20 Websites To Make $100 A Day In 2022 For Beginners

Websites To Make $100 A Day
Websites To Make $100 A Day

This internet world is your oyster, and that’s why I’m bringing you 20, Yes, 20 Websites To Make $100 A Day. You can even spark up an idea of something that you can start doing to generate some online income for yourself, even if you’re a beginner and this is an article for you. So if that sounds good to you, then go ahead and share these articles with your friends and relatives. Also, if you’re interested in starting an online affiliate marketing business, go ahead and check out the first link below.

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All right, so without any further delay, let’s get right into it.

Facebook Marketplace

So the first few are going to be some reselling websites. And the reason that I group these is that it’s probably the easiest and fastest way to make money online is by actually reselling items that you have at home or items that you would like to flip and make a profit.

So the first Websites To Make $100 A Day is on Facebook; This is Facebook Marketplace; I have family members that are doing well, reselling on here—and getting Out of things that they no longer use.

Poshmark.com and App

Now the second Websites To Make $100 A Day is going to be Poshmark, and it is another way to sell if you do own designer clothes that are in good shape, and you don’t wear anymore; I have a friend that is doing well with this website, Poshmark is great for reselling. If you have any designer clothes that you want to get rid of or if you find designer items at stores, like Ross or things that are on clearance, you can flip that on this website as well. And a lot of these websites are going to Have apps that are very, very convenient.

Depop App

Now, this is a similar one; this one is called Depop. You can also download the app for this one. Very, very convenient. Depop is an app on your phone to buy and sell items, particularly vintage items. If you have a Goodwill nearby, this is great. Or if you have a thrift store nearby, you can go and find some vintage items for very, very cheap and put them on Depop. Most people sell things for costly prices. It is a perfect way to make an excellent profit. Okay. So this is another one for you to check out. This one is pretty cool because it’s also like an Instagram like social media but a stylish platform to buy and sell your vintage fashion.

Offer Up App

So the following Websites To Make $100 A Day is offering up. Now. This one has personally made us some quick cash. Now with this one, you can sell your stuff to people who live nearby, we even sold a bathroom vanity on this app, and we got a quick three hundred dollars on something that we’re going to throw out any way of putting the dumpster. So that is pretty cool. Always check these apps before you throw things out. Some other person may want it before you get rid of it.


So the following Websites To Make $100 A Day is redbubble.com. And this is a print on demand platform where you can design your artwork and put them on merchandise. You can put it on stickers, Mass t-shirts, Etc. The cool thing about this one is that it has its Marketplace as well. So people on the platform are also shopping, and your designs can get recommended to them. So this is a perfect one. If you are a designer and good at artwork, you can design mobile covers, book covers, t-shirt, mugs etc.

There are many tutorials on YouTube on how to get started with a print-on-demand store like Redbubble. So you can search for those and learn that right there for free. This one is redbubble.com, and it’s a print on demand site and Marketplace.

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All right, so the following Websites To Make $100 A Day is YouTube, and this is my favorite social media platform, search engine, and that’s precisely why I like it so much. And this is the only one that pays creators when placing ads on videos by becoming a YouTube Partner. To meet the YouTube Partner program criteria, you need at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours within 12 months. And this is doable. If you are consistent and you optimize your videos and YouTube can index your channel correctly.

Now, there is an advantage right now for new creators with YouTube shorts. If you’re brand new to YouTube, I recommend that you create these short videos so that you can get your content out there because it has the potential to get more people over to your channel. But another reason why this is great is that you can sell courses, merchandise and even your services. And that’s not even all; you can also do affiliate marketing and earn money to recommend other people’s products when someone purchases through your unique affiliate link. And this is why YouTube is number 6, and it is my number one best way to make money online.


So the following Websites To Make $100 A Day is TikTok; you can use this for affiliate marketing. You can, for example, have a page on Amazon faves and can direct people to your Amazon affiliate link in your bio once you’ve reached 1,000 followers. You’ll be able to have a clickable link on your Bye. Oh, hey guys, now are the time for TikTok if you do want to get started. Because videos can go viral very quickly on this app. So I Do recommend TikTok? Even if you’re sending them over to your YouTube channel, like I am, if you’re doing affiliate marketing or selling anything at all, TikTok is going to be the way to go.

I do have a video on the 12 easy ways to make money on TikTok. So you want to go ahead and check that out the link below:

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So the following Websites To Make $100 A Day is udemy.com. And this is an online course platform. Now, you can create your online course and host it right here on udemy.com. The only downside is that if you check it out, the courses are pretty, pretty cheap. Udemy can run sales whenever they like. On Sales, you can get courses at a heavy discount. That is one of the downsides. However, there is another way that you can earn with Udemy by actually creating courses, and you can list them on Udemy for free.

Now. How can you make money? If you’re doing that? You can, for example, have a course on how to build landing pages and create a website and things like that, and you can include your affiliate links inside of the course to whatever tool or software or web hosting that you’re using. So that’s another way to make money with this, and this becomes a passive income. You can create the course one time, put it up here, and gather the affiliate links that you will include. And this is also an excellent way to gather passive income after you create the course one time.


Now, the other Websites To Make $100 A Day is skillshare.com, and this is also an online course platform. And this is also just like you to me; the only difference here is that customers pay a monthly subscription for this. They have a Marketplace, and people can find your course and start taking it, and you would be paid monthly. You’ll be paid monthly for every member who watches your classes forever. Top-earning teachers make $100,000 plus a year. So there’s a whole lot of potential doing this.


The next Websites To Make $100 A Day is Pinterest. There are so many ways to make money on Pinterest; You can do affiliate marketing, can sell merch. You can even manage someone else’s account and become a Pinterest manager. And also, Make money that way; you can even become a Pinterest virtual assistant and make money that way if you’re not interested in actually having your own Pinterest business. If you come over to some Facebook groups, you can join some of these Pinterest communities, and there are Pinterest virtual assistant groups already on here. So this is a great way to find people that need help with their Pinterest account. So Pinterest is another excellent way to make money online.


So the following Websites To Make $100 A Day is Builder all, an all-in-one business building software. So you can create website sales funnels. You can do email marketing. The list is endless. They have almost 40 tools or 40 plus tools that you can use for any business whatsoever. You can use it for your own business. Anything online or offline. You can also make money by creating your website and chatbot agencies, doing freelance work, and finding offline businesses that want to get online and need websites. So the list is just endless.

You can do anything you want with this platform. You can even become an affiliate and make money as an affiliate marketer promoting this platform. To promote this and make money promoting it, you need to sign up for an account and be a paid member. But this is great. I use it for my funnels, my email marketing, my landing pages. And I also receive recurring affiliate commissions every single month. Another plus is that If someone signed up through your link and became an affiliate, you also earn 30% of those commissions every month. So, that is also a plus, and it’s a great way to build a passive income.


So this following website, To Make $100 A Day, is invideo.io; I love this because you can create faceless YouTube content. From here, they have a text to video option where you can add a script, and it’ll automatically generate a video for you. And this website generates copyright-free videos and images for your video, and it’s all editable. Also, you can customize it. However, you like, if you don’t like the actual images that it generated for you. You can change them. You can also, for example, create video ads; and you can create short video ads, for example, for Instagram and things like that. For Instagram stories. You can work for companies or anyone who wants an ad and add their logo to this customize. It however they want and also make money for this.

Anchor. fm

Now. If you’re interested in podcasting, you can also get paid on a website called an anchor. fm, and this is owned by Spotify. Now, podcasting is pretty cool because you don’t want to do this by yourself and have friends who can do it with you. That’s also an excellent thing. Now, there’s an Optional button on your anchor profile that lets listeners donate monthly, and they don’t even need an anchor account to chip in. So, that’s another way people find you, and they want to support you.

They can also donate a specific amount monthly to help you out. You can also get anchor sponsorship; you earn money every time people listened with anchor sponsorships. And You can record video ads in your voice and choose where they go in your episodes. So this is a bit different because of the ads you’re reading yourself, and you place them wherever you want on your podcast. So this is how anchor sponsorships work. It says sponsorships make it easy for any podcaster to monetize their content as their audience grows.

Currently available in the US and expanding to more countries soon. So, for now, this is only in the US, and once you activate sponsorships, all you have to do is record your ad. Choose where it goes in your episode, and you’re all set. You don’t even have to read off ads that you don’t actually. Like if you don’t like a particular company for some reason, you don’t have to put that ad in your podcast. You can choose. So that’s pretty cool you decide which adds to read how many to include in your episodes and the exact moments when they appear.


The following Websites To Make $100 A Day is canva.com. There are just so many ways to use this tool for your business or any Other business and make money freelancing. If you want to, you can make money by creating your ads. You can create your YouTube thumbnails here. You can create other people’s YouTube thumbnails; really, the possibilities with this one is also endless.

You can also utilize the paid version depending on how many jobs you get and so on. Another way to earn with this is by teaching; you can also teach other people how to use canva and make money doing that, so if you want to teach canvas tutorials and things like that. You can teach people how to use canva on platforms like YouTube and monetize by google ads and affiliate links. And you can create a paid course and publish your course on Udemy, skillshare like platforms. So there are many ways as you can see that you can earn with canva.

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The next Websites To Make $100 A Day is Airbnb. You don’t even have to leave your home or meet people face-to-face. Now, there’s something you can do in your spare time. It’s all virtual; you can charge per person for online experiences. For example, if you are Baker or a cook, you can teach people how to bake certain things or cook specific recipes. For example, they will charge $10 per person; it depends on you and what you want to charge actually and then Airbnb will take a cut.

Symposium App

So the next Websites To Make $100 A Day is similar. This one is a symposium. And on this, this is more of an app. You can sign in on their website—the U.S. The website is symposium.us, but you can check and see if it’s available in your country. If not, you can check the app and see if the app is available in your area.

Now, this is a little bit similar because you’re doing things virtually. But what’s different about this is that you will be paid for live experiences. So you can do cooking makeup tutorials and things like that while you’re live on the app, and people can sign up for your live classes. And your life meetings, you can teach lessons. For example, they have experts that are teachers, tutors, entertainers. There are people. Advise on here and have fun.

Suppose you check out the Symposium at the reviews. They get a 4.8 out of 5 stars on this app, which is pretty cool. You can live stream, earn money and get paid. You can also read the reviews and see if it’s something for you and see what people think about getting paid through this app. So, this is another incredible thing. If you want to get paid to go live, people can sign up for your classes and pay whatever you’re charging. So, this one is a symposium.


So the following Websites To Make $100 A Day is etsy.com. Esty is great if you like to create some handmade items that you want to sell online. I have friends that are on Etsy. They’re very creative people. One of the upsides of this is that you can earn passive income with this website if you create printable, so these are things that you can design, for example, calendars, baby shower games. You can create there are handwriting worksheets, all sorts of things have it. Trackers. Your customers can purchase this right away and get it right away because they can print it out, and you can create these on canva as well.

Amazon (4+ ways to earn)

Now the following Websites To Make $100 A Day is going to be Amazon, and you can use those if you like, precisely like Etsy, you can sign up for Amazon handmade. So it’s like Etsy. If you do is assign jewellery, clothing accessories and things like that. You can put it up on the handmade section over here of Amazon. Another way is to become an affiliate, and you can create affiliate websites to do product reviews and things like that. And earn a small commission if anyone purchases through your affiliate link.

You can also self publish your books. Okay, your eBooks and paperbacks are for free right here on KDP amazon.com. So that’s another way that you can earn on Amazon, and this also is kind of like a passive income model where you create your eBook one time, or you can pay someone else to create the e-book for you or the eBooks for you. You can create a bookstore for people to purchase on Amazon as well.

Another way is merch by Amazon. Now, with Amazon merch, you need to be approved for this, and you can request an invitation right here. Amazon Merch is more difficult to get into than any other print-on-demand. If you want to design shirts or anything like that, and you’re really into designing shirts, you’re creative and talented, and you’re doing these yourself. Then, this is something you can request an invitation to; you can use any other print-on-demand website. If this one does not work for you, but this one is another way to make money with Amazon.


So the following Websites To Make $100 A Day is Problogger.com, and this is a website with a jobs board for people looking for writing jobs. Problogger is great for anyone who loves writing or has a passion for a particular category and loves to talk about it. Write about it; loves everything about it. So you can come over here and check out this website to see if there are any jobs for you. So this is Cool.

If you are somebody trying to start a blog, if you come over here to where it says job, you can click on that and check out the specific jobs that are on here. Some of them are contracts; some are free lands, most of them you can work anywhere and are remote. And yes, sometimes they do look for people who are experienced writers. Still, they don’t sometimes want somebody passionate about the actual thing they’re writing about, and you can Browse by keywords.

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Now, the following Websites To Make $100 A Day is payhip.com, and this is a great platform where you can sell your ebooks or even physical products. You can sell memberships as well. Now, this one is nice because they even have marketing tools that you can use and also on payhip, this is very easy to set up. Now, just one morning for you, if you are thinking about selling plr (private label rights), They do not allow that here anymore.

They did; they do not allow you to sell plr products, private label rights products. So, if you want to hire someone else to create the eBooks for you and the digital products, that’s fine. If you want to do it yourself, that’s fine. And you can even sell digital memberships and earn a recurring revenue every single month.

Let’s go ahead and talking about the pricing. You can get this free for everyone. So that won’t cost you anything. The only take is a small five per cent transaction. And fee, and you get all the features, unlimited products, unlimited Revenue. So that’s pretty awesome. You can also add coupons to your products so people can buy them at discounts and things like that. You can even have other Affiliates promote your products and reward them with a cut from your sale.


Here we discuss the top 20 Websites To Make $100 A Day In 2022 For Beginners. I think you enjoy this article, though some of the jobs are already discussed in our previous articles. If you have any confusion or queries, then please comment to us.


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