10 Top DeFi Coins to Watch in 2022

Top DeFi Coins to Watch in 2022
Top DeFi Coins to Watch in 2022

We are just moving in the year 2022, leaving the year 2021. In the year 2021, we will see a lot of ups and downs whether it is in cryptocurrency or metaverse coins. Some coins make people rich some coins makes people poor. Here in this article, I am going to list the top 5 Defi coins that you need to watch in 2022. This is not an investment suggestion article, Here I am going to list the best 5 Defi coins which have the highest potential to give good returns in 2022. Please take this article for an educational purpose and make your own research before investing.

Top DeFi Coins to Watch in 2022


It’ll be easy to forget just how far the crypto space has come in the past 12 months. And you know what? It feels great because, after years out in the wilderness, crypto is having a Simba moment, poised and ready to stake its claim as the future of finance. Think about it. It wasn’t long ago they called us crazy. Times have changed. The world is waking up to what we’ve always known is inevitable. One of the biggest shifts we’ve seen is the incredible rise of DeFi, something that was only theoretically possible just a few years ago. Today, it’s worth a quarter of a trillion dollars, and it’s just getting started. In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the top Defi projects you need to know about to supercharge your gains in 2022. Let’s get it.

1. Aave (AAVE)

Aave DeFi Coin

First up is a crypto blue chip Aave an open source and non-custodial liquidity protocol for earning interest on deposits and borrowing assets. In DeFi Years, Aave is one of the grandfathers in space. In fact, it started off back in 2017 as something called ETHLend, and this was back when Defi didn’t even exist. It’s the brainchild of Finnish wonderkid Stani Kulechov, who is easily up there with some of the most prodigious minds in crypto.

Today, Aave is the number one multichain DeFi protocol out there, with over $11 billion in total value. It hasn’t just stood the test of time. Aave has age like a fine mulled wine. The pioneer of DeFi protocols allows users to borrow and lend in a range of about 30 crypto assets. One of its flagship products is Flash Loans, the first uncollateralized loan option in the DeFi space. Designed for developers, Flash loans allow users to borrow, you guessed it in a flash with zero collateral required in only one condition. That the liquidity is returned to the pool within one transaction block. Failing that, the entire transaction is reversed, making Aave one of the safest and most secure protocols out there. For anyone looking to begin their DeFi journey, You really can’t go wrong with this absolute giant of the space.

Aave Overview

Symbol:  AAVE

Current price: $ 153.55

Market Capitalization: $ 2.09 Billion

Launched Date: As ETHLend in 2017 and rebranding to Aave in 2018

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2. PancakeSwap ( CAKE)

Pancakeswap (CAKE)
Pancakeswap (CAKE)

Next up, a stack of fluffy and delicious DeFi served up on the Binance Smart Chain, Our old friend and perfect way to start your day, PancakeSwap. Pancakeswap is the most delicious, automated market maker or AMM, in the game. And with over five billion in TVL, it is far and away the leading DEX on the Binance Smart Chain, Easily living up to its name by flipping the Binance DEX. Its rise this year has been incredible and it’s gone hand in hand with its deep liquidity and awesome features. Things like syrup pools, pancake swaps answer to staking yield farms and iPhones, which are initial farm offerings.

Plus, it incentivizes liquidity with things like lotteries, prediction markets, as well as NFT collectibles. Pancakeswap gamified the process of making your crypto work for you and wow, look at that sweet APY. All in all, PancakeSwap is easily one of the most complete DeFi projects in the space, with one of the easiest to use user experiences around. Its native governance token CAKE went on an insane rally early this year. As protocol began its rapid rise in popularity, People went on a frenzy of yield farming. Today, it’s setting beautifully in a zone of serious support. If you aren’t counting carbs and looking for a high quality token that seems to have found a bottom, well, you can do a lot worse than feasting on some cake in the New Year.

PancakeSwap Overview

Symbol:  CAKE

Current price: $ 7.71

Market Capitalization: $ 2.02 Billion

Launched Date: 2020

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3. Raydium (RAY)

Raydium (Ray)
Raydium (Ray)

Number 3 in my list is Raydium, an automated market maker or AMM and liquidity provider built on Solana for the Serum Dex offering lightspeed swaps, next level liquidity and frictionless yield for anyone who hasn’t tried it out well. You got a lot to look forward to. There’s no doubt about it. Raydium is the best looking DeFi protocol out there. The Clooney of crypto. The swap feature is seamless, and the interplay with Serum means you get best price swaps, either within a liquidity pool or through the serum order book. Whatever’s the best deal gets instantly executed. Raydium’s farming protocol covers a wide range of liquidity providers. Because the AMM communicates with Serum Central Limit Order Book, You can trade Solana native tokens as if you were on your favorite centralized exchange.

It’s even got a beautiful NFT marketplace for the Solona ecosystem. Its native token, RAY, offers a series of perks to holders too, including generous staking options as well as access to token launch events raydium farms. Raydium has grown as impressively as early backer Sam Bankman-Fried, glorious head of hair. And let’s face it, betting against SPF is one of the dumbest things an investor could do. If you’ve not experienced the speed of DeFi on Solana, well, treat yourself this year. Raydium, sleek design and insane handling makes it one of the true Lambos of DeFi protocols.

Raydium Overview

Symbol:  RAY

Current price: $ 3.65

Market Capitalization: $ 296.14 Million

Launched Date: 2021

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4. Trader Joe (JOE)

If you need the finest of wines, avocados or chocolate covered pretzels, you go to Trader Joe’s. If you need to swap some tokens or want some choice DeFi, you visit the one stop shop for decentralized trading in the Avalanche ecosystem, Trader Joe. While the grocery store of the same name, is basically just a cheap version of. Whole Foods, this DeFi play is the cream of the crop. What’s the second best avalanche DeFI protocol? There is no second best! There’s an avalanche DeFi protocol. It’s called Trader Joe.

So what do we mean by One-Stop Shop? Well, Joe is not simply a DEX for swapping and trading. It also offers a range of DeFi features, including staking, yield farming, lending and community governance. Plus, it’s got an awesome feature called Zap, which allows users to convert tokens into LP tokens with a single click. Relatively new kid on the block, Joe has had an incredible rise in the past six months.

It was the 12th Dex launched on Avalanche, but quickly rose to the top. From 20 million in TVL in August to over $2 billion today. That’s twenty three percent of the entire ecosystem and ecosystem that itself has exploded in recent months, trading a huge amount of venture capital in a super loyal community. Their lending service, Banker Joe, launched back in October with an integration from, Would You Look at that, chainlink, which allows users to earn on their assets by loaning out via non-custodial pools or putting up collateral to borrow against.

As a weirdly named co-founder 0xMurloc put it, “Banker Joe is an essential step toward our vision of turning trader Joe into a one stop shop DeFi trading platform.” Why? Well, this is super cool. Baker Joe’s lending protocol combines with a DEX to offer non-custodial leverage trading because users can deposit their tokens as collateral to borrow more tokens of another class. It’s no surprise, then, that Joe has seen such an incredible rise in the past few months. And with Avalanche fast becoming one of the top layer one blockchains around, that only looks set to continue.

JOE Overview

Symbol:  JOE

Current price: $ 0.8513

Market Capitalization: $ 136.28 Million

Launched Date: 2021 

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5. Ocean Protocol (OCEAN)

Ocean Protocol (OCEAN)
Ocean Protocol (OCEAN)

Next DeFi Coins to Watch in 2022 is Ocean Protocol. Ocean Protocol helps users unlock the true value of their data by monetizing it through ERC-20 data tokens. Data tokens, you ask? Well, they effectively wrap a data set into an ERC-20 standard for third parties to use without the data itself ever leaving the hands of the publisher. This means publishers can cash in on data in a private, secure way, allowing customers to gain access to data sets that were previously out of reach. That’s thanks to ocean market, where data sets can be bought and sold. Think of it as the OpenSea of data. Crucially, none of it’s stored on the network itself. Buyers purchase an encrypted reference secured by smart contracts, so it only unlocked when transactions are finalized.

Basically, a DEX for data. When you publish a dataset, you create an IDO, initial data offering, complete with its own unique ERC-20. The publisher can set the price or let it be auto discovered using Ocean’s Balancer powered AMM. Meanwhile, ocean stakers can provide liquidity to pools as well as earn a portion of the transaction fee. So you can earn by staking, selling as well as launching your own marketplace. Seriously, impressive stuff. The beginning of a new kind of decentralized data economy that levels the playing field between giant corporations and your everyday developer. Something that sits at the heart of what blockchain and Web 3.0 is all about. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Ocean is set to make serious waves.

Ocean Protocol Overview

Symbol:  OCEAN

Current price: $ 0.5928

Market Capitalization: $ 363.85 Million

Launched Date: 2020

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6. Avalanche (AVAX)


Avalanche coin is a decentralized financial system which allows users to create their own financial applications on the blockchain. It has been advertised as the “WordPress of Wall Street” and aims to enable anyone to make their own crypto-currency and smart contract. Avalanche coin is based on the Ethereum network, but it is designed for people who do not have an advanced knowledge of blockchain technology. As such, it provides a platform which can be used by beginners and experienced users alike.

So what makes this cryptocurrency so different from other platforms? Let’s talk more about Avalanche coin features. Avalanche is a unique, hybrid Proof-of-Stake and Delegated-Proof-of-Stake blockchain that aims to address the inefficiencies of PoW/PoS consensus algorithms. AVAX seeks to provide near instant transactions as well as near zero transaction fees. Avalanche is an open source project built by the community and will not be governed by a central foundation. There is a small staking rewards program being offered to the first adopters of the network, consisting of 5% of the total supply.

Avalanche Overview

Symbol:  AVAX

Current price: $ 67.50

Market Capitalization: $ 16.51 Billion

Launched Date: 2020

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7. Fantom (FTM)

Fantom (FTM)
Fantom (FTM)

The next potential coin in our top DeFi Coins to Watch in the 2022 list is Fantom. Fantom is the new generation blockchain platforms which is specially designed and developed for overcomming the limitations exists in old generation blockchain platforms. FTM is open-source, permissionless decentralized finance platforms that works faster and cheaper then other DeFi platforms in market. Fantom focus on three main pillor of future DeFi named Security, scalability and decentralization.

Fantom is founded in 2018 and its mainnet is launched in the end to the year 2019. FTM token  price is around 2 cent until the end of year 2020 and after that its price gradually growing. Now The prcie of FTM token is above $2 and will rise more in near future.

Fantom Overview

Symbol:  FTM

Current price: $ 2.35

Market Capitalization: $ 6.01 Billion

Launched Date: 2019

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8. Terra (LUNA)

Terra (LUNA)
Terra (LUNA)

The next DeFi coin on this list is Terra, also known as Luna. If you invested $1000 in it a year ago, you’d have $133,900 today, which is the highest return of any investment on this list. The Terra ecosystem is powered by the Luna token, which is used for staking governance and collateral of stable coins. When more stable coins are printed, Luna is burned, decreasing its supply. As more Luna is burned, the price rises. This increases speculative demand for Luna and drives the price even higher. The most significant catalyst for Luna over the past year is that we’re in a bull run, and this has led to demand for stable coins.

Luna is the name of an altcoin that could suffer a rapid decrease in value at the very end of the bull run. Luna’s fate will be affected by two factors: a decrease in demand for stable coins and a loss of demand for cryptocurrency. I think the Luna has a good chance of being in the top five of Defi coins by the end of 2022, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s one of the top gainers on the list.

Terra Overview

Symbol:  LUNA

Current price: $ 62.85

Market Capitalization: $ 25.26 Billion

Launched Date: 2019

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9. Uniswap (UNI)


Uniswap is a cryptocurrency exchange platform and also have a decentralized finance token with the symbol UNI. Currently, Uniswap has its V3 which makes Uniswap a best-decentralized crypto exchange platform. It is Ethereum based peer to peer exchange system with AMM (automated market maker).  Uniswap also follows a permissionless working module that makes it more feasible amount the users. Uniswap has a 627.3 million total circulating supply which gives sufficient liquidity. The total standard supply of UNI tokens is 1 billion.

The current price of the Uniswap token is around ten dollars. The all-time low price of the UNI token is recorded as $0.419 on 17th Sept 2020 and the all-time high price of the UNI token is recorded as $44.97 on 3rd May 2021. I am pretty much sure that Uniswap again cross all-time high prices in near future. For long-term investment, Uniswap is one of the best options for investors.

UnisSwap Overview

Symbol:  UNI

Current price: $ 10.76

Market Capitalization: $ 6.76 Billion

Launched Date: V1 in 2018, V2 in 2020 and V3 in 2021 

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10. Chainlink (LINK)


Chainlink aims to create a network where data providers which are also called oracles are incentivized by money to provide truthful and reliable data to a blockchain. Chain link is a decentralized network of oracles that provide data from off-chain sources to on-chain sources and vice versa. it allows smart contracts to access real-world information that exists outside of the blockchain in a secure manner. Now chainlink also tackles the reliability problems associated with using a centralized data source but we’ll get to that in a little bit.

Launched in June 2017 chainlink is the brainchild of smartcontract.com, a company co-founded by Sergey Nazarov and Steve Ellis. Although their innovation arrived when the crypto industry was actually booming with new projects. Chainlink has continuously delivered on its promises coupled with plans to expand beyond just the Ethereum network. The chainlink network acts as a bridge between the new and booming blockchain industry and the traditional administrative structures that drives economics to build more efficient, secure and transparent processes. Chainlink is technically replacing a bunch of middlemen on our transaction by using Smart contracts.

Chainlink Overview

Symbol:  LINK

Current price: $ 15.72

Market Capitalization: $ 7.36 Billion

Launched Date: 2019

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FAQs related to Top DeFi Coins

Q. What is DeFi?

Ans: DeFi is the short for Decntralized finance. Decentralized finance is the new application of blockchain technology that uplifting the traditional finance systems and concept. DeFi word first used by Ethereum developers and group of entrepreneurs in 2018 as a alternate system of centralized finance system. DeFi allows direct peer-to-peer finance without involving the intermediate bodies.

Q. Why was defi developed?

Ans: DeFi was developed to replace that centalized fiance system and allow peer to peer finance without involvement of intermediate parties. Cryptocurrecny gives the decentralized benefits on money and then DeFi is introduce by the developer for upgrading then traditional centralize finance system.

Q. What are defi coins and token?

Ans: Defi Coins and token are the crypto assets of decentralized finance system that works on smart contact. These tokens and coins encourage the use of decentralized finance over traditional centralized finance.

Q. Are DeFi coins a good investment?

Ans: DeFi is newly invented application under blockchain technology. DeFi is still developing and improving its mechanism which makes DeFi more stronger then earlier in 2018. The answer is Yes, Yes DeFi is a good investment but don’t forget you need to take wise decision. All we know that how risky is cryptocurrency market. Make your own research before investing on any coins.

Q. What are the top 10 DeFi coins?

Ans: There are hundreds of DeFi coins and token exist in markets. We can convert top Defi Coins as per their market capitalization or as per their profit potential. here is this article I am listing top 10 DeFi coins that will gives you good returns on your investment. And the top defi coins according to market capitalization are listed below:

  1. Tera (LUNA)
  2. Avalanche (AVAX)
  3. Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC)
  4. Dia (DAI)
  5. Chainlink (LINK)
  6. Uniswap (UNI)
  7. Fantom (FTM)
  8. Tezos (XTZ)
  9. Aave (AAVE)
  10. PancakeSwap (CAKE)

(Note: Above Top DeFi coins list is according to marketcapitalization by Coinmartketcap.com | Date: 1/26/2022)


Now I want to know what DeFi Coins are you currently invested in or which ones are you looking at from this article? Let me know in the comments below. And if you do like articles about making money online, be sure to bookmark and subscribe to our page for the new articles coming out every single week and definitely check out my other articles too. Now let’s wrap up the Top DeFi Coins to Watch in 2022, if you find this information useful then please let us know through comment. We are always happy to hear from you. Thanks for reading. See you all in the next article. Bye-Bye. Take care.


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