Step By Step Affiliate Marketing Strategy for beginners

Step By Step Affiliate Marketing Strategy for beginners
Step By Step Affiliate Marketing Strategy for beginners

Hello, my friend, what is up? Someone asked me a question related to Affiliate Marketing Strategy for beginners on my last article that I want to answer in this article. They said, “lots of affiliate marketers are promoting webinars of different marketers to get commissions. How can I implement this? Please write a detailed article.”

And I know exactly what they’re talking about. The other day I earned over five hundred dollars promoting a product like this in the picture.

I didn’t create the product, create a webinar. I am selling somebody else’s product, and this is high ticket affiliate marketing. And I’m going to show you exactly how you can get started with it as well.

Why high ticket affiliate marketing?

High ticket affiliate marketing is one of the best ways for you to do affiliate marketing. Now, if you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, I do have an article where I explain everything, and you can check it out from the link below:

Link: Earn money by sharing products | Secrets of Affiliate Network

Now, this is the same method that I used to generate five hundred dollars the other day, and many other times, I’ve made five hundred to a thousand dollars in a single day using this method.

Step 1: Find A Products

The first step of Affiliate Marketing Strategy for beginners is to find affiliate products that will help people that you believe in, that you can also create content on, and that will give you a high ticket commission. And the reason you want a high ticket is that you can make more profits with fewer sales.

For example, if you’re doing Amazon affiliate marketing, you’re going to need more sales to make a decent amount of money. But you can earn more money with high ticket affiliate marketing earning you between two hundred and a thousand dollars in a day. And this is what we want to do. We want to promote products that we can sell less or fewer of and make more commission.

The example of the commissions I earned the other day is from a course and coaching program that I promote that I went through myself, so I do have opinions about it. And I can review this product. I can show people exactly how it helps me, and I can create content relevant to that product. And recommending this to other people allows me to earn a commission on the back and the content I create.

Step 2: What Products to Promote

So second step of the Affiliate Marketing Strategy for beginners is to make sure that this product has a free webinar, a free master class, or a free video that you can promote upfront. You can also look for products that have other affiliate materials that they create for you, for example, email swipes and images and things like that.

I’m going to show you an example of what type of product this could be. And there are many products like this that you can earn a high commission. You can get something that is within the range of what you are interested in. If you love photography, you can find some photography courses that maybe pay you a high commission or photography programs or lessons that can earn you a high commission. Selecting Products to Promote is all depends on the research that you have to do. If you want to do this on some hobby or something that you can talk about every day, you can create content around.

Step 3: How to Promote this product

Now the third step on Affiliate Marketing Strategy for beginners is that you have to promote that webinar or master class or free video. This way, people can come in and take a look at that. And the webinar sells the product. And what you have to do is drive traffic to that free webinar, free video, or free master class. Now, I’m going to go ahead and jump in and show you some examples of products that already do come with materials like free webinars, master classes or free email swipes, and things like that. Let’s go ahead and take a look at some of these examples.

All right, my friend. So for this example, we’re going to take a look at, an affiliate marketplace. And there are products on here that are digital products that you can promote, and you can also sell products on here. So you can go ahead and choose from a variety of products, and you can go ahead and look for products that do have a free webinar, a free master class, or a free video. And all you have to do is promote that free thing. So remember, you’re promoting a free master class. And all the sales are being made for you; because it’s being done in that webinar or master class. We’re going to look at some different products here that offer these things.

So, for example,, you can come over to the affiliate marketplace and choose from various products.

Affiliate product example

For example, this YouTube Mastery Program.

Example Affiliate ProductsWe’re going to go ahead and take a look at this. And you can earn 50 percent commissions on one hundred and ninety-seven front end. So that’s close to 500 dollars per sale. Now, this is what you want to look for in a product that says affiliate support page because that means that they’re doing the selling for you. They have something for you to promote. You don’t have to create an actual thing to promote yourself. So if you click on the affiliate support page in the bottom right corner in the above picture, you’re going to see that he tells you exactly how to promote this product, especially if this is something you’re interested in. You do sign up for this, as seen in the picture below:

Now, you can give an even better review. And this is exactly what I do. I only promote things that I have gone through. So the course that I promote and the coaching program are:

  • Stuff that I went through.
  • Stuff that I purchased myself.
  • Things that I have gotten results from.

Now, this, for example, is great because the product owner is giving you a ton of resources. And the product owner’s telling you how exactly you want to go ahead and grab your affiliate, learning how exactly you want to create an account and how exactly to promote this.

Right there on their affiliate support page, he says strongly recommended promoting the webinar link. So this is exactly what we’re talking about today in this article; we’re talking about how to promote somebody else’s webinar, obviously right here. You want to replace this with your affiliate I.D… So you don’t want to copy this whole thing, for example, but they give you instructions on here on how to go ahead and promote your links.

Other Promoting Methods

  • promote this with free YouTube traffic
  • Instagram shout outs
  • ads or YouTube ad
  • Facebook ads and more.

How to promote without showing your face

You can promote without showing your face by creating affiliate blogs or websites. If you love to create a video for affiliate marketing, you can also use InVideo like platforms. And you can use it to create video by giving voice-over and some relevant stock photographs.


In this Step By Step Affiliate Marketing Strategy for beginners, I will answer the question of my reader. The question is, “lots of affiliate marketers are promoting webinars of different marketers to get commissions. How can I implement this? Please write a detailed article.” And I am sure this article may solve your queries. For any confusion and queries related to making money online, you can comment or mail us at any time.


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