weekly, and monthly.

Quests Section Review
Quests Section
Daily Quests

Daily Quests is reset every 24 hours, and you need to complete all the quests to get rewards. Currently, the following tasks are listed under daily quests;

  • Complete three review video jobs
  • Share on social networks a job after you complete it.
  • Open two chest
  • Claim three active time rewards
  • Claim one rank reward
  • View Products
Satorify Daily Quests Review
Daily Quests

If you are already using Satorify, you will understand all the tasks I listed above, and If you are new, don’t worry; I will clarify all the tasks in short. Review video jobs mean all the video watching jobs. You will get the different chests according to your rank, and you need to open two chests to complete the daily task. Satorify also rewards for the time spent on their platforms. For completing the daily quest, you need to claim three active time rewards.

According to your rank, satorify gives you a chance to claim the rank reward after a specific time, and you need to claim this for completing daily quests. And the last criterion is to view products. When you click on a task, you will redirect to the product page, and within a few seconds, you will be rewarded for viewing products.

Weekly Quests

Weekly Quests is reset every seven weeks, and you need to complete all the quests for getting rewards. Currently, the following tasks are listed under Weekly quests;

  • Claim the reward for completing all daily quests five times
  • Refer a friends
  • Purchase a power-up at the shop
  • Complete 25 jobs
Weekly Quests
Weekly Quests

If you are already using Satorify, you will understand all the tasks I listed above, and If you are new, don’t worry; I will clarify all the tasks in short. To receive the weekly quests reward, you need to complete all the daily quests five times and complete some more tasks mentioned above. Referring to a friend is necessary to claim weekly rewards, and it will also increase your downline and give other benefits. Satorify is its inbuild shop where you can buy some power like card exchange, gift slot, double cards, and more. You need to purchase any power-up for claiming weekly quests reward.

Monthly Quests

Monthly Quests is reset every month, and you need to complete all the quests for getting rewards. Currently, the following tasks are listed under monthly quests;

  • Complete all monthly quests
  • Claim the rewards for completing all daily quests 30 times
  • Use three-card exchange power-ups
  • Refer five friends
  • Complete 210 jobs
Satorify Monthly Quests Review
Monthly Quests

If you are already using satorify, you will understand all the tasks I listed above, and If you are new, don’t worry; I will clarify all the tasks in short. To receive a monthly quests reward, you need to complete all daily quests 30 times, refer five friends, use three-card exchange power-ups, and do 210 jobs.


Training Campaigns

Satorify Training Campaigns Review
Training Campaigns

All we know Satorify is a new way to earn extra bucks using social media. Some people need help to start up with a gig economy marketplace like Satorify. Though jobs on Satorify are super easy, you need to complete the training campaigns to get more jobs. Some common training tasks available right now are listed below for information purposes.

Browse Jobs Section

Browse Satorify Social Jobs
Satorify Jobs

The main section of Satorify is the browse jobs sectionand without explaining it Satorify review is incomplete. Here you will see all the available jobs and jobs information and rewards information. You can start jobs at your convenience, if you love to watch youtube videos, then start video review jobs first or if you love Facebook share jobs, then start sharing on facebook jobs. Start any jobs that are available as per your Internet and start earning. And one major thing that I want to remind you of is that you need to complete several jobs for claiming quests. For claiming monthly quests rewards, you need to complete 210 jobs, and for claiming weekly quest rewards, you need to complete 25 jobs.

Time taken by the jobs depends on the types of jobs. If you select the share on Facebook jobs, your task is completed within a few seconds. And if you select the watch youtube video task, you need to wait a lot of time until the video is finished. So, if you have more leisure time, then do all tasks thoroughly, and if you have some other works that give more productivity than earning a penny, then do some instant jobs like, follow, share only.

Card Collections Section

The card collection section has two sub-sections, My collections and My Cards which will describe shortly below;

My Collections

Card section
Card Section

My collection section shows all your collected cards in one place according to their rewards. If you collect all 12 cards on the amount of each reward, you will be able to redeem your amazon gift card balance. This section shows how many cards you have already collected and which card is missing from your collection. You can earn more cards by completing jobs and quests. And you can also exchange your duplicate cards for completing your collection. Every campaign has a limited number of Amazon gift cards that you need to complete your collection and claim before the campaign expires.

If you cannot complete your collection, you won’t get rewarded. But your collected cards are never wasted; your collected unique card is converted to wildcards for the next campaign. Along with wildcards, you will also reward with some power-ups or CLM tokens at the end of the campaign.

My Cards

Satorify My Card Collections Section Review
My Card Collections

You will see all of your duplicate cards in the My Cards section. All the duplicate cards from the different collections ($100 collection, $50 collection, and $25 collection) are shown here. You can exchange your duplicate with new cards, and the exchange ratio is one new card for every three duplicate cards. To exchange duplicate cards, you need a card exchange power-up which you can buy from the satorify show or earn by completing rewards.

Shop Section

Satorify Shop Section Review
Shop Section

The shop section manages your inventory and purchase. You can purchase Card exchange power, extra chest, blue gift, an extra gift, and more from the Power-ups subsection under shop and use as per your needs. And my inventory subsection shows your current power-ups and your past purchase history.

Refer Program Section

 Referral Program
Referral Program

One of the best ways to earn a decent amount of CLM tokens and chests is Satorify refer program. Satorify rewards you if anyone joins Satorify platforms by using your unique referral link. Satorify provides two types of rewards that is milestone rewards and recurring rewards. Verified KYC referrals are only counted as valid referrals. Milestones rewards contain personal milestones, city milestones, and country milestones.

On personal milestones, you will be able to claim multiple rewards according to personal referrals. And in City milestones, you will be able to claim multiple rewards by referrals invited by any users from your city, including you. And in Country milestones, you will be able to claim multiple rewards by referrals invited by any users from your country, including you.

Next is recurring rewards; when your referral earns a 1000 CLM token every time, you will automatically reward with 50 CLM tokens. Whether your referral earns 1000 coins from any methods like jobs, chest, or referring earning, you will reward them whenever they earn 1000 CLM tokens.

Ways to Earn Money on Satorify

All major topics on the Satorify review are already covered above, including earning ways. Here in this section, I will again summarize all the earning ways on Satorify.

1. Rank Reward

Rank rewards are rewarded to the users according to their rank. Higher the user rank, rewards will be high for the users. All the rank rewards are time base, and you need to claim for starting the next reward countdown.

2. Chest Reward

Chest reward is earned by different ways. You will get chest when you claim your rank rewards, when you complete quests, and when you complete refer milestones. According to chest types, different chests contain different rewards, either CLM tokens or gift card collections. You can also buy chest or special chest forms from power-ups in the shop section.

3. Active Time Reward

Satorify provides rewards on time spent by the users on their Dashboard. The user can claim different time base rewards from satorify dashboards. Currently, the following active time base rewards are available in satorify;

  • 5 CLM for 5 minutes active on the satorify platform
  • 20 CLM for 20 minutes active on the satorify platform
  • Bronze Chest for 40 minutes active on the satorify platform
  • Bronze Chest for 60 minutes active on the satorify platform
  • Silver Chest for 90 minutes active on satorify platform
  • Gold Chest for 180 minutes active on the satorify platform
Active time rewards
Active Time Rewards

4. Completing Available Jobs

The primary way of earning is completing available Tasks. You can do the task from the featured jobs section in the Dashboard or browse jobs from the browse jobs section. There are different tasks like watching youtube videos, sharing content, following on different social media, and more. I am describing the Feature jobs and browse jobs section earlier in this article; I am not describing more here.

5. Completing Quests

Another higher-earning way is completing quests. There is a daily, weekly, and monthly quest, which you need to complete. If you complete the quest regularly, your earning is also high, and more chance to win amazon gift cards. There are super power-ups rewards for users who complete monthly quests.

6. Completing Traning Campaigns

Training enables users to unlock new jobs and reward some tokens while completing them. Though there is no problematic task on satorify for maintaining the quality of the gig economy, Satorify gives training programs for new users and sometimes for old users.

7. Referral Rewards

Referral rewards are the last but not least way to earn on Satorify. Satorify gives two different referral rewards that are milestones rewards and recurring rewards. Recurring rewards are solely dependent on your referrals, but milestones rewards are also influenced by your city and country from where you are.

How to withdrawal money from Satorify?

I already state that Satorify is a crypto and amazon gift card earning platform. On Storify, you can earn CLM tokens and different amazon gift cards rewards. Withdrawal methods for both Cryptocurrecny CLM token and amazon gift cards are different and illustrated shortly below:

Gift Card

For withdrawal of amazon gift cards, you need to collect all the 12 collections of certain price cards. Currently, there are rewards of $25, $50, and $100 amazon gift cards having ten sets each, that is 30 gift cards total. You need to collect number 1 to number 12 of certain gift cards for claiming a gift card. After completing your 12 card collection of certain cards, you can redeem your gift card. Redeeming a gift card is easy and super fast because it is transferred to you electronically.

CLM (Crypto withdrawal)

CLM token is a Binance smart chain compatible BEP-20 token that you can withdrawal on any of your BEP-20 supporting wallets. Once you’re earning reach 5000 CLM, you can redeem your token. Though I have not redeemed the CLM token yet, many users complain that the withdrawal time is too long. So you need to with for a few days and still not receive your funds, then contact their customer support for help. Contacting their customer support works for many of my friends is why I suggest you this.

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Satorify Withdraw Section
Withdraw Section

Is Satorify Legit? Will You Get Paid?

Yes, Satorify is a legit platform. Satorify is now a way to earn by doing simple social tasks. Because of its newness, some scam detector algorithm rating is a high-risk platform, but in my opinion, it is safe to date and pays its users also. In the future, if Satorify stops paying or showing any other risky behavior, then I will update here.

Satorify Pros and Cons

Now we are almost at the end of the Satorify review. Pros and Cons are essential to know while using any software or website. Take a look at the short pros and cons list below;


  • Super easy jobs
  • Instant reward
  • Interesting level base rewards
  • Free training with rewards
  • Timebase rewards for active users
  • Interesting referral earning plans


  • It takes a too long time during withdrawal the CLM token
  • It takes a too long time during KYC (It takes almost two weeks in my case)
  • Video watching time is too long, and reward is comparatively low compared with other earning options.


In the Conclusion of the Satorify review, the primary purpose of this article is to explain the working mechanism of Satorify in detail. Earning on Satorify is very low in terms of crypto rewards, and there is not sure earning in amazon gift cards. Gift card earning is based on luck and probability. If you want some other earning ways while using Satorify, you can visit our Meta Earn Blog post according to your interested categories. I am not suggesting Satorify if you have jobs or other works right now. Satorify is best for free and wants to earn some extra bucks doing simple social tasks.

In this Satorify Review article, I explain all the possible earning options along with Satorify review and it”s pros and cons. I hope you enjoy my writing. Still, if you have confusion or queries about Satorify platforms and any other questions about making money online, feel free to comment us. We are always happy to hear from you. Thanks for reading. See you all in the next article. Bye-Bye. Take care.


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