10 Legit Ways To Create Passive Income Online For Beginners

Legit Ways To Create Passive Income Online
Legit Ways To Create Passive Income Online

Hello, my friend. Welcome to Meta Earn And in today’s article, we will talk about 10 Legit Ways to Create Passive Income Online For Beginners. Now, to build true passive income, you need to invest at first, in either time or money. Some of these will take a little bit of effort at first but stay tuned because later on, I will show you some things that you can do that take almost no effort at all, and you can get started on quickly. So I do have a little something for everyone in this article. That way, you can decide which idea is right for you.

Affiliate Marketing

So, the first way is with something that I talked about here, all the time, and that is, with affiliate marketing. And this is something that I love doing; I passively make money with affiliate marketing every month. So it’s a great way for you to build a passive income online. Affiliate marketing is a simple business model of promoting other people’s products, which means that you do receive a commission whenever someone purchases a product through your unique affiliate link. I love that there’s no inventory to keep; there’s no customer service. You don’t have to ship any products, and you don’t have to handle any returns yourself either. So those are some of the perks of affiliate marketing, which are pretty awesome.

Now, I do it by recommending tools, software, and online learning platforms that earned me a Commission. These are things that I believe in products that I have used myself, training that I have been through. And this is why I do promote them because I believe in them, and I think they would help people. And they’ve helped me personally. So, if there’s anything that has helped you, you can become a product of the product and use the products yourself and then recommend those products to other people, and you can start making a passive income.

Way to generate traffic to your Affiliate Link

For this method, you will need to choose a way to generate traffic to your affiliate link. You can create content and put it on YouTube, create blog posts, and create content for Facebook and Pinterest. I prefer YouTube and blog because YouTube is a search engine. So whenever someone is searching for something, they usually go to YouTube or Google; your content can live on for many years, and people can be clicking your affiliate link for many years to come. So the chances of creating a passive income are a little bit better, but as I said, you can use other Oh, platforms. You can use Instagram, TikTok.

There’s even a Twitter affiliate marketing as well, so you can do it however you want. Now, as you have different pieces of content out on the internet and then your affiliate links out there with that piece of content, you have more chances of making passive income. So you have to be consistent with it and keep going, but taking a week off from creating content after you’ve created already so much content. It’s not even going to matter because you can still make passive income from old videos or content you’ve already created. That is the great thing about content affiliate marketing is that you can make money passively.

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Website Agency

The next one is a website agency. Now, I have spoken about this before. Now you can create websites for businesses, charge them for creating that website. Then, you can also charge them a fee every month for hosting The website and managing any maintenance that the website needs. And you don’t even need to be the person creating the website for them. You can hire a freelancer; make sure that you charge the customer more money. So that covers the freelancer, and also you earn a profit. After a while, this becomes a very passive income because you’re charging your customer every month; the websites are already done. So all you have to do is maintain them, tweak them. However, they like it from time to time, and that is it. And you also really have to know how to communicate with your clients.

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Next, we have YouTube and YouTube AdSense. Now, this one takes you a little effort to get going, but this is a great way to make passive income every month, okay? If you can build up a YouTube channel on a Specific Niche and teach people how to do things and Niche down.

AdSense is the ads that show up on YouTube videos. Now, to participate and qualify in this, you need to reach the criteria of 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours within 12 months. And if You are consistent on YouTube, it is doable; this channel got monetized after eight months of posting consistent content. Even some of my older videos are still making money every single day. So YouTube AdSense is a great way to get started with a passive income start that YouTube channel, but it was worth it.

Online Courses

The next way to make passive income is with online courses if you are an expert in anything. If there’s something that you do any hobby, like photography, or dancing, whatever it is. You can package that up and put that into an online course. And there are platforms out there that are already making this easy for you.

For example, there’s one called teachable.com, udemy.com, and there’s skillshare.com. So these are all platforms that already have built-in audiences where you can go ahead and sell your online course. I don’t think teachable has a Marketplace yet, but they are working on that, however, with udemy, Or skillshare. People can find your course through the platforms. They already have it built-in Community, which is great. So this is awesome.

Suppose you don’t have a big audience to promote your courses to. Now, you can also promote your courses by actually creating an audience, starting an Instagram or start a YouTube channel and get subscribers and followers to purchase your online course. So those are another way to do it. Provide people with free content and then on the back end. And you can sell your online courses, so that’s a great way to create a passive income.

Sell Stock Photo or Video

So the next method is by selling photos or videos online. Now, this is great. Suppose you are already a photographer or have a great smartphone that takes high-quality photos and videos. Nowadays, smartphones take nice quality pictures, so you can even use that and sell those pictures on certain websites. For example, on Shutterstock, you can sell your photos, and they also have a category where you can sell Your footage. If you can use your cell phone and shoot a 4K video, you can also use that.

Shutterstock is one way to do it, and this is also passive. Of income because you can take the pictures and just put them on a website like Shutterstock. There’s another one called Snap wire, and there is an app called foap as well that you can check out. So there are many of them online that you can use, and this also becomes a passive income because all you have to do is submit your photos. If they get approved, this is on the website, and you can make money as people purchase them.

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So the next way is blogging; you can create your blog and monetize that through affiliate marketing. Even putting ads on your website so you can use several of the other methods that we already spoke about, like affiliate marketing and AdSense for your website as well. And, of course, your blog is also like YouTube. That’s going to take a little bit of time actually to get going, and you have to be very consistent and post on your blog very consistently as well.

You can also create a passive income by doing this. If video is not your thing and you don’t want to be on camera, then blogging will be greater. Great. Especially if you do have a passion for something and something that you think you can write about, some people have blogs on things that they don’t some people even have blogs on things that they’re not passionate about, will hire other people actually to write the blog posts for them, and they still monetize their blogs. Okay? So that is another way to create a passive income with a Blog as well.

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Selling Low Content Books

The next one is by selling low content books, which is stuff like journals, notebooks, diaries, workbooks, colouring books and things like that. Now, you can use canva.com to create some covers and actually to create the products themselves.

There is another website, though, that makes it easier for you. It’s called book bolt. What you can do is you can create these low content books, and then you can sell them on Amazon KDP, which is Amazon Kindle publishing.

And this is a great way to To create a passive income for yourself, especially with low content books, because there’s not much to it. There’s nothing really on the inside of those books if you’re doing notebooks and journals and things like that, and also, you can publish in digital and print, okay? So they do publish the Kindle e-books and paperbacks for free, and all you have to do is design, so you design the cover.

Bookbolt.io for Selling low content books

Now there is a website that makes it easy for you. This one is called Bookbolt.io, and there’s great software because it has keyword tools and market research, and it gives you all of the data and research on what is selling on Amazon. What’s been selling for the past few months and things like that? And also, you can get some ideas by using this tool. Another thing you can do on here is that you can create the covers from idea to Creation.

So if this is a business that you want to start to create a passive income with, this is probably something that you will need, and it’s not that expensive. You can get started with a three-day free trial. So right here, you can do all of your market research. You can do listing optimization, so this helps you sell the product even better, and you can even design your books on here that is amazing.

You can do puzzle books activity, books colouring books. There is a ton of low content material here, and you can start with a three-day free trial, which is pretty cool and see how everything works out first and see how you like it. So, if I were serious about creating this type of business, I would invest in this. Now, you can come over to canva.com as well, and you can design your book covers. Now, it is going to take you some more research to do this on canva. As you probably know, you can design anything on canva as well.

Music Royalties

So the next one is if you’re a musician or you make beats of any sort, and you can earn royalties this way. And this is another way of creating a passive income. Here is a website that I found called amuse.io, and you can distribute your music for free. You keep a hundred per cent of your rights.

So, if you are interested in creating passive income with royalties for your music, amuse.io is the best option for you. Okay, so those are the ones that will take a little bit of effort.

Credit Card Rewards

Now, I want to show you a couple of things to create a passive income, but I don’t have to do much. Okay, so I basically will make money doing what already I’m doing. So the next one is with credit card rewards. This one is not for everyone, okay? So warning, please, this one is only if you have good credit and You are going to pay off your credit card at the end of the month. Whenever you get the bill, you’re going to pay the full amount, okay? So this is what I do.

Now, I have credit cards that offer rewards and Cashback, and this is exactly how I save money; it’s a passive income because I’m not actively doing anything different. So it’s a wise way of using your credit card. For example, one of my credit cards offered 5% cashback on the restaurant on a certain quarter. I happened to be going on vacation; I made sure that wherever we ate whatever money I was going to spend wherever I went to eat, I was using that credit card because I was getting cash back on something that I was already doing, which was I was going out to eat, that is what I’m talking about.

Just use your credit cards very wisely and then paying them off at the end of the month. You’re saving money, and you’re not paying interest, okay? Now that’s Passive income because I was already going on vacation, and I was already going out to eat anyway. So I was making money back.

Cash Back on Groceries

The next one is Cashback on grocery. That’s right. I always earn Cashback on groceries because I used an app called Ibotta. I have earned over $1,000 on this app. It’s amazing because I’m getting cash back on things that I’m already purchasing. And there’s a way for you to make money with things that you’re already doing. I always find deals on there and Cashback. I’ve been using that app for a few years now because I can save on a lot of the things that I buy, even online shopping.

And there’s another one that I use called Fetch rewards App as well. That one, I believe you could earn more if you refer people. So you earn more points because that one is by a point system, but it doesn’t hurt me to scan my receipts. So I do that anyway, and I build up points; you can convert those points into gift cards. I use fetch rewards as well, but of course, my favourite one is Ibotta because that could cash out with PayPal or gift cards, whatever it is; I want. Plus, in my personal experience, I have earned more money using Ibotta.


In this article, I am showing you some simple ways to make passive income and start a business. Not if you want to go ahead and monetize your knowledge and get some more ideas on how to make money online and create passive income. Then I invite you to check out the next video because I’m talking about 50 and websites that can help you. Thank you so much for reading, and I’m going to see you at the next one. Bye.



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