How to Increase Redbubble Sales?

How to Increase Redbubble Sales?
How to Increase Redbubble Sales?
On this Meta Earn Blog, I am already posting the article about how to use the Redbubble step-by-step guide and some frequently asked questions about Redbubble. But to earn decent money online you must have some extra knowledge about How to increase Redbubble sales?. Without sales, you cannot get a commission from Redbubble like Print On Demand sites. Here I am going to discuss 10 ways that help to increase your Redbubble sales. All the tips and ways are based on my personal experience and you honestly follow these steps then you will definitely get success in Print On Deman sites like Redbubble.

10 Ways To Increase Your Redbubble Sales

All these ways are tested by the Redbubble seller and then only I am delivering to you. By using these tips on how to increase Redbubble sales, you will definitely increase your sales. If you are new to Redbubble and don’t know how to generate your first sales then also this article is useful to you. It takes too long time for me to generate the first sales which is frustrating. After getting the first sales, still I have no new orders on my design. Then I am analyzing why this will happen to me? and how to increase sales and earn decent money. I am doing experiments on my Redbubble design and I got these 10 steps that really help me to boost my sales.

This article is inspired by a youtube video of RoguePixel an individual creator and Redbubble Designer. If you want to watch this video then watch  from below:

Now without making any delay let’s moves to ten ways to increase Redbubble Sales.

1. Be Patience

There is no way to shortcut to earn money. Everyone notices the success of others, not the struggle and hard work behind this success. Don’t think creating a brand on Redbubble is a quick and easy step. It’s gonna take time, it’s gonna take efforts, it’s gonna take more time and effort to get success. I do not suggest you leave this field but suggest you make your mind makeup for this struggle. After some time you will generate your sales and gradually increase your sales on time if you working regularly.

The common Problem with every Redbubble designer is that they think it no worth it for me and leave the platform. Before leaving the platform you must consider your previous hard work and if possible try to work regularly only for some hours (at least 1 hour). It is good to find an alternative in life but while finding an alternative at least respect your previous effort and continue as a side hustle. Sometimes you are joining redbubble just only because of your friends who earn a decent amount. If you are not interested and passionate about design work then this field is not for you. And if you are interested and passionate in design fields and self-motivated in such fields then do not give up easily. Think this is your hard time and wait for a good time without giving up.

2. Create a Design that love by Buyers

First of all, you need to know the behavior of your audience. If you are a blogger or website owner and want to promote your design through a blog/website then take a look at google analytics reports. Try to know your audience like audience age group, gender, location of your majority audience. All these factors help to understand the audience’s behavior. After knowing audience interest create a design according to customer interest and promote. This way you can generate more sales than previous with the same audience database. Do not create any random design that you think good but does not have value for your customer. If you are YouTuber and making a review video then observe youtube analytics for audience behavior.

It is not compulsory that what you love is also love by your audience. Don’t force your choice on your customer. Suppose You are an engineering student, you are the top gadget reviewer on Youtube. Your audience love gadgets, not engineering drawing and designs. If you try to upload and promote engineering drawings then there is a very low chance of sell.

And also try to use Redbubble sales history or google analytics web property for redbubble and then track your audience interest. It is obvious that high selling products are loved by many peoples and if you try to create similar products more then more chance of sales on Redbubble.

3. Variation is Needed

The next point is Variation on products. All people have their own nature and different interest. Some people love the red color and some love blue, all this depends on their interest. So you must give all possible color variations on every product. No matter how good is your design, if the buyer hates that definite color that you use. This makes a negative impression on your customer. Always try to make available different colors of your products. A variation on products increases your selling potential because the variation of products attracts more customers than a single one.
Apart from Color Variation, a variation on design also play a vital role to increase your Redbubble Sales. If you are designing any fine art or abstract art then try to design as many as possible versions of your art. This makes people buy multiple collections of products with different designs. For Example, I am a Blue T-shirt lover, if you publish a different designed blue T-shirt then there is a chance of buying more than one T-shirt is high. So, variation is never a bad thing, it always helps you to increase your sales on Redouble.

4. Follow standard Format of Design

While I am looking at Redbubble, I found various designs that are good but still not doing well on Redbubble. All this is because of the format that they use. A satisfactory design with transparent background is better than the best design without transparent background. Transparent design makes your artwork eye-catchy. Design with some background color is only suitable with the products of the same color. But at the same time, transparent background designs are suited for almost every color product.
Besides Background color, file extension for your product also plays a major role. PNG files perform better than JPG files. All we know that PNG does not lose their quality but JPG always lose their quality every time they open and saved. Along with the extension of PNG, we must consider the DPI of images. Normally 200 to 300 DPI level is best suited for the products on Redbubble. Apart from this Redbubble also fix the standard of image size, for small 3200*3200 Pixels is good, for medium 3600*3600 Pixels is good, for large 3840*3840 is good, and for extra-large 4800*4800 pixels is goods for design purpose.
A high-quality image with sufficient DPI and size is better to print on products. Such high-quality images make products also high quality. This helps to increase Redbubble sales. Uploads attractive, funny, or meaningful stickers of high quality are better to generate huge sales according to my experience.

5. Be Versatile

Always be versatile while designing. Doing anything as previously stated is not profitable. As per requirement, you should change your design to fit all products. Do not limit your design to some products like only T-shirts or purses. As per requirement, you must able to customize your design for throw cover, bed sheet, etc by using functions on Redbubble.

Always use your creative mind with strategy by doing versatile functions and generate high sales on Redbubble. The level of creativity and versatility depends on you and which directly influence your earning potential on Redbubble

6. Keyword and Description

This is the On-Page SEO section of your Products. If you don’t know what is On-Page SEO then read some SEO-related articles from AdsenseArticle and SEOMetaTools blog. The information you fill in this section determines where you post to rank on search engines (like google, bing) or not. This helps you to generate organic sell.

Here you have to write in three sections, title, descriptions, and tags. Try to write a Keyword-rich title containing 4 to 8 words that clearly describe your work. The title is the major component that helps you to drive organic sales to your designed products. Describe your work more clearly in a description with suitable keywords. I am focused here on SEO-friendly titles, descriptions, and tags that improve your product SEO.

Now let’s talk about tags, Redbubble supports up to 50 tags, but I recommend you to use at least 10 tags and at most 30 tags for better results. As per my experience, I have generally used tags of 20 to 25 related to my works. This world helps me to generate organic traffic from search, and also helps your product rank on redbubble internal search. This is one time but must-important word if your need to increase your sales without doing paid promotion.

7. Research, Research, and Research

The Next way to increase redbubble sales is research. Research is the ultimate solution for increasing sales. Research on creating the quality design, research on finding customer interest, research on product title, description, and tags, research on selling strategy, and much more research is required. Doing research is a never-ending process, each time you got sales you need to research it. Try to know the buyer psychology, which helps you to create a new further selling strategy.

8. Lower Margin

As a beginner never expect more in initial. Lower your profit margin and sell more products that help you to build your brand and customer base. After making a huge customer base gradually increase your profit margin set to the standard rate. As an e-commerce seller, people make a profit in two ways, one is to sell a huge number of products at a lower price and another is selling limited products with premium cost (high cost). The choice is how you earn, but as a beginner do not hike your profit margin by increasing the price of products. This will directly affect your sales ratio.

9. Maintain Upload Frequency

All Platform has their own algorithm, how to promote entity on it. Redbubble also has its own algorithm. They support regular design more often than inconsistent designers. Redbubble team suggests to their designer that tries to upload at least one design in a month. If you haven’t upload at least one design in the interval of one month, the Redbubble algorithm treats your shop as an inactive shop and does not promote your products.

10.Promote your Redbubble Designs and Products

After doing on-page SEO of your products, maintain upload frequency, and all other necessary steps. Still, you have a very little chance of getting sales. At that time you need to promote your products. Organic sales can takes time to generate. For instant sell, you need to promote you Redbubble products on the different social media platform.

Among various social media, Pinterest is the best way to promote your products. Here you just need to upload your product image with a suitable title and descriptions, then a Pinterest pin is created. Pinterest is the best platform to promote products and gives huge traffic to your shop.

And you can also use the world’s largest social media Facebook. Sharing your products on Facebook helps to reach your products to thousands of people. Along with the normal sharing of products, you can run paid ads or Facebook boosts to reach your product among millions of customers.

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Final Word

I am sure that these 10 Ways To Increase Your Redbubble Sales are definitely helpful to you. I wish this article solves your queries about How to Increase Redbubble Sales?. And I am trying to illustrate all points in simple language along with my experience. If you still have any confusion or have queries about “How to Increase Redbubble Sales?” then feel free to contact us through the comment section. Your comment is our motivation. Thank you.


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